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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! In the 50s this morning, high expected barely in the 60s. Not complaining when so many people are suffering up North. Losing power as some now have is the worst.

I try to get in early for those of you who have to go to work but today got caught up in reading. I was happy there was enough to read to postpone the Air for a half hour lol.

Today would have been the first day I didn't have to get ready and go out since returning from the mainland Monday night. But dummy me suggested my husband and I go to our (voluntary) association pot luck meeting tonight. Not only will I have to wash my hair and get ready, it will delay my going back on my diet. On my trip and return, I gained back 4 of the 5 pounds I lost. SIGH. I quit WW because I wasn't doing the computer part even before the computer virus. I just have too much to do in the computer already between work and play.

Hope you all have a good day.


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Good morning, everyone! Enjoy your potluck meeting, Judy.

It is 32 degrees here with two inches of snow on the ground, and it's still snowing hard, so no bike ride this morning. It's supposed to stay in the 30's all day. I was glad my drive to work isn't too long, today.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning! I almost feel like a stranger here these days. I haven't been posting much. But, I'm feeling a bit better each day so I'll try visiting more often.

It's in the low 30's now but at least I don't see any rain clouds. Sure could use a break from the rain. We've only had slight snow now and then, but it doesn't stay long thank goodness.

My son's girlfriend is flying in from Illinois tomorrow night. I'm so happy they will be able to visit. But....that leaves nutty me freaking out over how perfect and clean the house will have to be. But that's good because it will keep me busy. I'm the nutty type that practically scrubs the house down with a toothbrush and many things have been neglected with taking care of my husband this past year. Only thing is, I refuse to pull out and clean behind any furniture. My back still hurts from all that wheel chair lifting.

I do however have some special meals I want to prepare during her visit. I haven't cooked much in a while so that sounds like fun. Which is exactly what I need.

Still waiting for more paper work in the mail for the job. I check every day and always say a little prayer before I open it. These people take forever and I'm a typical woman I guess.....I HATE waiting.

Have a good day all............need to go find that toothbrush now LOL

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Iam proud of my hunny.... he shoveled yesterday at first just heavy slush... then sleet and snow.... then just snow. So he shoveled 3 times with only 1 lobe in left lung and about 3/4 of the right lung. But at least is does give him exercise. He did take breaks...

He really feels it today. I can't help as I have a bad back. And from the accumulation from last night and the snow plows plowing us in he has to go and shovel again. His arms are really aching him today. (can't understand why)

I'm hoping for some kids to come and we could pay them to shovel. What happened to those days when kids used to do that??

We were lucky here in South Jersey we got only about 12 inches on top of our previous 2 feet. Philly and surrounding areas got as much as another 18 inches.... :shock:

Oh it might snow again on Monday..... I hate this global warming... HA!

Maryanne :wink:

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Good morning it is 48 and rainy here in Washington :roll: Feels like it has been such a long week and I still have today and tomorrow to go. Plan on having fun this weekend. Friday night take my kids bowling just me and them then Saturday my friend is coming to visit and we are going to go party, which should be interesting she is a bit wild :shock: Oh well, looking forward to seeing her and having a great time.

Hope everyone has a good day! :P

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It was 40 when I got in my car this morning to leave for work. I feel guilty complaining, since some of you are so much colder and are covered with snow!!! But, after living in this Florida heat for many years, people just have a really hard time adjusting to these cool temperatures. When I first moved to Florida, I use to laugh when people would say they had been in Florida so long that they had "thin blood." Guess what???? I'm not laughing anymore!!! Tomorrow, we're supposed to get rain all day and then another cold front will be moving in! This year, I really got my money's worth out of the sweaters that I have but never wear!

Judy, I know the cold really gets to you, so I'm hoping it warms up really soon. I know you're several degrees warmer than we are, so that helps a little bit. Just hang in there. I hope you enjoy your pot luck dinner. I love pot lucks, as there's always a good variety of great comfort food.

Heidi, it sounds like you have a great weekend coming up. Enjoy!

Maryanne...hope Joel is all through shoveling for a while so that you can stay all bundled up and have some cuddling time!!!

Michelle, don't go crazy over the housework. I'm sure your visitor is going to have eyes for only one thing....your son!!! What do you plan on cooking? I am so tired of cooking the same things. If you have anything exciting, please share!

Bud...sorry you had to miss your morning ride but I don't think snow and two wheels would have made for a good ride anyway. Hope it warms up so that you can be riding soon!

I'm really looking forward to this weekend, although I have a lot of things I have to get done. Anyway, just knowing that tomorrow is Friday is enough to make me happy.


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It is cool and light rain showers off and on here. Temperature should stay in the 50s today. I really can't complain we needed the rain and still do need a little more. After seeing what so many of you are dealing with I will be glad to have just a little rain.

I just spent a while on the phone trying to move up my doctors appointmet from the 22nd. I have really been having a rough time with the acid reflux or GERD. Nothing seems to relieve it for long and no matter what I eat it is there. Funny thing is in Louisiana I ate everything I wanted and had no problem. I come home go on my diet and wala in kicks the acid reflux.

Judy I know what you mean about the diet. I gained 9 pounds on my trip. I have lost it all now but can't seem to lose any more. If I go off of it for one day I gain. I think when I do get in to see the doctor I will ask them to check my thyroid.

Well Bud good luck with your travels in the snow. To those of you who are snowed in stay safe and I hope warm. Everyone have a great day.

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It was rainy today, but today was my Friday - for who knows how long? I swam at the Y, went to the office to tie up some stuff and then, I "retired". Decided it is time to spend some short days in the garden and take time to smell the flowers. I had an in-person intake for SSDI yesterday. Nice guy who made it sound like I might get some credit for past time unworked while under treatment. That would be great. While I feel pretty good on a minute basis, after two days in the office, I am whipped. Time to save the energy for things that make me smile. Scan next week - I feel hopeful that Tarceva is holding its own.

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