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Friday's Air


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I'm so excited that I got here first this morning! Everyone must be sleeping in late today.

Well, It's still rain/snow here now for several days in a row and I'm keeping a close eye on the pool for over flow :( My son and I tried to suction some out with a piece of water hose yesterday but don't think it's working so off to the hardware store we shall go today for a pump. Didn't want to get one cuz they are so pricey. ;(

Kitty Randy has turned into a teenager now and showing a bit of independence. It's hard when I want to cuddle and he wants no part of it. My house looks like I have a ton of kids with toys spread out in every room. LOL

Not doing too much today other than the pool. Think I'll try to stay warm and dry is all. I'll most likely be soaked after the pool thing.

Have a good day everyone!

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 46 degrees this morning, with a forecast high of 75 degrees this afternoon. I rode my bike to work. Considering how busy I was this week, I was glad to have managed to ride to work three of the days.

Next week is supposed to be a little cooler, but still not too bad. Have a great Friday, all!

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Morning All! It's summer again in KW. 80 already, predicted to go up to 84. My kind of weather.

I'm a little under the weather having stayed up til 3 am. Was into the computer recovery until 1:30 am and then couldn't sleep. I'm up and running thank goodness but still reloading programs work to do. I think it will be awhile before I am back to normal computer-wise. Was thrilled, however, at how quick I got back on line. I really thought my wireless connection had been completely wiped out.

Stan and I are going for that lunch today at the Greek restaurant. He's listening to me lately say all we ever do again is work. I'm not the workaholic on a regular basis like I was before dx. I catch myself now and say hey, I need to do something fun. It's hard right now with all the office work piling up, but oh well!

Hope you all have a great day.

Judy in Key West

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Hi Everyone!!!

I spent the morning in the hospital today, had a bronchoscopy at 7:30am... wow,... tooooo early for me!! ahaha..

Everything went amazingly well.

It's 32 degrees here in Ontario. Pretty cloudy still, but not too chilly! Great day! Hope yours will be too!

Love, Melanie

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Hi all,

Back from Kona. A good week of rest, reading, and swimming, shorts and t-shirts. We stayed in a little house surrounded by coffee trees, lots of little birds (Java Sparrows are so cute!) and tropical fruit and flowers. Swam with a sea turtle! Saw the volcano, quiet except for burning off rain in steam vents, and lots of voggy sunsets. Vog - like fog, but from volcanic action. Tarceva kicked up a rash on my arms and torso, despite being careful about sun exposure. Hope cool Seattle cures that!

Home is nice. Good to see the kitties. Time to catch up on my homework for school (hoping my job work caught up in my absence!)

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