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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Woke up to rain on the roof. Surprised you had a lot of rain yesterday Muriel. Not here. Beautiful day but muggy.

Donny, glad you had a nice day. That Ancestry thing is interesting isn't it. My sister dabbles in it and I keep meaning to get back to it. I did a little some years ago, trying to find my paternal missing family. I mean missing, all of them lol.

Eric, your out-and-about sounds wonderful. I keep promising to do that in KW with my camera. Have done it lots over the years but not with the camera. Not sure how long all the family is staying. Not pinning them down. Think that's better. Then they can leave when they want.

It's Tues but feels like Mon so have to keep reminding myself it's off to the Cancer Center for my finger prick today. Chemo tomorrow. Sigh

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 72 degrees as I rode to work this morning. The forecast high is 96 degrees, and it's supposed to get over 100 degrees before the week is over.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. I did my 134 mile ride on Saturday, caught a bunch of crappie on Sunday, went swimming both Sunday and Monday, and Rose and I did an 18 mile bike ride on Monday morning. We followed most of my commute route, but stopped at a bicycle shop on the way, visited for a while, then rode back home.

It's back to the grind today. At least it's a short week. This kind of heat takes some getting used to every year, both for working and riding. But I'm 10 pounds lighter this year, so I'm hoping that makes it easier.

Tell them to be gentle with that finger stick, Judy! Have a great day, all!

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Good Evening Everyone,

Mailing from my work just now,a few times during term senior staff get to be principal for covering evening classes,really just an insurance that all classes have their accommodation slot available,and a lecturer to go with it and to deal with any items which may arise during the evening.Usually this means a quiet night to get on with paperwork or even to-days air (well it is my teabreak) I am here until 9.00pm.

Forgot to mention yesterday I had a hospital appointment with my respitory doctor,who sent me for an x-ray,result given to me during feedback NED-yeah-next appointment 7th Dec 2010 (Isnt that the anniversary of Pearl Harbour)hope there will no surprise attack on my body that day.Still got to see my onc on the 19th of October approx the 2nd anniversary of my dx,then to blow that raspberry at my own GP.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day.

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Thanks Stephanie for your good wishes,Iam certainly no Bud (yet)but I am biking round Great Cumbrae on Saturday in aid of cancer charities,being accompanied by my wee sister and her friends,hope to beat the £29,000 they raised last year,given my current fitness level I may be on all fours crossing the finishing line.I have read the circuit is only 11 miles but I have no clue as to how steep the hills are?

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Well I'm back again for another few weeks before I have to travel again. Great weather here now. Sunny every day with warm temperatures and almost 24 hours of daylight.

Congratulations Eric. Sounds like you can really enjoy your summer now.

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Good show on the scan, Eric! And yes, Dec. 7 is Pearl Harbor Day, which still gets a lot of attention in Hawaii. During last year's event some of the Navy survivors of the attack returned from the U.S. mainland and hosted a visit from a Japanese pilot who had participated in the raid. It's funny how these things happen. Very often, military people carry less resentment than other citizens, because they've been exposed to the horrors of war and know that decent young people can be caught up in these events through no fault of their own. Even today, some of my contemporaries, the ones who were unfortunate enough to be shot down and spend time as a POW in North Vietnam, visit Hanoi without any particular feeling of anger — though they'd probably love to get their hands on one or two individuals and still have no use for people like Jane Fonda.


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Hello everyone! What a chatty group today. That is delightful! It is 70, and rainy, but not stormy anymore. Those blew through. I love rainy days. They help me hunker down and get some work done!

Judy hope the chemo is nice to you. Bud, congrats on what sounds like a fabulous weekend. Eric, good news. Dec 7 is Pearl Harbor day and my brother's birthday. Used to tease him a lot about being such a trouble maker! Bruce, are you close to Alaska? Almost 24 hours of day light! We have a friend in Alaska, and it's fascinating to us the long days and then long nights.

Well, we picked out a puppy this weekend. Our Springer Spaniel, Huey, died last summer, and I'm finally recovered enough to find another dog to be my other dog's play mate. She is six months old, neutered, and dog door trained, which will make it much easier for us to help her get used to the dog door at home. We'll keep her on leash for a couple of weeks, until she gets acclimated, and then hire professionals to come out and train her on the electric fence boundaries.

I put a bunch of names out on Facebook, and got lots of great responses. The biggest favorites were Belle, Bella, Olive, and Zoey. I'm leaning on Bella in a big way. She is a labradoodle, and is so precious. Can't wait!

Seem to have found a kind of happy medium on the muscle spasms. Still am going to go to a neurologist, because we need to find the cause for the problem. In the meantime, the rheumatoid doctor prescribed Xanax. He wanted me to take 1 mg 3 times a day. Well, that's not going to happen! 1 mg knocked me on my butt. So I take .25 or .5 depending on the level of spasms in the morning. If absolutely necessary, I will take .25 in the afternoon. Then at bed time I take .5 or .75 depending on how I feel. That seems to be helping. It's a strong drug, and can't imagine how I'd function if I took what he told me. Maybe I'll build a tolerance to it and that will allow me to take more. We'll see.

Well I'm at volunteer work and will be here all day, so I'll sign off.

Take care,

Judy in MI

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