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Saturdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning All,

Up early this morning,just after 7.00am,big weekend ahead,looking out my window,sun just rising,believe it or not,blue skies entirely,hooray,great photo snapping weather,hooray again.

Got my overnight case to pack,iron a shirt of two,just leaving Sally sleeping,dont need the passport LOL,lets see ,camera,sox,knickers,waterproofs,walking shoes oh god maybe I should wake Sally up I am sure to forget something important.

Guy Fawlks bonfire night last night,I gave it a miss completely,we usually go to the town council organised one as a family event,but nothing arranged this year.Actually it is a nasty thing to commemorate, the hanging and quartering of a guy whose only crime was trying to blow up the houses of parliament,(would get a medal from the public if he tried it today)seems it was because King James was in attendance that day,if it was only the MPs he intended to blow up it would have been OK?

Bud,you lucky person you,imagine getting on a radio interview next week on KLUV,I will try and fiddle with the knobs on my radio to see if I can pick it up.Best of luck and enjoy yourself,get the message out there,OK you cheerleaders out there "We want Bud" We want Bud"any other cheer ideas welcome.

Ann,really sad ending to your story,about the gunman,if only there had been some intervention by someone earlier on,this mans death may have been avoided,it really is tragic,my deepest sympathy is extended to his family.

Hi Libby,Good news there is a turn for the better in the weather and my transformation signs seem to have disappeared ,thank goodness, Quack,oh pardon me,love to hear more about Quack,your countryside cottage Quack retreat,we have many people in Scotland who have similar priviledges in owning Quack what we call a But and Ben.Have a lovely Quack weekend.

Must go and get showered and dressed now for the Graduation,the minister emailed directions to hotel Urr,gosh what a strange name,in Dumfries,oh I hate trying to drive and read directions wish I had a Satnav,for your relief,I cannot post again until Sunday night,so have a brilliant weekend everyone.Byeee.

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Morning All! Sorry, I missed yesterday's Air altogether. As I said, I've been having trouble getting to sleep and got up late again. The man wanted to go to town so it was up and about. I had to redo a quote first I had done the day before because there was an expensive item he forgot to include. The day flew by.

Ann, funny we didn't hear about the gunman. Not that I paid much attention to the news yesterday. Don't you just hate it when people predict things. They are usually always bad. I did a study in college that indicated the number of times a subject in a room correctly identified an object someone in an adjoining room was handling was correlated to number of correct hits when the object was emotionally charges vs neutral. Wasn't the intended finding but very interesting.

Libby have a relaxing weekend at your cabin. Eric glad you managed to work it out so you can do both weekend events. Bud, good for you. Hope my newspaper thing works out. Hasn't been set up yet. Judy in MI, glad to hear you are going to. Muriel sorry your absence has been due to technical difficulties instead of because you were busy having fun.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon, everyone!

It was 35 degrees when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 67. I took off from home first thing and rode 68 miles. Then, after I got home, I gave the yard its last mowing of the year. Then, I got tackle and boat stuff ready for tomorrow. I must be feeling better if I had that much energy....LOL.

Libby, pedaling a bicycle will do a pretty good job of keeping you warm on a cool day, and you don't need to wear nearly as much as if you were just standing around. Enjoy your weekend at the cottage. Judy, I hope you're getting lined out on your sleeping now.

Have a great weekend, all!

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Yeah Bud, sounds like you're back lol. Your high today was about our low. Hope it's not 35 degrees when you head out fishing tomorrow!

Never been a racing fan, maybe because my Dad liked the ponies too much. But Stan and I have been watching the Breeders Cup off and on all day. Got hooked with the drama surrounding Zenyatta. We saw a newsfilm about her earlier in the week. She's huge for a mare, has won every race she's entered and if she wins today, she'll have a record for her 3rd BC before she retires after this race. Very exciting!

Judy in KW

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This is three out of four posts I've had to redo--two of them here. OMG

Stephanie, I think that's fabulous you got that pic and posted it for Eric. Don't think he will be by until tomorrow. He's on that weekend with the Rev and all the ladies. I'll mention it on the Air tomorrow to be sure he doesn't miss it.

Almost lost it again so will save what I was going to say for tomorrow lol.

Goodnight All. Mike, I'm turning off the light now.

Judy in KW

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Never thought I would see the day when You turn on a horse race and watch a fight break out between 2 jockeys!! Always thought that was a hockey joke!! LOL!!!!


I am literally dying laughing at this one!!!!!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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