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Monday's Air


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Morning All! A chilly 70 degrees this morning but bright and snny as usual. Stan and Andy (his fishing partner had surgery on his arm) caught about 100 lbs of yellowtail yesterday. Stan had a good time as they were pretty good in size. He's aching this morning though. Bruce, we just may do that but not in winter lol!

Bud I saw your video at the walk. Great job and you are looking very fit. Hope it wasn't too cold on the lake yesterday.

Eric, you really had me going with that Sunday Air on Saturday for awhile lol. Geez, haven't we all done that sometime. Can wait to see this next picture in all your Scottish glory, hairy legs and all!

Libby, Eric missed you altogeter on his Sat/Sun Air. Hope you stayed snug as a bug out of the rain and enjoyed an indoor day of rest. That's something I always remember from childhood: Sunday is a day of rest.

Well, it's not Sunday now, it's Monday and I need to get going. Tend the farm and then to work lol. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 40 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 65.

Frost on the truck's windshield was a pretty good hint that it was going to be a cool morning at the lake yesterday. The fish didn't bite very well until later in the day, too. So I guess I should have just showed up at the lake at the crack of noon.

Judy, it sounds like Stan had a great day fishing. I do believe the little crappie I was catching are a little easier on an old body though.....LOL.

Eric, I hope your trip across the USA works out for you. It would be great to have a visit with you. Bruce and Libby, stay warm!

Have a great day, all!

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Well the unusually mild weather is about to end here. Getting down to -16(3F) here by Wednesday.

Well it is great to hear that the fishing was good on the weekend. Stan certainly did have a great day Judy. 100lbs of fish would keep you pretty busy. But then as we saw with Bud's fish, that was 88.2lbs after conversion. LOL Oh and I'm sure Stan would enjoy ice fishing. LOL Hey visiting in winter would mean that you would get a new wardrobe.

Bud I always go fishing early in the morning when it seem's like the fish are more active. But sound's like you lost a half day there. Oh the joy's of fishing. LOL

Eric I certainly could use the help in shearing those llama's. I'm not looking forward to getting spit on. They haven't done it to me yet but often spit at each other. I think loosing their coat might upset them.

Thanks for the tip of not planting the animals too close together. LOL I'm originally from Newfoundland which is an island off the east coast of Canada. Newfie's are known for fishing and not farming or ranching. So I get alot of teasing about being a Newfie cowboy. LOL So I can use all the tips you can give. LOL

Take care everyone.

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Good Evening All,

Got up today to a more typical Scottish day,brisk sunny blue skies and frost all over my car despite being parked close into my gable wall,however by end of work it was back to driving home in in the dark and the rain.At least I am still enjoying the company of Jennifer,she keeps telling me how mentally tiring teaching is,she is only doing seven sessions a week,in my day it was nine,oh the youth of today have got everything so easy.

Hi Judy,come on,chilly 70 degrees?thats not funny to one who has just been scraping frost off his car and what about poor Bruce,70 degrees, why thats Scottish high summer temperatures if you dont mind.

Hi Bud,you know I would just love to meet up with you,think what Ill do is stick a wee flag in my Times Atlas to where all the buddies live in America,not forgetting Bruce up in Canada and draw a connecting line to each flag and see if Amtrak can deliver me to all points within a 3 to 6 weeks time frame?wonder how much that would cost,think I'd better include winning the National Lottery in my travel plans?and I have also got to try and fit in Ned in Hawaii.

Bud it was great to see and hear you in your video,you sure do have a great Texan accent,music to my ears,I could have listened to you all day,wonder if I can buy one on the internet?well done on the money your group raised.

Hi Bruce,Glad to be of help passing on farming tips,oh I have another-did you here about the farmer(again one not so bright)telling his farmer neighbour about his prize bull passing way and lamenting the fact his cows hadnt been serviced yet,his neighbour replied oh you dont need a bull for that nowadays,the Vet can do it,he can? said the farmer,yeah said his neighbour,its called artificial insemination.So later the Vet arrives at the farm and asks to see his barn,he tells the farmer it will require a good cleaning out since this procedure requires a hygenic environment,I will return in a couple of days.So the farmer gets to work,the vet returns to find the barn just gleaming,with the exception of a large rusty nail sticking out from the barns wall,why asks the vet did you clean out the barn and leave this dirty great nail in the wall? oh thats for you said the farmer,I thought you would need someplace to hang up your trousers. Goodnight everyone.

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Hi Eric,

I'm about 40 minutes outside (NW) of Toronto (Trawna as the locals call it) so try and work that into your schedule. I think your Scottish winter is much like ours so you shouldn't feel too out-of-place. Not as cold as at Bruce's, but possibly more snow so bring your mittens and your toque (warm head covering) and you should be fine!

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