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Tuesday's air -


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At oh-dark-thirty. Thinking of the plans for the day and am dreading all that needs to be done on roughly five hours of sleep if I can get to sleep in the next few minutes. Gotta love insomnia! If only I got that bug some people get to clean their house when they can't sleep...

Meetings, errands, confirmations, shopping, haircut, waxing...sounds like a pretty full day.

If time were altitude, this is surely the nose-bleed section of the clock! Maybe a quick snack, trip to the water closet and a dark room and I'll be able to snooze. Skip the snack, just a drink. Yeah, a drink and a trip across the hall...

I've welcomed the day in, now I'll take my long nap and get on with the day. One more busy one in a week of madness. No wonder I can't sleep!

Take care, all!

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Good Morning Everyone,

8.00am here,overcast day very quiet outside not even the faintest of a breese blowing.Monday was so unexpected,sunshine and deep blue cloudless skies the entire day and a beautiful sunset,too good to last though.

Thought with being on holiday I would have the morning air all to myself,particularly with at least five hours advantage in out respective time zones?Becky what on earth are you up and about in the wee small hours for?,and in a working weekday.My problems the reverse,even on holiday I waken about 6am and cant get back to sleep.

I had a super day yesterday,with my daughter Jennifer off on holiday also this week we got to share the day,I dropped Sally off at her work,picked up Jennifer,on to Morrison's, for a super cooked breakfast,bacon,square sliced sausage,two eggs,potato scones and toast,Jennifer being a vegetarian had the most boring meat free healthy meal,guess she will live to 130 years old,but Id still rather go with my choice.

We shared the chore of clearing out the garage,most of it was her stuff anyway,then up the the tip with the accumulated plastic bags to deposit.Then on to the laptop to post in the pipeband pics,couldnt get the 900 x 600 size Chris can get,had to make do with a smaller version,then posted some onto flickr,the smaller size dosnt look the same,never mind.

Picked Sally up at 2pm,then into Costco for Jennifer to get her pic taken to activate the card I got her,It was her first time visiting and we had a great time wandering through all the aisles,picking up a few bargains.Then back home for dinner and a quiet night in front of the TV.

Got a publicity pack from Roy Castle L.C. Foundation,it contains,small leaflets A3 and A2 posters for raising awareness of the early symptoms of lung cancer,so I am going to circulate these to-day to include my GPs surgery,Monklands Hospital and some local pharmacies I will keep some for Stobhill hospital also.

Roy Castle are holding a Winter Ball at the Oran Mhor in Glasgow at the end of November,its a black tie affair,so I will need to hire a tuxedo etc,not an occassion I will feel very comfortable with ,but it is a fundraiser for Lung Cancer so a worthy cause,I just dont like the feeling of being over-dressed.

Hikers and Bikers Presentation night is coming up soon,think its a week on Friday,trying to arrange with Susan to get all my pics ready to be projected as a continuous loop for that night against some wall in the hall,hope theyve got a white one.I still dont know how much was raised,so looking forward to finding out and seeing the cheques being passed over to the various reps of the receiving charities,again my cameras at the ready.

Have a great day everyone,dont work too hard.

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Morning All! Temp 79 and raining off and on this morning.

Becky, we were both having our own brand of sleep problems. I went to bed early, exhausted, then tossed and turned for over an hour before I got up and read. Finally went to sleep but woke up at 4-something freezing with no blanket on the bed. Never did get back to sleep so I'm tired and cranky with my six hours also.

Eric, I think it's great you and your Jennifer share so many good times. And you certainly are kicking b#tt with your advocacy work. Wish you were in the States. And Costco, didn't know they were in Scotland. Have you ever seen the TV thing they did on the owner. Seems he's an exceptional employer with whole family working in his stores.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, seems the not sleeping thing is catching here. Was up off and on all night. Just don't get these spasms. They come and go for no apparent reason. Had such a wonderful, pain free day yesterday, and then last night was wracked with pain in the ribs, back, calves and feet. Just seems so unfair. Tomorrow I go to University of Michigan for further evaluation, but I'm feeling pretty bleak that they will find anything. It's been over 3 years that I've battled this, and quite frankly, if the battle were over tomorrow, I'd be fine with it.

Okay how's that for a crappy attitude? I'm just exhausted, and I savor the pain free days, but it seems they are getting farther and fewer between. I try to not complain, but after a night of hell, I can't help it.


Judy in MI

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Hi JudyMI,

Sorry you are feeling a bit down this morning,I cannot think of anything more wearing than living with constant pain and discomfort,you really are going through the mill.I hope the University of Michigan can nail your problem to the mast with an effective diagnosis and treatment plan.Try to keep your chin up,and think this is only temporary.Wish I could help you more.

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It was 58 degrees this morning as I rode to work. Forecast high is 83.

As always, I slept like a rock last night, only waking up once, at 2:00 am, with Pixie licking me on the nose, her way of saying she wants to go out. As soon as my head hit the pillow afterward, I was out again.

Ann, I do truly enjoy my time on the water. There's nothing else quite like fishing.

Katie, yes, besides posting about the walk in my local rbent forum like I do every year, I also added a link to the walk in my signature on a fishing forum and other cycling forums. I don't know if it will bring any donations, but figured it was worth a try. In the 50+ cycling forum, my adventure was followed by other posters. I even started a thread in the 50+ forum about riding while getting chemo.

Have a great day, all!

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Bud, I think the advocacy work you are doing is truly wonderful. Wish my situation would level out so I could start doing something for the cause myself. Maybe then I could sleep like you do lol.

Re-entry has been as bad as the trip was good. Too depressing to even go into. How could so many things pile up on two people in such a short time. I'm in my recliner now and am DONE for today.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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