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Since FRIDAY is my FAVORITE day of the week, I am proud to open the windows for KW Judy so that we can let the AIR flow in!!!

Although I'm happy it's finally Friday, I can't believe that I have another cold. I was sick with some kind of creeping crud for almost a month and here we go for round two!!! I need to find something to boost my immune system as I get older. I used to be the last one to ever get sick but that's a different story now. Between having grandchildren, that always seem to have picked up whatever is making the pre-school rounds and working in an office full of people, I don't seem to have a chance! At least this one just feels like a cold. It's nothing compared to what I had before.

It's a tad bit warmer here this morning, thank goodness. Hopefully we won't need the heat on after last night. The heat is so dry and it really has been doing a number on my throat. I think I need to get a humidifier...something I never thought I would ever in a million years need here in Florida.

Not too much on my agenda for this weekend. I do have to take the Tanner dog to Petsmart and let him pick out a new toy. Funny, he always is more practical about selecting a toy than we are. Last weekend, I saw the cutest snake with a nice sounding squeaker. Although it was a soft toy, it was made by Kong and they are known for their durable line. I asked the cashier about its durability and she said if there was any problem to return it. Well, it only took Tanner about 30 minutes to destroy the squeaker. It came with 5 replacement squeakers but there was no opening to change them out. So...on Monday, hubby took the snake back and exchanged it for a duck. Same results. So, tomorrow we will tale Tanner with us and let him select a toy. He'll probably do the practical thing and select a hard rubber toy that will last him for years, as most of his rubber toys have done.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend and that your temperatures are warmer. But...I know you all have very warm hearts, regardless of the temperatures outside!!!

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Yes to Finally Friday - - I may even sneak out of work a bit early since technically I have to start working Sunday and ll ish by flying to St. Paul for meetings Monday and Tuesday. Really looking forward to going up there, you betcha. I forgot to check the temperature when I left for work this morning - my car was warming of for me and I just jumped in an went - stupid alarm clock - it really does believe me when I set it ahead 45 minutes and reset it.

For some reason I stayed up a little late last night. It's really funny - my daughter lives about 2.5 miles from me in Chesapeake, VA. But with my job I rarely go down there. So her husband and my significant other really know when it is time to get us together - it never fails we both go back and start watching DVDs of the Gilmore Girls - They are us. If you haven't seen the show it is about a single parent and her 16 year old daughter. I'm on the third disc of the 1st season. So I'm thinking next weekend I will have to go down to Chesapeake for a day with my daughter.

I look forward to the posts as the day progresses - I will probably have to chime back in the me 1/2 penny later in the day.

Smile - it's Friday!


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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 37 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 48. The south wind is giving us a slow warmup.

Ann, your dog toy story reminds me of a dog I used to have that was deathly afraid of rubber snake toys. My daughters would chase him with one for fun. This was not a small dog, and to escape them he would run at full speed and jump into my lap, hitting me so hard he would almost tip over me, chair, and all.

Eric, if you're in the US at the end of August, you should stop by Wichita Falls for the Hotter 'N Hell Hundred.

It's a little over six hours until my weekend starts. It's supposed to warm up a little more tomorrow, so if the rain holds off long enough, I may go fishing.

Have a great Friday, all!

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Bud...I had to chime back in and let you know what a chuckle I got out of your dog story. You said your dog was a little dog. Well, Tanner is a large golden retriever (100 pounds) and his reaction would be much the same. He's never quite understood that he's not a lap dog. He just can't seem to wrap his head around the fact that his sister ( a long haired doxie) can sit in mommy's lap and he can't. I can't tell you how many bruises I've had from this sweet gentle giant of ours. But...I wouldn't trade him for a million dollars!!!

Oh....just got a call that one of my co-workers won't be in today. He has the stomach flu!!! Oh well....we share everything at this little office so I guess this cold of mine may be looking pretty good, compared to what may be in store. I've been thinking that areas of my bathroom are a little dull and boring. I think I'll come up with some nice pictures to hang across from the potty...just so I'll have something nice to look at if I find myself there a lot in the days to come...lol!!! I can handle the sitting pretty good...it's the nausea that gets to me. Ugh....feeling poorly already.

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Ok - it is only fair if you talk about your dogs I get to talk about my weird cat. "Kashew" has many toys. He keeps them safe in his food dish. He will bring them too you for you to throw for him and he can also entertain himself by throwing the toy up in the air and catching it. He has favorites that look a little like mice with arms and legs - which he chews off so we have to replace them fairly frequently. He is even willing and able to get into the bag of "new" toys and play with them with the cardboard on the back. He is definitely a lap kitty and when Keith stretches his legs out in the recliner the cat makes sure to stretch out right on top of him - they are a sight.

What would we do without our pets!


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Good Early Evening Everybody,

Hooray its the weekend,time for fun and frolics,weather dry,not as warm as yesterday,but at 9deg C,thats pretty comfortable for me.

Started writing the minutes of meetings when I got into work at 8.15am this morning,by 10am,I had managed to write up five that I had chaired,wait a minute,10am?the EV has yet to appear,most unusual, they get paid quite a bit for their visit so they earn it by starting prompt at nine and stay until 5pm.By 10.30am,I decided to phone his college,only to be given an apology for not being previously informed that Joe had suffered a heart attack over Christmas and has not returned to work.As one of my former students,I started to work out his age?cannot be more than mid-forties,slim built,exercise mad,non-smoker,least likely type for this to happen to,I was just stunned,I asked his colleague to pass on my best wishes,for a speedy and full recovery.Well does bring Carp Diem to mind dosnt it?I am determined to make the most of every day,and enjoy myself.

My colleague was in Florida last year,says I will just love the States,he hired a car to get about,said the roads are much better than here,plenty of space and no potholes,which over the recent years have become a real menace,so many drivers having additional garage bills,for damage to wheels and tyres,the Council are taking longer to repair,probably due to current cuts in public spending.I have never driven on the other side of the road before,but my Buddy said he had no bother adapting,but agreed that Amtrak for getting around has its advantages also,so a bit of thinking to be done on my part.

Ann,I really loved your dog shopping story,its really funny to imagine you taking the dog shopping and letting him select his own toy.Did you hear the one about the guy walking a dog in the park,well he is approached by a man,who says, what a lovely dog,does your dog bite? he enquires,no says the dog walker,so the puts reaches out his hand to pet the dog,who suddenly bites it,ouch says the man,I thought you said your dog dosnt bite?,Its not my dog.

Hi Bud,also loved the dog and snake story,arent kids just awful?,I was just about to write sorry Buddy,but I only get six weeks holiday in the summer,all of July to mid-August,so I would miss HHH,I just forgot I may have been offered the early retirement package and can be in Wichita Falls at the end of August,mind you I will only attempt the short tourist cycle run,it is only a few hundred yards isnt it? Oh I am a linesman for the county and I drive the main roads,now where did I put my guitar?.

Where is everyone?dinners ready got to go,maybe post again later,when everyone checks in,wonder if all the homeworks been completed,it better be or there will be trouble.

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Good day all. Late coming on today because I have had a busy morning. Did a few times up and down the stairs trying to get back into that then while having morning coffee with neighbors I put my laundry to wash. Had to take care of some annual paper work with my landlady then fitness class.

Big disappointment with my car. Battery won't even turn over when jumped or with the machine my neighbor has. It is in really hard to reach place so not sure if they were getting it hooked up properly. It is really dead I really don't think my neighbor ran it while I was gone. Anyway the battery is only a little over a year old so I need to get someone to take it out and bring it back where I bought it so they can test it. I don't want to pay for a new one when that one has over 5 years warrenty left on it.

Eric I ride Amtrack all of the time and I love it. It is the only way to really see all of this great country. I know too that they have special multiple city packages and even better ones for people who are here from another country. Have you checked out their website?

My granddaughter's little dog doesn't know he is a dog. He thinks he is human. When he sees another dog no matter how small it is he runs and hides in terror. He is so smart it is unbelievable. He has a whole collection of toys and he knows them all by name. You tell him to go get one and he will look until he finds the right one. My grandson taught him how to give a high 5 and he does it for a treat, well I decided to get him to shake hands so now he does that too and when you tell him what you want him to do he knows the difference! He has one toy that he has had sense a small puppy and it has a squeaker in it. He loves it. Well he got toys in his Christmas stocking(Oh yes he has the biggest one) and one has a squeaker. He was fine with it until my other grand daughter took her puppy there Christmas day. Well her little dog is about 1/10th his size but he was afraid of her. After that he wouldn't touch the new toy if it squeaked. I think it sounded like the puppy and he wanted no part of that :D

Oh well guess I will fix some lunch and hope my nephew comes to town soon so he can help with my car. I was without it so long I really was looking forward to going places on my own. I hate having to depend on someone else or have them wait while I am shopping. I always feel like I have to hurry.

Take care and everyone have a great weekend.

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Oh phoey - is that a word? I did a post that included many of you, and hit control A and control C, and posted it, and assumed it was there, and it was not! And now several hours later I discover it's not here. Well, not going to repeat all of that.

Just came in to see what's up again, and say HI!

MI Judy

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