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Morning All! 55 degrees and it's already daylight. I'm really sad. It looks like this year may be a repeat of last. We've not been used to so many chilly days in a row in year's past. I'm hurting really bad from the chill altho my daughter says it's the chemo. It won't break thru 70 until a week from Tue. My idea temps are lo 70s at night low to mid 80s in the daytime.

My internet was down yesterday but I did get stuff done. I was so tired from no sleep tho that I declined a dinner at neighbors last night. Slept 10 hrs but don't think that made up yet for losing the whole night Sat.

I've decided to come on the net early instead of reading my paper first. The internet is getting so jammed that by 8 am, it's getting hard to get on. When I was in NJ last Fall they were talking on TV about the airways being jammed and drop off calls, etc because no one anticipated the usage of phones, blackberries, etc. on the net. This has certainly affected the internet servers as well. The frustration is dampening the pleasure sometime.

Have a great day everyone. I'm planning another productive one.

Judy in Key West

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Judy....you're right about these temperatures! They're even too low for me and you know that's saying a lot. When I left for work this morning, my thermometer showed 33 degrees. It's been cold since Saturday and we're having these low temperatures for the next 7 days or so. I feel guilty even complaining, as so many of our MB friends are having so much frigid and unbearable weather. But....when the lows drop down to 30 in Florida, it really gets to us! We all have the "thin blood syndrome" and our bodies have long forgotten all those harsh winters that we used to endure!

My cold/bug/flu/whatever is still hanging on. I'm on day # 7 now and I think I feel worse that I did on the 2nd day, which usually hits me the hardest. Around noon every day, I begin feeling better but then when night falls, it hits me all over again! Last night, the sore throat came back and this morning the first coughing began. My friend went to the doctor last week and was told that the "strain" that is going around now lasts from 10-14 days and that there are tons of people that have this. He gave her a Z-Pack and it did absolutely nothing for her. So, I'm going to try and wait this one out before throwing in the towel and visiting the doctor.

So, how has everyone's year started off? Let's all pray that this year will see only positive changes for all of us!

Today was a really tough back-to-work day....ugh! I guess the next day I will have off is Good Friday. That's a terrible thought!

Happy Monday! Now...can it be Friday really quickly?

Stay warm, Judy!!!

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It is sort of cold here in Minnesota also, -17 degrees F ( not including the wind chill)

On the bright side they say we may break zero for a while this afternoon!

Have a great day

Donna G

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Good morning, everyone!

Sorry you're not feeling well, Judy. Anyone watching the 10 day forecasts? They're calling for an arctic blast later in the week that's going to get us all. One local weatherman says he expects citrus crop damage in Florida. Bundle up, Judy!

It was 26 degrees with a stiff north wind here this morning, so I left the bicycle in the garage. I'm going to make a Cabella's run after work today, to pick up some crappie jigs, and a pair of atv handlebar covers that I hope will help with my cold fingers on the bike on these cold mornings.

Ann, I'm sending positive vibes for your cold to be better soon. Have a great day, all!

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hi everyone - I have not been on lately - very crazy busy wth the holidays and the kids being home and company. (i plowed my FV & FT fields. took away my cafe doors and spent little time on the computer!) It was a good busy - but I am exhausted and all my lovely Tarceva side effects are showing up as they always do when I am worn down. Today I am going to sit sit sit!

It is 27 here today - we are supposed to have a high of 32 this week. The Long Island Sound is visible from my house so we get that nice icy ocean air on top of it - it is cold!

peace - Janet

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HI everyone! Thanks to Katie I was able to log on today. For some reason I kept getting an error message saying my name was not valid. I was beginning to wonder if I was a bad girl and got banned. Some of these meds that I take (nine of them) I don't always remember things. ughhhh

BUT I did get out of the house yesterday and bought myself a new coffee pot and a curling iron. So....I was thinking that I would fix my hair the way I used to. It's been so very long since I ever had time for that because my husband required so much time. I've been pulling my hair into a little pony tail and wearing a baseball hat for the past year. It's time I made myself look like a woman again instead of a boy in a baseball cap ya think?

Ann and Judy, I'm so sorry to hear you ladies aren't feeling to well. Please take some "me time" for yourselves. Put a video on and lay on the couch all day with a big soft warm blanket. Have someone be your "slave for the day" and bring you plenty of fluids and CHOCOLATE :)

PS: Forgot to mention the weather, it's 9:30 am and 32 degrees out side.

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Well it is almost ten here and it is about 45 degrees I think. Wet and rainy as usual.

Well after a nice three day weekend I get to work and we can not actually work because our database is down. We have NOTHING to do. Scary how much we rely on technology. So we were given the permission to just surf the web or do whatever to keep us busy.

Maybe the quiet room, sick room, and chapel are for days like this. Plenty of sleeping room lol.

Anyways, hope you all have a great day!

My thoughts and prayers

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I had a pretty quiet New Year's holiday until Saturday night. Ended up in Urgent Care for 7 hours - and as of 3 am today, proud mom to a 3 mm kidney stone! Hey, it was funny! Lots of heavy drugs, slept most of the day Sunday, and was able to go to work rested today. And you know, "Thank goodness! It was just a kidney stone!"

Happy New Year everyone.

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