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Miya makes her first appearance

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This is the first and only photo I have of Miya.

When I went to see her at the centre she was scared but she wanted to see me. She ran past, looked at me and then went and hid. She did this a number of times.

She has grown so big and is starting to get her markings.


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Unfortunatly it will be almost impossible to fully adopt her now as the wild life laws actually prohibit the public from keeping wild animals in captivity.

The reason for this is that all wild animals are qute when small and if you are not absolutly dedicated and willing to sacrifice your own freedom then a wild animal can be a burden and become mistreated.

My jackal was a full time job to look after and demanded a lot of attention. My wife and I gave up a lot just so one of us would be there to look after her. With my present job of moving around, maybe even into the northern areas of Africa it will not be possible.

Each time I see Miya my heart breaks because I know I would love to have her.

Just being there to donate towards her keep and visiting will have to be all I can give her at present.

I am so touched that you all are so concerned about her.


Ronnie :D

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be proud of what your are doing now for Her Ron!!! I think it is great that you are donating to help in her care and raising!!! Kinda like having a foster pet! :wink:

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Me too Ronnie! What a caring person you are to do that. Even though she can't come live with you, you are helping her live a very happy jackal's life. That is way cool. And your right, with your current living situation,it would not be fair for her or you.

Thanks for the update!

Judy in MI

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