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Tuesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 30 degrees this morning, with a howling north wind, so I drove to work. I need to make a couple of shopping stops on the way home, anyway.

Rose is always off work on Sundays and Mondays, but she'll be back at work today. She seemed to hold up well at work on Saturday, in spite of how busy she was. She said that as she was giving haircuts, she was keeping her clients entertained by singing. She was singing, "All I want for Christmas is my two front nipples." You have to keep a sense of humor through it all, I guess...

Have a great day, all!

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I know 30 degrees is cold in Texas.

Here in Minnesota this morning it was -5 when we woke up, now it has warmed up to -4 with a wind chill of about -16 degrees.

We got all the new snow up off the stairs , walks, and driveway last evening after work so yippee!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have to shovel today.!

Donna G

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Morning All! Thanks for opening Bud. Now Rose has a real sense of humor. Best wishes to her.

I had trouble getting to sleep last night but resolved an issue. I don't think I'm up to a big gathering at my house before Christmas. When I told Stan, he was perfectly o.k. with it. I hated to disappoint him more than anything. I think I could do it after Christmas but he's leaving right away. When you're doing a neighborhood affair, it's hard to limit numbers. I think after Stan leaves, I'll have just the few women who do dinner after group is over. We are all retired so we can do it in the middle of the day. Much better for me than evenings and the ladies who drive out don't have to drive in the dark. One of our group had a lovely BD party at noon and it was great. But I don't think I'll do the whole group.

Finger prick at the CC today, then a few errands. Cancer Group and dinner afterwards tonight. So I drive home in the dark. It's less than 10 miles.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Good morning everyone! I woke up this morning all twisted around in my bed. I was in the opposite direction for some reason. Blankets and sheets were all twisted. I must have been having some wild dream, but I'm sure glad I don't remember it!

It's in the mid 30's this morning but the sky is clear so that a good sign. Still doesn't mean I'm going to do anything outside of the house though. This is my safe zone for now and I have no plans on leaving until I'm forced to on the 21st for a doctors appt. My son is going to have to drive me there because I've been having some major panic attacks? Hoping for a "magic pill" from the doc. It would be easier if I could just do this over the phone but he won't let me. ughhhh

Baby Randy is very playful this morning. I have more scratches to prove it. Still trying to teach him that my arms are NOT scratching posts.

Well, have a good day everyone!

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I started having panic attacks after my husband died. 15 ER room visits and a week long hospital stay taught me a few things and some coping skills...If you think they could help you, please give me a pm.

I take Ativan (lorazepam-generic name) as needed for anxiety which is what I have gotten my panic attacks to now. And then only occasionally. It can be done.

I used to have very severe panic attacks where I would be closed to hyper-ventillating and where the muscles of my femur (thigh bone) would cramp so bad with the adrenaline that I would end up limping for about 2 weeks. So I know where you are coming from

Just remember the hardest thing you are ever going to do for yourself is Ask for help. Please, please ask. We can take all the time you need so that this can be made easier for you.

I don't want to intrude so if you need help with anything, even if it is just a good vent (cry), please don't hesitate. I am here if/when you need me.


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Woke up this morning and went to make coffee and no water. Frozen water pipes. I forgot to close the outside vents and its been well below zero here for about a week. Fortunatly I got them thawed out before they burst. Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. To be honest I have to say I find them very stressful and am always kind of glad when they are over.

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