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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Really felt the difference in the temp this morning. We weren't supposed to get above the sixties until next week. It was seventy when I got up at 7 pm--good numbers all around.

Not much going on today. Overdid it yesterday but today will take it slow. Go for finger stick then back home to rest up for group and dinner tonight. Chemo tomorrow. Will only do little household things in between. I definitely need a rest.

Have a great day everyone.


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Good morning, everyone! Enjoy your group, Judy!

It was clear and 34 degrees with a stiff north wind as I rode to work this morning. The high for the day is forecast to be 54.

In case riding against the cold wind with legs still tired from Sunday wasn't tough enough, I hit something about halfway to work that gave me a slow leak in the bike's rear tire, so stopped a couple of times to air it up, and rode the rest of the way on various stages of a low tire.

I heard Rose snoring at 1:00 this morning as I got up for a bathroom trip. That's a good thing; it's the first chemo day that she's managed to get to sleep that early. She only has four more weeks of chemo, and I'll be glad to see it over.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning, everyone. Hope everyone is having a nice Tuesday morning. Things are flowing along at a nice normal pace here at work this morning. Yesterday, there was all the routine end of month things to do for February and it was almost 2:00 before I was able to look up from my paperwork. It made the day go nice and fast, so no complaining here.

Judy, it's raining here right now and it's supposed to get into the 70's. The temp will be nice but unfortunately, the rain is another front moving in and the high here tomorrow is supposed to be 60. Is this ever going to end? I'll swear, my body is screaming to soak up some warm sun!

Bud, it sounds like you are experiencing the front that is now moving through here. Stay warm and take good care of Rose!!!

Not much to talk about here, other than this bizarre weather. Sorry to be so boring. Hubby is doing great, just two weeks after his surgery. He's walking without a walker, cane or crutch and is doing lots of household chores. I took him out on Saturday and last night and that made him feel a lot better, after being cooped up in the house for so long. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.


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ITs 2 PM over cast and snowing ! blizzard conditions and we are only supposed to get a dusting by tomorrow morning!Can't Stop Laughing


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Hello everyone! Weather here is nice today...60's or so and clear skies. I FINALLY got out of the house and took care of a few things this morning. Had my car washed and picked up some apple fritters for my friends husband. He is home alone since she had to fly back to Iowa for a funeral. He has bladder cancer and uses a walker so I worry about him. His eyes were HUGE when he saw what I brought him. What a sweet man. I'm going back over there tonight to take him some chicken noodle soup....it's cooking on the stove now.

Some of you know from FB that my son has finally fallen in love and is planning a future with this beautiful lady. I'm already calling her my daughter and she calls me Mom....how cute :)

I'm taking things one day at a time. Just baby steps but healing is going to take a long long time for me.

Still waiting for that stupid letter in the mail for my classes to start. I spoke with them on the 24th of last month and was told if I didn't hear in two weeks to contact them again. Ughhhhhhhhhh I never have been a patient person.

Well, back to the FB Cafe game so I can get annoyed with the lock ups again. Have a great day everyone.

PS Tell someone you love them today please?

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Bud's post was pretty interesting, sure explains why I been so rited the last few days. Weather here has been beautiful the last few days, got up to 50 today, first time I think since September. Ahhhh summertime. Actually gaining a little more longevity in the time I'm awake during the day. Kinda feels good. I've got 2 gigs booked so far, possibly 3. 1 in June and 1 in September, may have 1 next month as well. It sure feels good to be playing a bit more. have a whole day everyone, part of it is bound to be good. Foop

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