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Getting better and better

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Miricles do happen. Thirteen days out of hospital and Pat is getting stronger every day. Chemo session number 3 was on thursday and up until today only one case of mild nausea. Got some new anti nausea medicine and gave her one tablet and so far no more nauses. She only has a nap during the day now and is up and in the lounge watching TV and knitting. She has a full breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast and today had a barbeque with the family and a friend.

The lung is still dry and the breathing getting easier. We went to see the Soccer World Cup lights in the city tonight and she was off the oxygen for 2 hours. As long as she does not exert herself too much she gets along.

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Hi Ronvrens,

Great to hear of Pats progress,shes certainly doing well on the food front,a good indicator of getting better.

I am really looking forward to the world cup,particularly since its Africas first time as hosts,I am just so disapointed that Scotland didnt qualify(again).How do you fancy being nominated as LCSCs man on the spot,with your unique advantage of geography on your side,in giving us regularly your inside reflections,in all thats happening in the competition,that would be just brill for me,America v England thats one to watch,dont suppose it wont surprise you that this Scot is rooting for America,yeah, and over 5 million others not counting millions of other Scottish exiles all over the world.

Please pass on my best wishes to Pat,that she continues to make good progress.

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