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eric the red- Lung Cancer Advocate in the news

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Hi Buddies,

My story in your website has aroused some interest here in the UK,Susan Christie of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation ,has been in contact with me,and has redrafted my story and projected me as a cancer advocate to be published in their magazine/newsletter.

The Roy Castle publication appears monthly,and is circulated to every to every Hospital,Cancer Centre and Lung Nurse in the United Kingdom,it will also appear on the Roy Castle website.My story will appear in the April edition.

I have also been contacted by Ann Fotheringham of the Glasgow Evening Times (which is a very popular newspaper here in Scotland)who having read the Roy Castle draft of my story,wants to feature me in another article she is preparing for the UKs National No Smoking Day,so I had a telephone interview with Ann, Saturday last and met with the Times photographer at my work on Monday to take some pics of me for the story.Fortunately my students were not around for this photo shoot as I was embarressed enough,posin like a "Haddie".

The feature forms the launch of a year long campaign,to encourage Glaswegians to smoke one million cigarettes less from now to March 2011.

I can assure you that I will not let this new found fame,go to my head I will still talk to you ordinary buddies out there.

Kind Regards,

Eric Byrne.

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That's great, Eric! Now that you're becoming famous, all of your friends over here at LCSC can say "We knew Eric Byrne way back when!"

One thing many of us push in public contacts is a different slant on the smoking angle. True, smoking is the largest cause of lung cancer, and most new cases of lung cancer can be attributed to smoking, but not all. Currently about 15% of new lung cancers are attributed to causes other than smoking (see this Wikipedia article)...


...and for some reason women in their 20s and 30s make up a significant portion of that group. By pushing the "causes other than smoking" angle one thing we're trying to do is reduce the stigma associated with having lung cancer and the message we often get from others, sometimes not so subtly, that "you did it to yourself" or "you deserve to have lung cancer."

You might consider adding this "My Story" link to the profile that attaches to all of your messages (below the short horizontal line):

http://lungevity.org/l_community/viewto ... 866#402866



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Hi Buddies,

Thank you for your messages of encouragement particularly KatieB ,WOW!!!

My story was part of a two page spread,sharing my platform were two famous soccer stars (well at least in Scotland)one player was from Celtic and one from Rangers,teams that are known in the UK as the "Old Firm".

We are launching a campaign called "Glasgoals",urging the readership to give up smoking,our goal is for one million less cigarettes being smoked by Glaswegians over the next year.

My story is being used I think in a an edited version positive way,that lung cancer can happen to you.You can read an edited version of my story,minus one page-including my headline "The doctor said I had two years to live"also my photograph underlined with the quote-"Eric Byrne proved his docters wrong"

Since my story appeared I have had to accept with a smile,the ribbing not just from my students but from my colleagues,one of whom has sketched a portrait of me,with a certain likeness,and posted it to everyone on the internal email,underlined with the caption I will sign autographs for £20 which of course is rubbish,it is actually £25.

Bye for now,

Eric Byrne

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Hi Buddies,

Why do I always press the submit button first then read the mailing afterwards?

I have of course ommitted how to read my story

Go on to Google and type in eric byrne airdrie and it should appear.


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