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So here I am feeling like I have totally neglected LCSC due to my health issues I have been having but guess what I am here and need MANY prayers right now. First, I occasionally update my FB via my phone because it takes no time at all.

Well first of all many of you know I have been experiencing dizziness, left sided face/neck numbness, nausea, severe body aches/joint pains, vision problems and really that is about it. However, it is all I can do to work for 8 hours a day on the computer. FINALLY, they have figured out what is wrong I have Chiari Malformation 1. I seen my neurologist today he said that more than likely I have pressure in my brain because of my increased reflexes and symptoms. However, he was not familiar with a Chiari expert (thankfully I have done my research) and I informed him of one about 3 hours away from me. He said he will check to see what this "expert" knows and will send me there if he sounds any good. He said he does not want to just send me to any neurosurg because they will just want to operate when they are not experts and do not know what to look for. So thankfully he is a good neuro that knows knowledge is power. So I am asking for prayers that this will finally help alleviate my symptoms even if it means surgery. It would be a serious surgery as they would take out part of the back of my skull. So there is my update now.....

My mom had a endoscopy done two days ago because of nausea and they found she has a ulcer (no big deal we can handle that) but they also biopsied 8 spots in her tummy also. I am worried and any and all prayers are appreciated. I thought 8 OMG that is extreme, Not sure if she has the tough face on for me or if she really is not worried but she is great. She has gained MORE weight which I think is awesome she now weighs like 130lbs (her heaviest ever) I have been so exhausted from my symptoms and starting working full time and travelin 3 hours a day that I forgot to mention my mom just celebrated her 5 YEARS on November 14th.... and

My grandma has also been having health issues. She seems to be losing weight pretty fast she is under 100lbs now and the other day told my mom it is because it hurts her throat to eat. Well my grandma is independent however she is not the healthiest she has smoked her whole life and I mean like 1-2 ppd. So of course we are worried about that she does also have emphysema and COPD so just praying her throat thing is no big deal.

Anyways I have been reading the boards while at work since I am on the computer anyways lol (HOPEFULLY MY BOSS DOES NOT KNOW) and have been praying and crying with everyone here over the recent losses. Also celebrating the good news like DonnaG YOU ROCK!




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Man ~ so sorry, Heidi. I had absolutely no idea all this was going on. It does sound as if you've done your homework and are your own best advocate. Hopefully there will be resolution for you soon. I'm hopeful it wil be sooner rather than later. I've been a bit distracted this past week and obviously missed what was happening. Good luck with it and good luck to your mom and will be thinking of your grandma too. Geez - when it rains it pours, huh? So sorry.



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Heidi, I do have a sense of some of what you're going through from FB. Didn't know about your Mom's biopsy or your grandmother's weight loss. Hope those things resolve themselves soon.

As far as your health problem goes, it must at least be a relief that someone found a cause for your symptoms. Nothing worse than suffering and having drs throw up their hands in frustration or even disbelief. So glad you've research and can help point your dr in the direction of someone with expertise in an uncommon medical problem.

Take care of yourself and keep up posted. Even though it is not a cancer issue, you are a member of our family now and we want to hear how you are doing.

Judy in Key West

Judy in Key West

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Thanks all! :D I truly appreciate the thoughts and prayers Little bit of a update

My moms doc called said her x-ray of her back shows a "shadow" of a something or something disc. So since we did not undertand the language I had mom call back and ask if it coud be cancer :oops: But they did not call her back today it was too late in the day. But the Dr. wants her to do physical therapy in the meantime til she gets her MRI done. So to me it sounds like maybe truly a slipped disc or something. Dont ya think? Have not heard about the biopsies yet but let me tell you I am SO worried. I dont know why. I really dont. Hoping God continues to work his miracles with us.

Grannies Dr called today said her blood tests look good but her WBC and Leukocytes were elevated so the antibiotics she was on should of taken care of the infection. I am assuming a UTI but IDK.

Well I have had about 4 or 5 days of feeling good. Still waiting for the specialists office to call back and make a appt. I have called them 3 times and left messages. Hmmm.... getting a bit irriatated at them.

The end for now............ :!:

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Hey all! Sorry for the lack of updates but boy oh boy how busy life has been.

Moms biopsies came back negative (but little to my knowledge did I know they werent even checking for cancer). Still waiting for MRI results. Grandmas tests came back good.

I see neurosurgeon on Jan. 11th for possible surgery. I dont know how I can wait that long considering my symptoms are intensifying which actually caused me to come home from work today.

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