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Wednesday's Air


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I thought I would get the air flowing this morning and let all of you know that I'm still able to type...lol! As you may know, I've been absent for a couple of weeks and I have really missed all of you. I have been on jury duty and can honestly say it has been two of the worst weeks in my life. I had been called for jury duty several times before but had either not been picked or the jury was released prior to the trial because the defendant decided to plea. Well...this time was very different. I was chosen out of a pool of 160 jurors....lucky me! The trial was a murder trial and the entire situation was very tough to deal with. On Friday, at 6:30 pm, we finally reached a verdict of guilty. I can tell you that I'm still having a really hard time sleeping and when I do, the dreams just roll on and on. After this, I have a new appreciation for jurors and the tough jobs they do.

Monday and Tuesday were catch up days for me, as my desk at work was overflowing. I think I have done a month's work of accounting in two days...lol!

I haven't had time to go back and read all the posts, so hopefully all of you are doing well. I'm so glad to be back!!!


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 75 degrees, cloudy, and humid with a 20 mph south wind as I rode to work this morning. It's supposed to get up to near 90 degrees again this afternoon.

As I was riding north on a flat stretch of Crowley Road just before Sycamore School Road, a Fort Worth Police cruiser pulled up beside me. The officer rolled down his window and said, "Just so you know, I clocked you doing 25 mph". We both laughed (I was in a 50 mph zone). He asked if I was always that fast on a flat road. I pointed out that I had a good tailwind this morning. He drove on, and as he pulled up to the red light at Sycamore School Road, I slowed and crossed behind him to get in the left turn lane. Just before I pulled up to the light, it turned green. This is one of those left-turn-on-arrow-only lights. My bike almost never triggers the arrow, so I normally just turn on a regular green light. On this morning though, I stopped and waited for the next light as I watched the police car travel through the light.

Ann, I've sat on a jury, too, though thankfully, it wasn't a murder trial. I hope everything gets back to normal for you soon.

Have a great day, all!

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Morning All! Didn't even make it in yesterday. Left my laptop in the coach since I'm moving in to it tonight. Stan's painting the bedroom. It's large but still I can't believe all the stuff I have decorating it. Helped move lots of it this morning then escaped to the coach. Our style of working doesn't always gel very well. Oh, I rhymed and didn't even intend to.

LOL Ann, I responded to everyone's post in Tuesday's Air and put mine there before I realized it's Wednesday. I just can't get it together so this will be a REALLY long post. I was picked for jury duty once but thankfully not homicide. Sorry you have to keep dreaming about it and hope it will fade soon. Bud, I love your policeman story. One of those little gems in the routine of the day.

It's sunny but blustery this morning. Bud I can't imagine being on the 28th floor in a storm. I sat out a hurricane on the second floor of the Casa Marina in KW in 1984. It was terrifying. You could almost feel the walls moving and we watched a big pier ripped out and floated out to sea. Hope everyone's safe. I missed the news altogether yesterday.

Mike, I remember that crash well. We were already living here. Can't believe it was that long ago. And "My Guy," LOVE IT.

Oh Eric, you caught the biking bug from Bud lol. I even got mine out of the garage AGAIN. My entry into Farmville is a long story beginning with Heidi gifting me a cow and Gail calling me agriculturally challenged. Will explain it another time.

Judy, your home setting sounds absolutely idyllic. I would be so happy there if I could be warm all the time. I really liked fishing lakes and streams better than the ocean. I've also stopped swimming in our canal since some years ago I saw a picture of an alligator or crocodile--can never remember which.

Life is hectic right now but I'm lucky I have the coach to escape to. (Can't seem to stop ending sentences with a preposition without sounding pretentious lol.) I have chemo today at noon while my bedroom is being dismantled. I have furniture for the lv being delivered sometime after the 15th. That means I need to get on Craig's list and try to get rid of the furniture I have before then. Have to make up the missed meeting with the accountant soon, on and on.

Good news is, Stan's coming back from his first job in OH on July 2 to take me to MDA for my early scan. Wendy was going to take off work and go with me but he decided not to go on to the second job we had planned. What a love.

Have a great day everyone--off to check the boards.

Judy in KW

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Heyall, been chilly here for a while, high of 40 for the last couple days, might only get to 35 today. Got a few inches of snow last night. Was all rain till last night, not melting yet either. Must be the global warming thingy.

Don't think I would do too well on jury duty, I most times believe that if they have enough reason to capture someone, that's good enough for me to lock em up. Guess I'm kinda narrow minded sometimes. Most times I have an amazingly annoying ability to see both sides of every argument, tends to keep a person forever wishywashy. Oh well what I think isn't important anyway, whew, thank God for that. I always like to use the importance test when I start thinking I am too important. Thant just consists of putting you finger in a glass of water, pulling it back out and seeing who leaves the biggest dent.

Trying to get my Subaru ready to sell, just need a little nice weather so I can get it cleaned out and go get the oil changed, maybe tomorrow. Hard to get out to do anything when the weather is so cold, I just can't breathe.

Yall have a great day, great to see you back Ann, love all the news on here, sure beats the nonsense on facebook.


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Donny LOL. I read your importance test aloud to this VERY quiet group in the chemo room. Cheered things up for a minute--got a couple of chuckles. The one lady is still asleep sitting straight up in the chair that reclines and another man is asleep or pretending to sleep with a blankey on his face.

Judy in KW

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Good evening everybody,

Cloudy and some sunshine to-day warm and dry,Ann welcome back,sorry that it wasnt a pleasent experience,think I have an antedote for your nightmare,my neighbour is a policeman with whom I exchange work related anedotes,so many in fact, I just couldnt post them all here,I could actually write a book but nobody would believe them to be true.

1.German sailor appears as a plaintif in court,having been a victim of an assualt outside a bar in Glasgow,His council approaches the witness box and asks for his name,he justs looks blankly at the laywer,the judge calls the lawer to his bench and says "Am I to understand that this man cannot speak English?" It would appear so m,lord "Then why Have you not arranged for a translator"replies the irritated judge,mumbled excuses from the lawyer lack of preparation time etc.Well says the judge seems we will have to postphone."Excuse me" a voice was heard from the courtroom, one upstanding Glaswegian in the public benches said,Id like to help,"Can you speak German?"enquires the judge,"Yes" replies the wee Glaswegian"Sir I spent 10 years with the British Army in Germany and got to learn the language very well"wonderful" exclaims the judge"Now remember to repeat verbatum what the witness answers to questions put and do not embellish anything he says"Certainly m,lord"."You may approach the witness"says the judge

Glaswegian to German witness"Vosst ist your name" Judge exploded

Your are fined £50 for contempt of court"The Glaswegian leaves the court clicking his heels and interviewed later said "It was the best £50 he had ever spent"Tell you some more to-morrow,before I send you all to sleep.

Bud,we have more lochs in Scotland than you could shake a stick at,and all full of fish,maybe someday you can cross the pond and we could catch some?

Judy love the description of your home location,the lake,exclusive fishing rights(almost)close to nature Iam sure many people would love to move there and join you.

Judy hope Stan gets the bedroom Tickety-Boo ASAP,so he can sit down and relax-by jings you are running the feet off him with all your gallavanting about town,hope the chemo session goes well and you can return to normality.

See you all to-morrow,


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Hey all good afternoon. Busy day at work today. I am excited I scheduled my vacation at work for the first week of August. Now I need to save money to book mine and my kids flights to AL. Anyone know if any airlines ar having a kids fly free deal?

Nice day here and back to work I go :cry:

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Hi Everyone!

Well, got the EMG today. Was not a particularly fun test!!!!! It was not that bad, but lots of shocky things that made my muscles jump, and then inserting needles into the muscles to test them. That really didn't hurt much until they did my very small and bony hands. That did hurt.

Bottom line, no ALS, no MS, no cerebral palsy, no life threatening muscle diseases. Bad news: Don't have a clue what is going on. I'm off next to the rheumatoid doc. Said my enzymes for muscles in my blood are elevated, (what the heck does that mean). But he felt they were elevated because of the very spasms I'm having.

Oy! I just want some answers.

So next appointment is May 27 with another doc. And they are scheduling me with a Neuro too. I'm half tempted to have my Onc to a CT scan of my head. I am not fearful of mets, but if I have them I'd like to know so we can treat it. This is crazy.

Anyway, I'm in a happy mood today, nice to know that a muscle disease is not in my future.

Eric, I want to hear more of your story! Judy, sorry your fellow chemo folks are so sleepy and boring! Hope you are doing well. How exciting with the decorating. Bud, 25 MPH on your bike. You stud you. Welcome back Ann. I can't imagine having to do that with the jury duty, afraid it would freak me out too.

If I missed someone, I'm sorry, dinner bell is ringing.

Take care,

Judy in MI

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