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Tuesdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Aw,the suns gone,gray overcast sky,still its warm and dry,yesterdays weather made second page in the newspapers here,65 degrees,which was on par with Spain,this global warming must be true.

Had a great day with my wife,daughter and her boyfriend,he is so polite didnt even critcise my for not doing Lesson 2.He helped me get the table and chairs (and parasol)out of the garage and set them in the back garden,Jen and Chris prepared the al-fresco lunch and even cleared up and did the dishes-despite my vigorous attempts to dissuade them-leave them I shouted from my chair-Sally will get them later when you have gone.Wonder why she drew me a nasty look?

Just going to the docs now 10.10am appointment,then an appointment with my oncologist at 1.35pm to discuss my CT Scan results and anything else he wishes to raise.Hope it all goes well catch you up later,have a really nice day

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Morning All! 73 degrees with the sun rising in my window. Very pleasant. Made a point of going to bed fairly early. My finger prick appointment is at 11 and that makes for a short day at home. I may run errands and probably do nothing when I get home. Cancer group and hopefully dinner out with the ladies tonight.

I went a little manic yesterday changing around cubboards and pantry shelves. Trying to move things Stan uses up higher so he doesn't have to crawl down so low to get things. I'm closer to the ground than he and I'm having trouble with that now. One of the negatives of aging.

Thinking about you Eric. Hope the scan results are good. We'll be waiting to hear.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 55 degrees this morning as I rode to work. The forecast high for this afternoon is 80 degrees.

Eric, Crowley, Texas is bounded by Fort Worth on the north and Burleson on the south. My 12 1/2 mile commute to work takes me to an old part of south Fort Worth, just south of Texas Christian University.

Lake Fork is 150 miles east northeast of here, between the towns of Quitman and Emory. Granbury, both the city and lake, are 30 miles southwest of me. Granbury is a historic town on the Brazos River, which is what was impounded to make Granbury Lake.

Good luck on the scans, Eric; I'm sure they'll be good! Enjoy group and dinner, Judy! Have a great day, all!

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Hi, everybody. Today is the end of my "vacation" (such as it was), so I've got to head down the hill in 3 hours to start another chemo cycle. The incisions are healing well, and there's just a touch of soreness remaining. Haven't taken any ibuprofen for a day and a half, but probably will before I jump in the car for the drive.

Eric, sounds like you've got yourself a good potential son-in-law. But don't you remember, couples just love to do dishes together, in fact, almost anything together. Bumping elbows at the sink can be a real turn-on! One question — what is Lesson 2?


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Hi Ned,

Your memory and perception is better than mine,I did bring some dishes and glasses into the kitchen and intruded on them, caught them in full embrace,didnt know where to look,mumbled my apologies and left,could you not have warned me beforehand?.Would love to have a son-in-law,Chris is such a nice kid,they compliment each other,although she has accepted a job in North Italy for six weeks minimum,teaching English to young Italians from the end of May,its in some kind of summer camp system similar to America.I asked her about Chris feeling maybe a bit abondoned,and she said,well if he is here when I get back-fine,if not?.She can be hard to figure out.Lesson 2 Ned,the next page,gosh I wish I could sent it to you,but that will probably be about Lesson 8.However its title is-Software And OS. showing a classy intro page,the next page is an index,covering such topics as What is Software,examples of software,operating systems,GUI?,folders,how to create etc,blooming heck,says after Lesson 3,he is going to give me a test covering all the work covered so far,gosh I feel I am back at college,I may have to call on you Ned to help me cheat,sorry clear up a few ambiguities.

Ned I do wish you well for your last chemo session,and hear from you soon-take care.


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Hello Eric,

This was a nice thread to read. Ned is so perceptive isn't he? :-)

Sounds like a nice young man your daughter has found. It's so interesting to hear about different places, and such. So I enjoyed this very much.

Here, it's about 60, cloudy, and supposed to rain. I live in Michigan, in the middle of the State, very close to Lake Michigan. Our weather is always affected by whatever is happening over the big great lake! Supposed to be 70 tomorrow, which is very warm for us this time of year. Can't wait!


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Hi Judy,

I posted a mail to you,asking where Michigan was,I forgot which forum,I asked if it was anywhere near Lake Erie,which I had remembered from my schooldays,it was one of the Great lakes,the other I remembered was Lake Superior,I just forgot Chicago was on Lake Michigan,where has my memory gone,enjoy reading your postings.

Hope things are going well for you,

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Hey folks

Another sunny, chilly day in the knife. I think I'll have to pull out an atlas as well Eric. LOL

I'm sure your scans will be fine Eric and sorry to hear the vacation is over Ned and you are back at chemo. But I guess that also mean's your rercovery went well. Judy in KW enjoy your meeting and dinner. Judy I know what you mean about living by a big body of water and how it effects the weather.

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Not sure when you are foolin'. Qi Gong is a Chinese form of movement meditation. Moving clouds is a motion. Very evocative, sweeping motions with the arms. I'm not sure how much good it is doing, but it gets me out of the house on Monday morning. It may be helping my circulation, or that may be coincidence? My feet aren't as cold. That's good.


The pup is looking good. Yours looks calmer than M's daughter's!


Sorry to hear the vacation is over. You really know how to have a good time.


M went out for the evening - so I ran the vacuum. Funny what we do when the cat is away.

Good night all.

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