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Morning All! Put my sweater on when I got up this morning. 68 degrees. Just a little chilly for me.

Set an alarm this morning so that I could get ready early to go to Fast Buck Freddie's after Christmas sale. For any who have not been on Duval St in KW, FBF's is a posh little department store, or as I usually say our answer to a dept store. It just a bit smaller. Well, more that a bit.

Christmas was nice. Dom and Wendy arrived around two thirty. Some friends came over for a drink and nibbles before dinner. We opened presents and had that great dinner and just hung out until bedtime. It was relatively quiet and nice. I'll have to ask my grandson (again) what the name of the instrument is he got for Christmas. It's from Japan and he thinks is quite exotic since practically nobody knows what it is. Of course, when his grandfather visited last, he said "oh, a sweet potato." That's another name it goes by. Dom was surprised and maybe a little miffed that grandpop Lithuanian not Japanese lol) knew what it was. Turns out my husband has been carrying around his father's sweet potato for years from place to place where we've lived. We gave it to Dom for Christmas and he was thrilled. Dominick has a friend teaching him but also doing lessons from videos on the net.

Hope you all had a great day. I know I did and plan to have another. You too.

Judy in Key West

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