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Morning all! Wish I could put one of those cool pics like Katie and now Judy in MI do. Have to have my grandson teach me before I leave here.

Buzzed around all day yesterday but Dom dumped me for staying with his Mom last night. That was very o.k. I was really tired. I came onsite and tried to respond to a new member post by my keyboard didn't want to work. I think the gremlins that inhabit my computers felt I was too tired so I read a couple of Airs and logged off.

Stan always works the 4th so no picnicing for us. I'll spend time with the kids then they'll bring me back to rest and go to a pig roast. I was invited but would probably poop out before fireworks and I would rather see fireworks.

Mike, I loved the poem and B&G pic. What a lucky couple to share such a wholesome hobby. Donny and Judy, I've always envied people who could watch fireworks from home. No fighting crows of cars afterwards. And Eric, it made me smile to think of the possibility of you celebrating our 4th with some of your friends in Scotland.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in PSL

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Happy 4th and for what its worth i will be asleep before the band even gets warmed up and the sun goes down!!!

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Good Evening Everybody,

Weather to-day back to the Scottish usual for July heavy showers and windy,couldnt leave the Church,after service this morning the rain was coming down cats and dogs,my umbrella in the boot of my car,in the supermarket carpark,typical, look on the bright side this is what keeps Scotland so green.

Judy, Hope you and the family including your new puppy enjoyed the boating day out,fireworks and the barbie.Wish I was there sounds like great fun.

KatieB,know what you mean with gas prices in the UK,I traded down from my Bentley to a Ford Fiesta for the same reasons,no only kidding,people who can afford to run a Bentley,wont be concerned about the price of filling up.

Bud,community swimming pool,what a great thing to have access to,I would be in it every day of my holidays,then some.Does relieve you of upkeep and the maintenance.Lovely poem,I am quiet used to public speaking,but I would still find it a challenge to read out and keep the rythm going-well done you.Loved the grooms attire,smart but casual.

Judy,good to hear you are still having fun with your travels,sorry Stans got to work to-day,lets hear it for everyone who has to work on a public holiday,day.Poor Randy gotta sleep though it also.

Well,with a glass in my hand(OK I know its only 6.30pm) charged with the best of Scotland (oh forget the malts)I raise my glass of Whyte and MacKays and American Ginger Ale(a great marriage)to wish all my new American friends (and Bruce) a Happy Independance Day "Up the Revolution,Down with the British".

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Judy, images are easy. Go to photobucket.com and find an image by searching for it. Then to the left is html code that you copy and paste between the . When you submit your entry a picture will be there!

We had a lovely day yesterday. The fireworks were amazing, the company was great, and the temps were warm, but nice and breezy. Today however, it's beastly hot and humid. The hot is not so bad, but humid is nasty. I'm indoors, just finished watching a part of Wimbledon, and now watching golf. Staying cool. It will storm tonight and tomorrow. We'll cook up some steaks for dinner, and I made a cold pasta salad to go with it.

Eric, enjoy that cocktail! Too early here for that. LOL! Randy, rest up! Judy enjoy the travels. Hope you get to see the fireworks! Everyone have a great day!

Judy in MI

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I hope everyone had a good 4th. It was a busy day around here. The wind blew so hard that I didn't stay on Lake Benbrook long this morning. After having showers all week, it was finally a dry day, so I mowed the lawn. As soon as I had finished, showered, and caught up on the Tour de France, it was pool party time.

Tomorrow morning is a Lake Granbury trip with my daughter. She's at a basball game tonight, and the crappie seem to bite best at mid day, so we won't be headed out too early.

Have a great holiday Monday, all!

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