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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! I started on the site ages ago but my daughter called and I've been trying to read between her taking breaths lol. Anyway, I finally just cut loose.

Am feeling pretty decent guys. I went to group and dinner last night. That makes going out twice this week already. I wasn't very naseaus much all day and no more dry heaves. Have been having hacking coughing and lots of phelgm but hey, wasn't supposed to have that soy sauce with my pot stickers last night. I love pot stickers and haven't had them for ages so threw "no food I'm allergic to" out the window the first day I started.

Time is ticking by. Wendy and Dominick will be coming for early Thanksgiving and I'll be heading up the mainland in two weeks. Can hardly believe it. Seems I just got home from traveling all summer. Guess this is my new life as a nomad.

Back to the office for awhile again today. Just keep chipping away at it.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

P.S. Bud, I did it. I used notepad and think I'll continue too. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 56 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 79.

Judy, glad you're feeling better. Yes, it doesn't seem possible that Thanksgiving is so close, but I'm sure looking forward to a four day weekend.

I'm on Facebook, but I only use it to check on friends and family, and skip the other stuff.

Ned, welcome to the mainland. That looks like some great scenery in Tennessee, although I guess you're used to even better scenery.

Eric, if you travel across the USA, you should do it on a bicycle. I'll ride the Texas part of it with you.

If I was alarmed about how much weight my big crappie lost on Sunday, it lost even more weight yesterday. It went from being 1 lb 13 oz in my post to being just 1 lb 3 oz by the time it showed up in Bruce's post. It must have have been an upstream swim, huh? LOL.

Have a great day, all!

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Hey folks

Bit chilly here this morning -16C or 3F degree's. No ice fog which is good because I have to move some bales of hay and drive on the road. Not a very busy roadway with less than 10 vehicles per day. But I started moving them yesterday but stopped because I thought it was too dangerous with limited visibility. I guess winter has arrived !

So glad to hear that you had a good evening Judy. You are a real party girl out ! and a rebel to with having those pot sticker's. LOL I'm not familiar with those or maybe we call them something else.

LOL Bud sorry about your crappie getting smaller. Maybe we can blame it on the conversion factor. LOL

Take care everyone.

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Good morning, friends.

KW Judy....glad to hear you had a nice evening. So sorry you have to cross pot stickers off your food list for a brief time. I love them but always seem to miss ordering them when I'm out. Glad you'll be seeing that handsome grandson of yours soon. What a great kid he is! So glad I have him as a FB friend.

Bud, sorry to her your crappie is wasting away. Sounds like a classic fish tale to me...lol

Two more workdays until Friday. Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow. Many people are off for Veterans Day and I'm going to have to miss carrying our huge flag in the parade. But, on the upside, things will be very slow tomorrow and maybe I can get some work caught up.

On a sad note, my DIL miscarried yesterday. Hard news to cope with but I do believe that God knows best in a lot of situations. It's going to be very hard for Ella and Jude to understand this. Please say prayers for my grandbabies.


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Evening All,

Weather to-day,dry and cold,but no frost on my car this morning.

Nothing much to report since yesterday,another routine day at work.TV still in the blink,a new Andre Rieu DVD arrived today "A midsummers night dream-Maastricht 4",put it in my Home movie machine and it started play,hooray,lasted about ten minutes and the machine stopped again?retried, the TV screen just says "No Disc".Oh dearrie me,never mind the repairman arrives to-morrow,hope he will look at my home movie machine,he is really only here for the TV?.

Judy good to see you gadding about town again,and feeling better to boot,cannot imagine what pot stickers are? Like the idea of Buds to use Notepad to write a post then move it into here,just one problem,I dont have a clue what to do,another lesson for me from Chris methinks.Thanksgiving,this is a tradition from the Pilgrim Fathers arriving in America?,I read a book on this last year,they just couldnt leave the UK openly,so they had to furtively sneak off to Holland and then onto America,this book was very detailed and told us about every individual on board the Mayflower and how the settlement struggled to survive,enlisting the aid of native Americans,what a cracking read it was.We have St Andrews day on the 30th we share this Patron Saint with Russia would you believe,we usually get on TV, some Scottish music and the poetry of that well known Scottish Poet Rabbi Burns (joke) My love has a red red nose and others like it,actually his poetry is really good,although even I require transation of the old Scottish language,he actually wrote perfect English,but just chose to write in old Scots.

Bud,cycle across America?what a great but totally insane idea,but let me just consider it for a moment,plus side,its a fit and healthy thing to do,out in the open air,could go at my own pace,stop wherever I want,bound to meet a lot of the natives,could meet up with Bud in Texas,and share his company part of the way,yes this does have its attractions.Down side,my summer ave temps here 70s,America 100 plus?,ideally would like to do New York to Los Angeles,stopping off to meet Bud,distance more than 100 miles? (joke)current fitness distance on a cycle,say approx 1 mile and 25 yards,ability to cope with gradients of not more than 1 foot in a mile,just about,so you see Bud,unless you can send me a miracle fitness plan to prepare me for your idea,I dont think its a flier.Anyway,just for fun,how long would it take me,going at a leisurely pace,to cross America,I can only stay six weeks?

Hi Bruce minus 18C already?blooming heck, thats cold,think I would really enjoy farming in summer with you,but tryin that in those conditions,youre a better man than me Gunga Din,have fun Bruce.Take care moving hay about, remember your back.

Good night everyone,enjoy the rest of your day.

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