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One gift above all others

God gives to us to treasure

One that know no time, no place

And one gold cannot measure.

The precious, poignant, tender gift

Of memory---that will keep

Our dear ones ever in our hearts

Although God gives them sleep.

It brings back long-remembered things

A song, a word, a smile

And our world's a better place, because

We had them---for awhile.

These words have been of a comfort to me, and I hope that they are to you, too. Take care, Deb

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This is so beautiful and comforting. So many times since Dennis' death, I have found so much comfort in printed words. It's always nice to hear others kind thoughts and words of encouragement but there is nothing like reading to sooth the soul...and mind! My refrigerator is filled with little poems and sayings that remind me of Dennis. I read them every day and smile. Often, I remember the people that sent them to me and smile again.

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