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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Stan said it was warming up already early last evening. But I woke up to a chilly 68 degrees. It's only supposed to go up to 74. I'm meeting a friend in her art studio and then off to a coffee shop later today. Something like that usually picks me up.

Not been too great. Started dry heaving after my pill night before last. Thought it was because I stayed up late and ate a snack. Fasted for 4 hrs last night and went fairly promtly to sleep. Was woken around midnight with dry heaves. I take a Zofran with it which is probably why I don't vomit. Fortunately, after several trips back and forth to the BR, I did fall easily back to sleep.

Guess this stuff is building up in my system now. Think it will be two weeks Wednesday since I started. Still not much to look at rash but today I have to decide it I want to visit my friend "draped" in my ridiculous-looking UV outfit. It's one thing to go out with Stan looking silly but with Sally lol?

Got to get some work done now. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning friends.

KW Judy, so very sorry you haven't been feeling well. Just keep focusing on the good things that the meds are doing and know that you and that pill are kicking butt!!! It sounds like you have a lovely day planned with your friend. I'm envious, as my day consists of being back in the old grind at work. I'm sending good vibes your way today! The wind is blowing in the right direction to get them there fast!!!

I had a nice, cool, relaxing weekend. There was nothing I "had" to do so the lack of pressure made life really nice. On Saturday, I shopped for Ella's birthday gifts. She's totally into Fancy Nancy and she loves books, so that's what she's getting from Nana. There were about 7 of the Fancy Nancy books that she doesn't already have, so shopping was easy. I still have to pick up a toy for Jude, so that my little guy doesn't feel left out while his big sister is opening her gifts.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I was home by myself most of the day, so I cranked up the music and got some chores completed. My fridge is all cleaned and my pantry is completely organized. Between those two tasks, I did some laundry and made a huge pot of nice, spicy chili. The weather here was definitely a chili sort of day.

I can't believe it's Monday already....where do the weekends go? I'm already hating this time change. My body and I always fight when there is a time change. I guess I'm a creature of habit. IT will be really hard this afternoon, when my body is telling me it's time to go home but the clock is telling me I have another hour to go!

Hope everyone's Monday isn't manic.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 50 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 75.

I brought home a mess of crappie yesterday, and daughter Marie and granddaughter Chloe came over and joined us for a fish dinner.

Judy, sorry you're still having tough side effects from the Tarceva. I hope it's better soon. So what kind of music is Ann listening to when she cranks it up?

Eric, I had to laugh when I read your post about having been diagnosed with lung cancer and doing what you please now. I'm guilty of that attitude sometimes, too. It's like: I've had a doctor tell me I have lung cancer. What worse can happen to me? We better watch that attitude before we get into trouble, though.......LOL.

Have a great day, all!

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Hi Judy,

I just pushed the submit button,probably at exactly the same second as Bud, and my message just vanished?I am in class just now just waiting for them to appear.My lesson is in the smarttboard so I am just dropping by.Sorry to read about your upset tummy.I wont be at work tomorrow,colonoscopy time,I hate the medicine I have to swallow to-night,dont evenn think I am allowed a wee whyte and mackays afterwards to kill the taste.

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Hey folks. Well I guess I will be doing the balance of my outside chores in the snow. We had maybe 2 inches last night. Would be nice to have a mild day to get rid of it again for a week or so.

Judy sorry to hear you're still have problems. I think the dry heaves has to be one of the worse things to have.

Ann there is nothing better than to be alone in the house and cranking up the tunes. Reminds me of Tom Cruise in risky business. LOL

Bud you are still having good fishing days. We are in between here with the lakes just caught over with ice not not safe to go ice fishing.

Skipping off class are you Eric ? LOL

Have a great day everyone. Take care.

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Evening All,

Weather to-day?really dont know much about it,dark when I set out for work to-day and dark when I returned home,think it was cloudy but dry.

Hi Judy,What fun earlier,sorry about the abrupt stop to my post,I was in class today setting up my smartboard lesson and found time to kill,so I thought I would drop by,to-days air projected onto the smartboard looks so different approx 6ft x 4ft my Judy you sure have grown somewhat LOL.I had just finished my post and clicked submit,next I saw my post and Buds swirling around,Buds survives and mine goes into orbit.Just started the re-write when I had to close down as my students were coming along the corridor,didnt want to hear all the wolf whistles from them at your image Judy.Anyway,the colonoscopy off for to-morrow,Sally phoned me to ask if I had eaten anything at work today? yeah bacon roll and coffee at 10.30am I replied,well seems Sally had read the letter that came with the laxative mixture from the hospital I had to take to-night,and I was not to have any solid food to-day.Sally phoned the hospital and they confirmed I would not to be taken tomorrow.I think it was me being away prevented me from reading this information on Sunday,oh I am so annoyed with myself,for the inconvience I may have caused at the hospital,they might take their revenge on my at the next appointment by reducing the strength of the drug for tranquillising me for the procedure?

Bud,you do have a point about being a bit blaze about things.I have just had a google thingy update to my laptop,I was requested if I wanted it installed,seems one tool its added is a spell check if you hover the mouse over the word,I wasnt sure about the word Blaze spelling think it has a accent between z and e?however the spell check has come up with spanish options, eg fuego (ok fire) also gritar a los cuato vientos?beats me?.Cannot wait to hear how your radio interview goes,best of luck Bud,we are all cheering you on.

Hi Libby,Thanks for the update on your weekend retreat,it does sound a really super place to chill out,what a shame about your fallen trees? sounds like a chainsaw chore for firewood,although ten trees I think would give me a sore back.

I will try and find time to send in some pics of various themes this weekend,I will give them a severe edit so as not to bore you all to death.Goodnight everyone,see you tomorrow, god willing.byeee,

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Evening Bruce,

Aw,really sorry I clicked the submit button too soon,never even gave you a wee acknowledgement,couldnt let that pass,you thinking I was getting a wee bit uppity or something.I did skip out of college under false pretences last Wednesday on my discretionary time,but in a good cause,promoting LC month for Stobhill LC support group and Roy Castle LC Found' Org,today was me working during my tea break getting things organised,for the students arriving.

Anyway,you battening down the hatches for the impending minus 60 degrees type weather?.As a life long urbanite,I understand as much about farming as ancient hebrew,is it possible to share your ideas for the farm with us townies here.For example,I know that Llamas live in Patagonia in Argentina,but can they comfortably live in the Artic Circle?how do you manage to feed them?OK I know you are probably saying oh what a maroon,fancy not knowing that,well my animal experience is limited to owning a pair of budgies,a goldfish(won in a fete,little rascal lived over twenty years)and a cocker spaniel called Sam,bought for my daughter,but adopted me.

Hope your back is fully recovered and are really enjoying your new life style Bruce,look after yourself.

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Hey all, met my friend Sally at her studio in a funky conch house in Old Town. She's amazing and just keeps getting better and braver. We went to a lovely little coffee house that must be fairly new. At least new to me. It even has a little bitty parking area. Sippin' down off Duval has zip parking. It's a bear to get to unless I'm at the Post Office and sneak the couple of blocks down and back without getting nailed for illegal parking. Anyway, it was a perfect day to go out with a girlfriend--no sun at all so I didn't have to wear my silly garb. I had my hat with the brim, neck and chin cover in the car but didn't need it til the drive home.

Haven't talked much about the weight issue on Tarceva. Not an issue, really. I've lost about 5 lbs already. Didn't think I would because I'm not vomiting nor having chronic diarrhea. I think it's because food isn't very appealing. I feel hungry, something looks good, but then I sometimes don't even finish a small portion. The only thing that really appeals is junk food of the sweet variety. I try to be careful with that and conscious of good nutrition. Then I can't eat or drink anything but water after 5:30 or 6 pm so I can take the pill on an empty stomach. I'm allowing extra time to account for a sluggish digestive system. Truth is I don't mind the weight loss at all.

Had a nice day but am really tired. Just not myself the last couple of days. I'm hoping I'm up to going to cancer group tomorrow. Plus, haven't gotten much done AGAIN in the office. Sigh.

Ann, I was thinking of a new cure for my cancer. I need to get an ipod and fill it with rock and roll and soft rock from the late fifties thru the eighties. Don't like that stuff my kids listened to in the 80's but there was still some decent pop around.

Bud, next time I can't sleep, I'm going to imagine I'm in a small boat and count crappies!

Eric, you are too much. Don't think I would have appreciated seeing myself that tall lol. And I can't believe you screwed up for the colonoscopy--Freudian slip maybe?

Libby, I forgot to ask. What caused the trees to be down? Was it a storm or a disease?

And Bruce, you poor baby, two inches of snow? And how long did you live in Yellowknife and how much do they have there lol?

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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You are so right Judy. They have had over a foot of snow in Yellowknife now for about 3 weeks. Hey I only moved 500 miles south but maybe I was dreaming it was alot farther south.

Well Eric I only know a tad more than you do and mostly learning as I go. Remember I did get bucked off a horse. LOL I never had any intention of getting Llama's but here they are. They are a very hardy animal. The previous owner didn't even have a shelter for them to go into during a winter storm. I have 2 shelter's and a barn but so far they still just lay down out in the field with their back to the wind and their legs tucked in under. I understand that there is some demand for their wool but the price has dropped apparently. They are like a camel without humps. LOL Very curious. The adults can look me in the eye at 6'. If you are doing anything they will make frequent stops to inspect what you are doing. They spit at each other but have to be really pushed to spit at human's. They say that young Llama's are considered a delicacy. But I think mine will be just pets.

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