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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! It is Thursday, isn't it? Been traveling for 3 days and it's great to be parked and looking forward to being in one place for awhile. It's cool in the mornings here, a lovely change from KW summers when the temp doesn't change much from mornig til night.

I live on a tropical island that is beautiful but this NJ farmgirl just loves visiting the north in the spring/summer. I love all the big trees and grass and flowers I grew up with. The park where we are staying near Portsmouth OH has all that. That and friendly people too. Stan is visiting one of his hunting buddies near here so when I finish this post, I'll take my second cup of tea outside. After that, I work out on my gym that he already set up for me. Feel like I haven't exercised in ages and am anxious to get started again.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 77 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 100.

This is my Friday, again. I'm taking off and going fishing tomorrow. I haven't decided whether to take the boat or kayak, but I'm just making a short trip to Lake Granbury.

I need to come home early enough to make a trip to the bank to get an assumed name form notarized. That's for the dba I'll be using for my tackle business. Then, it will be time to get my tax ID number. Don't you just love paperwork?

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning all. Good for you OH Judy for starting the exercise gig. Bud good luck with your lure business. And Katie, thanks for the kind thoughts. Never think you can't post in a survivor's forum. You are a survivor, you not only survived your own cancer, but you survived the experience of your father's lung cancer. That makes you a survivor in every sense of the word.

Not sorry about the rant I did here. Wow did I need to get that out! I'm printing that and mailing it to every doctor that is dealing with me and putting on the bottom of it, HELP in great big letters.

If the Onc does not call by mid afternoon, he will be getting a call by me. There's no way they have not seen the CT scan yet. This tells me it's likely to be negative, as surely they would have called by now if it was not.

Then I go to the foot doctor and try to find a solution for the foot spasms. I'm afraid part of it will be multiple cortisone shots into the arch of my foot. OMG!!! I know pain well, and thankfully the pain is short lived, unbelievably painful but very short lived. So I shall endure.

It is so beautiful out today. So thankful for this time of year. It's heating up again with the humid machine, but that's okay. It's heading into late August, and the humid temps are beginning to fall and I love that!

And in spite of my rant, I do love life. I love people. It's all going to be okay.

Judy in MI

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I do hope you hear something today Judy in MI, glad you've landed somewhere for a little bit Judy in OH, I can't say enough about how much you are appreciated Katie, we love you. Keep it up Bud and a tackle business sounds right up your alley for a retirement endevour Bud. And last but not least, I'm still NED, today my onc. and pulmos are going to discuss the possibility of maybe putting a stint into my right lung and then try to reinflate it to see if I can get a little help in the breathing department.

Good thoughts and actions today all.


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Oh Bud, that paperwork you're doing is so exciting--dba, doing business as, for any of you who have never done it. I remember the first time, then the second...lol. I just know it will be a success at whatever level you decide to take it. You have such great ideas.

Donnie, Donnie, Donnie, I could not be more excited for you. NED and just as important, someone is going to try something that gives hope to easing your breathing problems. I know how you have struggled and it sounds so important to increasing your quality of life. I just know it's going to work for you.

Judy, so gland the rant at least got you a night's sleep. I've had cordisone shots and know how painful they are, but take something with you to bite down on HARD and think of the relief after it's all over.

And Katie, please my dear, have you heard of caller ID. Just once in awhile when you are really on your last pins, o.k.

I almost forgot to mention, Eric, where are you? We miss you. Isn't that nice lol.

Judy in OH

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Good Evening Everyone,

Just looking out my study window to a beautiful sunset, its just gone 8.30pm,weather has been brill last couple of days.New carpet was fitted today,bedroom looks great,just spent some time after work putting all the furniture back in ,phew,I should sleep well tonight.I have been so busy the last couple of days and nights not only have I not posted,I havent even read the forums,so I have just finished reading the posts for Wed and Thurs,just to see if you lot have been behaving yourselves.My goodness I have missed so much,you have all been busy youselves,let me begin with congratulations to "Father of the House" (an affectionate term used in the UKs House of Parliament for the longest serving MP and usually by coincidence the wisest ) Ned,your report is wonderful news,just as I anticipated of course, now go and round up that car thats waiting for you.

Donnie,I am not familiar with your proposed lung inflation procedure,but I am rooting for you that its successful,and you regain your old vigour.

Judy MI,what can I say?boy have you been having a hard time of it,really hoping healthwise you have passed the worst and that things will rapidly get better,as for your church thingy,dont let it get to you,you transcend these trivial occassions by squabbling people,you have better things in your life to give your attention to.

Katie,I was really sorry to hear about Mrs A,what a lousy dx she has had,and also lacking in having a good support system around her at this time.I am sure you dont need me to remind you,that you should also consider your own situation,and not feel so obliged,that you become Mrs A single support system,its not fair on you or your family that you become emotionally drained trying to cope.I am not familar with the USA's Social Support Networks as I am in the UK,here there are MacMillan Nurses that would provide daily house visits,we also have Marie Curie day centres she could visit daily,we also have home helps that visit up to five times a day (free of charge) to help dress a person in the morning,tidy the home,make a meal and get them ready for bed at night,I know this as this was the support we got for Sally's mum (actually had this support for her for two years).Is there not a way failing all above to share out her calls to other buddies here,to relieve you of this task without you feelin a bit guilty?

Anyway,briefly, what have I been up to recently?Well Tuesday attended the first of two days telephone buddies for Roy Castle,it was held in "The House for an Art Lover"in Glasgows beautiful Bellahousten Park,what a venue my daughter has visited before and suggested I took along my camera,so glad I did,the house has a walled garden just a riot of flowers and trees,the house was built by my favourite designer and architect Charles Rennie MacIntosh,enough I digress,the buddy scheme is a pilot for three months and if successful it will be rolled out all over the UK,myself and two other women are to be the guinea pigs,the training session was so professional,covered so many topics,we all received a training manual to study up for next Thursday,I did prearrange my early release at 2pm to attend my meeting at Monklands hospital at 3pm.This meeting is important to me anyway,since its to consider proposal for the provision of health care services in Lanarkshire for Lung Cancer.At the moment three major general Hospital provide for all aspects of Lung Cancer excluding Radiotherapy which is done in the Beatson in Glasgow.Proposal is to create a centre of excellence in one of the three hospitals,that all Lung Cancer Oncologists would be based,but leaving,respitory,diagnosis and chemotherapy in each of the three hospitals.Glad to say for many good reasons Airdrie was chosen as best location for the centre of excellence although has to be forwarded to the Scottish health board for ratification.New build will start in Monklands hospital in January 2011.

Gosh I am trying to make up for two missing nights?oh just before I go ,Jennifer was at the College today for an interview as a supply Lecturer in the English Dept,talk about nepotism?. Bud gosh nearly forgot you how could I,thanks for the Pecan link,just had a quick look,looks really interesting,think I will spend some time there now,enjoy your fishing tomorrow,good night all.

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