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Prayers needed


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Please say a prayer for my sister in law Sherrell. As those of you on Facebook have seen she is in the hospital. She had several problems not the least of them being oxygen saturation at 71. A couple of days ago they drained 4+liters of fluids from her body. The pressure in her lungs has been reading very high as well.

I just found out that the fluid contained high tumor markers for Ovarian cancer. I can't help but wonder if she could have Ovarian cancer when her ovaries were removed years ago. Does any one know the answer to that question?

Anyway they have moved her here to Redding where she will undergo more tests. I am thinking that one my be a Pet Scan sense non of the other scans showed a tumor. They did say that if it is cancer it is end stage and even knowing as much as I have learned about cancer and statisics it still scares me.

Please say an extra prayer for her and all of us who love her. I lost my brother in 1974 and they married very young. She is not just my sister in law. She is my sister. I just hate to think that I may lose another loved one to cancer. When is enough enough?

I won't mention this on facebook because her sister lives in Tennessee and will not been told until more information is available.

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