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Real Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 27 degrees as I set out for work on my bike this morning. I'm not sure what my minimum commuting temperature should be, but I think it's something above that. I couldn't seem to keep my fingers warm. It's supposed to get up to 49 degrees this afternoon, with fairly light north winds.

If it was caveman times, I would have been called a good hunter/gatherer yesterday. I brought home crappie and white bass for dinner, plus two bags of pecans that I gathered after fishing.

It's back to the salt mine, today. Looks like I'll get off work a bit early Thursday, and be off Friday, but it's regular work the rest of the week.

Have a great Monday, all!

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Morning All! Thanks Bud for the real Monday Air heh heh. I do think you need to raise that min temp for biking to work. 27 degrees is just plain frigid. Good job on the fishing but I really envy you being able to gather pecans. They are my favorite nut. We used to have them when I lived in PA but they weren't real pecans but butternuts. Very similar and good.

I'm a little slow this morning. My grandson fell asleep on the couch last evening and woke up around nine-thirty. Needless to say, I read to him and tried to get him back to sleep. No luck until we went back to the lr and watched tv until 11:30. No more naps.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Bud...although I love the weather a bit cooler than out normal sweltering Florida highs, 27 is way too cold for my blood!!! With you riding with the wind, I can only imagine what the wind chill factor must have been for you this morning. Wow...you really managed to bring home the goodies yesterday! Sounds like you had a very productive day.

Judy...you must be a bit chilly down in KW this morning. We were in the low 50's here today but tomorrow is going to be much cooler than today. You grab that blankey and keep it handy!

It was very hard for me to get work motivated this morning, after having a few wonderful days off. I know I'm working through Wednesday and not sure if I will work on Thursday or not. If we do work Thursday, it will only be for 1/2 day and that will be nice.

The older I get, the more work it seems that the holidays bring. When I left the office at noon on Wednesday, I did my grocery shopping and then I cooked all day on Thursday for My Christmas Eve gathering and then I cooked all day on Friday for my Christmas dinner. Saturday was my complete day of rest. We sat on the sofa most of the day and watched old movies. I could have done that again on Sunday but I had fun watching my grandbabies while their mom and dad went to the neighborhood bar to watch the Dolphins game.

I guess it's time that we all start thinking about those darned New Year's resolutions that we need to make. I really like the way Andy Rooney looks at that. His resolution is to not make any resolutions. Maybe I'll join him in that this year. But...there are some resolutions that I really do need to make ....and keep!!!

I'm going later to get my H1N1 vaccination. I hate having a sore arm afterwards but believe that's much more able to handle that the flu!

Hope everyone is having a great day today!!!!


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Well, I know it's Monday evening, but here I am! I had a good day today.....didn't take any of the meds prescribed and got myself OUT of the house ON MY OWN. I went to walgreens and got some hair color and a Monkey toy for Randy (he loves it by the way).

Tomorrow am I have another appt with my one on one grief mtg which I was very happy with last week, so we'll see.

Overall the Christmas holiday has been good for me. Had some close friends just pop by without notice which doesn't bother me at all. Had a good time and I slept very well. Especially with Randy purring all night LOL

Just one thing before I leave,,,,,,please.....all of you, hold someone you love close to you and remind them how much they are loved. You never know when we can just get taken away at a moments notice. Please not only do this for me....but for yourselves?

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