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Happy New Year


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HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my MB friends! I know this has been a very trying year for many of us and I'm sure we will all face some discouragements in 2010 but..........the important thing is that we will be here to support each other and help each other through the tough times!!! This board is comprised of the most caring and sharing people that I have ever known! Through our journeys, we have become much more that people sitting at a computer. We have become family! As this year comes to an end, I will be remembering all of our "family" that we have lost during 2009 and praying that new strides in cancer research are made in 2010, so that we never lose another member!

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Thank you Ann! you always have wonderful words of encouragement for all of us. Today is my wedding anniversary and I plan to spend it talking to my husband and reliving our wedding day and all the beautiful ones that followed. Just because God takes the body....the soul remains and I know he's with me today. Unless of course there happens to be a big poker table being set up in heaven. That's probably the only thing that would keep him. Hey, maybe he'll win a lot of $$$$ and leave in on my dresser ya think?

Have a good day my friends. Bless each and everyone of you and I wish you all a wonderful year ahead.

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I want to think you Ann and to wish each and everyone of my dear friends a very safe and Happy New Year. May each day bring new hope and healing for those fighting the battle. May it bring each of us who grieve the loss of a loved one a little more peace and each day may the cure come closer so that by the time 2010 ends no one will ever have to know the fear and the loss of Lung Cancer.

Happy New Year everyone :!:

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