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Lung/chest infection


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Hi everyone

I am wondering if anyone could give me advice/information about any lung/chest infections they may have had please.

I picked up a lung infection after my surgery to obtain a sample. This was on 10 December. I have been treated with a course of quinolone antibiotics (am now on my second course), steroids (being prescribed another course later today) and a course of clarythimycin (sp?) in between the two courses of quinolone. I am allergic to penicillin and put on spiriva alongside the symbicort which I already take for asthma.

It doesnt seem to be shifting at all and this is making me short of breath on any kind of exertion.

I am, as you can imagine, getting cheesed off now. This is delaying my treatment (am supposed to be starting on concurrent chemo and radiation for 6 weeks with a top up of alimta after that).

Just had a call from my rad doc saying that if I dont improve, then the concurrent treatment/alimta wont be available to me.

So if anyone has had a persistent lung/chest infection and successfully got over it on different drugs to those I have been prescribed please let me know. I am due at the hospital on Monday, so anything I can suggest would be great.

Thank you very much. I hope everyone is successfully beating their own beasts!

christie x

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Oh Christie, I wish I could help. I wanted to respond and just say how sorry I am for this recent setback. Hope they get it together for you on that infection soon, sooner than soon. Maybe someone will come on the board with some personal experience. Keep us posted.

Judy in Key West

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Hi Christie, I hope they get that figured out soon.I remember after my first surgery I was supposed to start chemo but they had to redo the surgery because of bleeding. I was also worried it would be to late to start the treatments but they started them anyway about a month late.Hopefully you will get cleared up and get your chemo started. Even if its late I would still go for it if offered.

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