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Help me get back my fighting mode...


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In 2004 had nodule in RUL removed complete upper lobe, no further treatment. In 2006 nodule in mediastitum inoperable, chemo and radiation. Now the new story, since May I have been through xrays, MRI's and CT's told stable nothing but scare tissue. Had stent put in this early November in my Vena Cava due to neck and facial swelling and trouble swallowing, told scar tissue caused this, after procedure immediate relief. Middle of Nov scan was done at Hospital rather than the sublet of the hospital where nothing but CT's and Pets are done and told not scar tissue a very large tumor 8 inches long and approx 3 inches wide from the supraclavical slanted down towards the mediastitum. Sent to radiation onc. can't be ratiated there again, but they will do cyberknife went last Monday had a bronoscopy and gold markers put in the tumor to get ready to cyberknife. (forgot to mention tumor is on the right and a nodule on left alot smaller showed up on Pet) liver, brain and adrenals are still clear. Told they will treat large tumor with cyberknife and chemo for the other small one. Was told at the end of last week when the pulmonary doctor inserted the markers my trachea that branches off to the right lung is about to cave in due to this tumors size and would cause me major problems so they will need to stent it first before they can begin cyberknife. I feel time is wasting, and how can something like this be missed for so long, I have been told stable stable stable, only scar tissue, I am not blaming my doctors as they must go by what the radiologist says and I could tell my doctor was very upset about it. I was told this cannot be cured they can only maintain what is going on. At first there were no tears but now all I can do is cry, can't sleep I am only 49 years old, I look but do not see very many sucess stories on cyberknife although they say it will get this large tumor, my concern is this will be the 3 rd time around with this cancer in 6 years, I need words of hope and encouragement from all of you, and stories to keep me going as I feel at times like giving up. Please help me get back my fighting mode.

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Cyberknife will work wonders for You!!! and 6 years is awesome also!! Take a look at our good news forum and our inspirational forum when Ya get teh chance. They will help you out a lot also! But if you have been fighting for 6 years you should be very proud of that fact. Right now Cancer is being treated as getting to a maintainable level. Kind of like Diabetes. Then the cure mode starts for researchers. Drugs like Tarceva are meant for maintenance and Quality of life!

Hang in there You are doing great so far! Prayers go up for blessings to come down!!

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Barbara, I've heard nothing but good results from cyberknife from people who have had it. My friend Loreen has had cancer three times (she's near 80) and says cyberknife (the 3rd event) was the easiest. She had a scare lately but they think it may be scar tissue. Your experience makes me glad that they are planning a needle biopsy. I'm just glad for you that they finally caught it. Randy is right. Lots of us are living with cancer today and grateful for it. Good luck and keep us posted.

Judy in Key West

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I think you need a full-scale pity party. I think you need to plan it for a day soon, have all of your comfort foods, clean sheets, candles, bath salts, comfy jammies, a warm robe and fuzzy slippers.

Wake up in the morning and take your shower. While in the shower, breathe in deeply, through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. When the tears well up, let 'em out. No one will be the wiser... Dress in your comfy jammies, robe and slippers and hang out around the house. Cry when you feel like crying, then run a tub of warm water, with the smelly bath salts and light some candles....maybe a glass of wine. More water therapy, breathe as you did in the shower and cry.

When you feel you're empty, put on your big girl panties and get your plan in order. Cyber knife, chemo....get your supplies in order for sitting through the infusions and doctor visits.

All my best to you, and tell me if your pity party has a color theme so I can attend with you in a funny hat to match yours.

Be kind to yourself,


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Barbara, you hang in there. You are going to do great with the cyberknife. My mom is 81 years old and she just went through it . Her main side effect was fatigue ( remember she is 81), but others have only mild to moderate fatigue. No two people are the same nor are any two cases. Many people are having excellent results with cyberknife. Try hard to have positive thoughts about it. As for the stent to the trachea, my husband had to have that and it was a relatively quick and easy procedure. He could sure breathe better after. Hang in there and know that there are lots of caring people on this site who want you to do well and we are here for you.



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