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Morning All! Not much sun here in Orlando this morning. Had a rough time getting to sleep last night in spite of the Ativan. Slept well til 7 once I got there though.

Eric, I'm laughing at us. First, it looks like we both opened "Thursday's Air" on Wednesday this week. My lapses have been many and silly lately--wrong day, starting a day's Air at the bottom of the previous day. Get a grip Judy.

Still mulling yesterday's scan results so not much to say. Finally got to sleep with the help of my Ativan so that's a given for awhile. I'll have my family around me this weekend and that' a good thing.

And friends, thanks for all your well-wishes and have a good day.

Judy in KW

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gonna be a long hot day here!! Work 10 to 3 an then 11 to 5 am then 10 AM Saturday to 10 Saturday nite and then Sunday morning!! c ya Sunday afternoon!! Happy Mothers day to my friends!!

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I'm laughing with ya Judy, I don't know about anyone else but I didn't notice the Wed, Thursday thing till last night. Fog has set in in these ole heads I guess.

Pretty nice here this morning, no snow and sposed to get to the 50s. I got out for a bit yesterday, it went okay, no negatives to report. lol Sure seems I've been awful whiney these last few months, maybe I'm accepting things a little better, still tough realizing these limitations but what the heck, make limitade, right?

Anyone here watch the sitcom The Middle, cracks me up those people are so average and weird it's hilarious. Maxwell is flourishing in his new hairdo, seems to learn things that aren't taught to him but try to make him sit, he just stares at me waiting to get a treat for being cute instead.

Hope yall have a great day.


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Hi Judy,

Iam a bit confused regarding your results,wonder if Dr West could explain your situation with a bit more clarity? I hope the last opinion is you are still doing really well.Iam posting from college just now Iam waiting for a colleague to drive me to Edinburgh as I am a honorary judge to-morrow in a national competition,I am in invited because our college is host college next year and I will be promoted to principal judge.Competition starts early 9.00am and finishes at 5pm.Edinburgh its terrible to drive in so my colleague agreed to do it.Hotel stay overnight so I am fresh in the morning.

Got to go,see you later-take care,

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The next exciting thing at our household is getting the place termite tented, which is overdue. But this time, for the day the house is not available to us, instead of seeking shelter at a cousin's place we've located a nice hotel in Waikiki that accepts pets in the room! They also have internet access, so I'll try to post some photos of our "vacation." Don't have the specific schedule yet, probably within a month.

Motto for the day: There's joy out there for the taking — ya just gotta look for it!


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It's almost Saturday and I finally am able to read the air. Busy day....Judy, I hope you enjoy your time with your son and his family and they keep you so busy that you don't have time to worry. Ned, a vacation in Waikiki sounds like heaven, let us know how it goes. Donny, glad to see you're getting out and about and yes, nice to see the snow is gone, for now. Eric, I wonder what you'll be judging tomorrow. Randy, how long can you keep up with hours like that?

Hoping you all are able to enjoy your weekend (except Randy) he'll be working like a dog.

Night, night

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