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I had my biopsy done and then they did a limp nods test down my troat. they also put in a port for chemo when they did they hit my good lung and it collapsed. was in the hopspital for 5 days. This just gets harder and harder I am so pissed that they hit my lung. I have to now get it built up. I miss my old life soooo much sometimes. I am happy they can do surgery yet scared about what they are taking. I know I should be happy I have a good chace, but why does all they good news come with bas too. I guess I am just in one of those pity moods. cI needed to write it down and get it out.

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Carole, so sorry you suffered a collapsed lung. One of the worst things about this disease is that what the doctors do to you can be as bad as the disease. I'm sending positive thoughts that you'll recover well from this and have better luck with future treatments.

Yes, the surgery is pretty scary, but lots of us have gotten through it and done well. Good luck and keep us updated.

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Don't beat yourself up, Caro, about feeling badly and being angry too. We have all been there. This LC journey finds us on roads full of twists and turns. I used to miss my 'old' life too. but I've come to cherish the 'new' one I have now. You will too. You just need to give yourself enough time and get some of this behind you. I'm here for you anytime you need.


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Hi there,

So sorry that they made that mistake. We all have things like this happen. After my lung surgery, they fed me the wrong food, and it cost me two more weeks in the hospital, which quite frankly stunk.

It will take time to find what is now normal for you. But you will find it. I cherish each day when I feel good. When I don't, it's okay, for I know better days will come again.

Wishing you the best. Come vent whenever you need to. I wish I had known about this site when I went through my cancer journey. But I'm glad I found it now, and am amazed at the really cool people here.

Judy in MI

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Hi - Dana and I both have similar friends. My friend told me that it was perfectly okay to cry the blues to her whenever I wished as it wasn't as if I had just "stubbed my toe" (both great friends I think!) Anyhow, there are many ups and downs on this lung cancer journey and with that come many emotions. So keep venting when the need arises and we will be here to listen.

Take care,


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