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Wednesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 71 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 83. This will probably be the last day of shorts and short sleeves as a cold front is supposed to roll in tomorrow morning and drop the temperature to near freezing by tomorrow night. The south wind was already strong as I rode to work, and it's supposed to be blowing even harder this afternoon. With gusts over 30 mph, I may not be too happy with my decision to ride today, when it comes time to ride home.

We're having our Thanksgiving gathering at our house. Our daughters, Rose's sister and her daughter, as well as boyfriends, are coming over. We don't have a formal dining area in our new smaller place like our old house did, so one of our dining tables is long gone. One of our daughters brought over a card table for a second table.

I hope your cow makes it back home today, Bruce, and that things settle down on the farm.

Today is this week's version of Friday for me, so the countdown to my weekend is under 6 1/2 hours now. Have a great day all! And, in case I don't make it in tomorrow morning, have a great Thanksgiving!

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Long range forecast was predicting that the temperature's would warm up today.....wrong. Still a chilly -28C.

Sound's like you will be enjoying your thanksgiving with a family gathering Bud. We celebrate Thanksgiving on October 11 here in Canada. Oh and the Llama delivery, calf pickup, etc. is delayed until Tuesday. I have to go out of town this weekend and didn't want to leave the housesitter with a possible run away cow.

As for the farm, I have to tell you folks this one because I thought it only happened in 3 stooges movies until yesterday. I had to being water out to the hen's. After filling their container I noticed that there was 1 egg that had been laid since I collected them early in the morning. I had my hands full with the water containers so I picked up the egg and put it in my pocket because I was on my way to the house. ( Bet you know where this is going) Instead of going directly to the house, I took the remaining water to the Llama's, checked on the new cow's, spend some time with the horse, etc. Got in the house and reached in my pocket to hang up my truck key's. Pulled out truck key's, broken egg shell, and a handful of egg yoke.

Not sure about this farm life. LOL Take care everyone and have a great Thanksgiving.

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Bud sounds like it is going to get cold there. Right now it is 24 degrees here. Not as cold as Bruce's (thank God). Bruce too funny. You must remember the eggs....LOL Hope you get all those farm animals under control. Sounds like a challenge, although it sounds like a lot of work it does sound like fun...

Going to eat Thanksgiving dinner out this year. I just took my Halloween lights down this morning and it was so cold, my fingers were frozen and they actually ached...That will teach me to take down my Halloween lights a little earlier...LOL. We had unusually warmer weather so I put it off…

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving and let us all be thankful for the Lungevity Organization and the special people here that donate their precious time. Thank You....


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Evening All! Had to pop in and scan the Airs I missed. And I have missed you all. But the biological family is happily taking up my time.

The rash is tolerable guys, really. I can still cover it up with make-up and go out and that's the important thing. Problem is, I'm so tired I can hardly get myself going in the morng. Found out my high blood pressure is suddenly 90-something over 56-60. My PCP discovered it and said the bp medicine is now what is probably making me tired. He cut my bp med in half but still no rise in bp. I'm cutting out a half dose in the evening and seeing what happens. I also need to check the literature and see if Tarceva can do this. After the holiday, I'll call and update him.

Dominick and Wendy and I went to the Mall today. I definitely didn't have the energy for it but didn't want to disappoint them. So when we got there and Wendy proposed a wheelchair, I shocked myself by saying yes. It was odd but the right thing to do. We shopped and had lunch and shopped a little more. Dominick decided to come "home" to the RV with me so this is the first chance I've had to duck in.

Off to Ovieda to have Thanksgiving with my son and family tomorrow. Stan's on his way to his first job in IN and Wendy is working. Dominick and I will make the 3-hr road trip and return on Friday. First time he and I have make a trip just the two of us. I'm excited. He is so much fun.

Forgive me if I don't mention everyone by name, but each and every one of you have an awesome holiday. And I do have to mention Bruce's name. Sweetie the only thing as adorable as a baby chick is a calf. Are they girls or boys? When a cow had a male calf, we girls were not allowed around the barn until the man with the truck picked him up. My uncle couldn't abide a bunch of blubbering little girls. lol

Night all and again, have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi Everyone,

Beautiful day today,frosty but clear sunny blue skies all day and no wind,perfect November weather.

Actually not long up out of bed,its just gone midnight here,managed to develope an irritating cough and a bit of a cold so I took a hot lemsip,then off to bed,fell asleep but woke up an hour ago,tossed and turned, so here I am.

I have been busy online since I got up,emailing some pals,etc you know how it is being a star an all,that was Emma Gunby of Roy Castle from Liverpool on,asking if her film crew are OK for filming in my home in Airdrie on Thursday 2nd of Dec at 17.30pm,I checked my diary,yeah I can just about fit them in,so they are flying up and staying overnight before returning home on Friday.

Left work early today to pick up my kilt ensomble at Slaters,unfortunately I got caught up in a student demonstration about cuts in the education budget,for further and higher education,and I took me about an hour to travel one mile in Glasgow,grrr.Anyway, got to try on all my gear for a fitting,and paraded myself in front of the mirror,aw didnt I look nice?send you the pics taken on Friday night at the Oran Mor.

Went to Caledonian Uni last night to hear a lecture from one of your buddies,Professor of Biochemistry, Michael Behe at Lehigh Uni in Pennsylvania.It was about Darwin or Design,his view is that Darwinism dosnt really work in his field of Biochemistry,based on new discoveries of the complexity of proteins that are like little machines that can move about in fluids using their fragelliums(I think like the rotor blades in a helicoptor)he belives that these have had to have been made by something he calls "Intelligent Design" obviously referring to God,without making any direct use of the word.Did go abit above my head in places but interesting stuff.The packed lecture theatre (600)on a cold November night really surprised me.The audience got to ask questions at the end.An elderly gentleman at the start of the evening,asked me if the seat beside me was vacant,sure I replied,he replied good,I like to sit beside somebody who looks intelligent(how did he know that).He actually was my star of the night,discovered through our conversation that he is a retired Uni Lecturer in the Classics Latin and Greek,He is a MA and a BD,so he also worked for some time as a minister,but since retiring some years ago has become a author on Scottish history,gave me a signed copy of one of his books about the Covenanters in Scotland,same era I am interested in Samuel Pepys and Charles11,so we had a lot in common,we talked quite a while after the lecture and I saw him safely off on his train back home to Lenzie(you dont leave someone elderly themselves to walk the evening streets in a big city would you?,thats my excuse in continuing my oppertunity to talk to him.Bet you will never believe this,and I knew before our meeting that Cliff Richard had an association with the Tron Church in Glasgow,when Robert (Watson) went on to tell me, he was once intil retirement,the minister at the Tron,I asked him about Cliff, and he replied sure, he has had so many meetings with Cliff,and told me a few conversations he had shared with him,what a coincidence eh,anyway we exchanged details,and hopfully we will meet up again.

Gosh its 1.00pm,id better get to bed,think it is Thanksgiving today(Thurs)? can I wish everyone a very happy day,sorry about my meandering post.

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