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Morning All! Been up since 6 but got caught up responding to an usual number of "View new posts." Had my massage late yesterday afternoon. Came home to a greasy mess in the sink and after I tackled it, I didn't want to do anything but veg in front of the TV.

Am having regrets I cancelled that CT appmt. Now we'll go into the next week and it will extend my time away from home again and get me closer and closer to XMas. There is just no easy way to do cancer.

I won't be back on anytime soon today. Stan and I have appointments at the dermatologist and then the grocery story. I hope I get a rest in between but I plan on picking up Loreen and going to group tonight.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 64 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 84. There's a chance of storms, but it's starting to look like they're going to miss us.

Lily, I noticed that Texas has outrageous prices for non-resident fishing licenses, too. I'm not sure why states do that.

Enjoy group tonight, KW Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Judy I hope that you have a great day today. Please get some rest too. I know how tiring and stressful shopping can be.

I took the time this morning to read a few of the newer posts. I'm afraid that I am very far behind but so much of my time is taken up each week with activities around here and the things I can't seem to stop volunteering for :oops: I keep saying no more but, oh well I guess that is just the way I am, always got to be busy!

Eric I was looking at your pictures for the first time. I think some were different than I expected. Being of Scottish decent it was interesting to see them. I didn't expect a big city and I know that is silly. I guess I tend to think of Scotland as all castles and water just like I think of Ireland as all farms and meadows. Silly I know but that is how I have always thought of them. Nice to see the real Scotland in your pictures.

I am hoping that Becky has some pictures when she comes back. I am so happy for her. She brings so much to this board and has been a good online "friend" for quite a while now.

Well with less than 2 weeks before I leave I have been trying to wind everything down. Today I meet one of my neighbors from French Gulch where I used to live for lunch then this afternoon I will start some of the preping for tomorrows Mexican dinner. I hope everyone has a great day.

Thank you all for your prayers for my friends. I know how much they need them at this time.

Oh I almost forgot to say Bud those are neat pictures of you on your bike and at the hall getting ready. First time I have really seen a picture of you without your helmet hiding your face. Louisiana raised theirs several years ago in response to Mississippi raising theirs. I know it is almost impossible for me to pay that even for a one day trip so not sure if I will get to go. You would think that they would want to make it a little easier at least for seniors but it just doesn't work that way.

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Good morning everyone. Hope the weather is as beautiful where you are as it is here in central Florida.

Judy, make sure and fit in some rest time. I know there's always a lot to do but remember that it will get done. If you don't feel up to the grocery shopping today, there's always something to to tide you over until tomorrow. Isn't that just what peanut butter is for?

Eric...I love the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. It's like a mini vacation for me....just getting away, if only in my mind.

Bud, you need to find out about those fishing license prices. You're always great at researching and finding answers!

Lil...I know how you look forward to your trip at this time of year. It's great to be able to spend so much time with your family. I know this is a hard time for you and I think being around your family helps to keep your mind focused on happy thoughts.

Nothing exciting happening here today. The best thing I can say about today is that it's not Monday...LOL. Work is going to be a bit crazier that usual for me but I have a nice weekend planned so that helps! We have a District Auxiliary training meeting in Deerfield Beach on Saturday. There are 6 of us gals that are really good friends. We will be driving down on Friday and spending two nights there. I am so looking forward to that!!!

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Good Afternoon Everybody,

Beautiful sunny day,if somewhat cooler,nice walking weather.Left work today at lunchtime to keep my six monthly appointment with my onc Dr McLaren at 1.30pm.We just sat and chatted about my general health then about my advocancy work,I think she is very pleased with the effort I have put in and wished me well in my attempts for better funding and encouraging people to give up smoking.She said after two years in remission,I was doing well and in the nicest possible way,she said there was no need for further appointments with her.I have to maintain my appointments with my respitory Dr McAlpine in the meantime,since they removed the golfball sized polyp from my bowel I have to have regular colonoscopies,one which is due next month-once they get their hooks into you they dont easily let you go.

Hi Lilyjohn,I have enjoyed reading your posts since I got here,well knock me over fancy you having Scottish ancestry,it really is great fun trying to trace back your origins,I have got back to about 1850s,I would like to delve into this more when I retire.Yes Scotland does have an industrial history mainly in the central belt,I think I remember reading somewhere that nearly 90% of the worlds shipping was built on the Clyde,and my home district in Glasgow (Springburn) was the worlds biggest manufacturer of steam trains,up intil the fifties Glasgow was the second biggest city in the Uk with a population of over 1 million,think its about 600,000 now.Outside the central belt I think the whole of Scotland is one huge area of outstanding natural beauty,it is my intention to spend umteen years sending in pics of demonstrating my boast,why I havent even started on the highlands yet,or the borders areas of Dunfries,where a much more genteel natural beauty is found.

Friday night is Hikers and Bikers presentation night,I am so looking forward to the fun,everybody will be there.I have transferred all my pics onto a disc for projection in the hall for everyone to see,I will also be taking my camera to photograph the revelry and the presentation of the cheques,wonder how much was raised? the bus that raised the most, holds the title for one year as "Best Bus",think it entitles you to graze your cattle on the village green,or am I confusing this award with Freeman of the City?

Dinner Gongs just gone,(Sally Roar)must dash now,enjoy the rest of the day everyone.

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Eric I have traced my ancestry back to the early years on my mother's mother's side. Most of them date back to the Mayflower and other early ships to the New Country. My grandfather's side I have only traced back a few generations. His family name and of coarse my mom's was McDonald. I keep digging and hope someday to get further. My grandfather was John William David McDonald ad his dad was Francis McDonald and his was George and before him Tillman and that is where everything comes to a dead end. I hope one day that someone will see my research and have more to add. All of it really interests me sense I am such a History Buff.

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Bud those are neat pictures of you on your bike and at the hall getting ready.

Obviously I missed a link Someone share, please.

So good to see the chatter on the Air today. FYI, I went to the skin doctor with Stan, out to lunch on a courtesty card to a new Yacht Club, beautiful view there. No shopping. The man decided to bring me home. He's napping then going back to town to shop by himself. Don't give him too many pats on the back. He HATES taking me to the grocery store. I whine to much about "do we have to walk up and down every aisle?" I see no reason to go down an aisle if we're not looking for something there. lol

Resting now. Will do a little work in the computer then off to group and dinner. Don't really enjoy group all that much, just going to dinner afterwards.

Judy in KW

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Hi Ann,

Just finished dinner,Sally has just settled down to watch Emmerdale Farm (its worse than suffering from toothache),so I have just quietly crept upstairs,better be quick its only on for half an hour.I get great fun out of photography,and if other people can get some enjoyment out of my efforts,its just great,thank you.

Hi Lilyjohn,wow,imagine you can trace your ancestors back to the Mayflower,that is just amazing,maybe you are related to Flora McDonald who helped Bonnie Prince Charlie to escape the English and get to France,after his rout at Culloden in 1745.I wish you every success in researching your grandfathers line,if you can find the time .Mind and let me know if you do, of course.

Hi Judy, I do enjoy a wee wander through the big stores like Costco,mind you my attitude is slightly different from yours,I usually have no idea what I am looking for at the outset,its only by walking up and down every aisle and then tripping over something,then I know what I want.Seems I missed a post of yours about a February Cruise,its sounds great,never been on one,there are so many interesting places in your area for cruising I am sure you will have a great time,I seriously hope that sea-sickness dosnt become an issue that would spoil your fun.I remember my buddy Bill taking a Mediterranean cruise recently and his daughter being bothered with sea-sickness which was cured by an injection from the ships doctor.February,what a great time to go,I will be shivering in mid-winter here,green with envy.

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