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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Lovely morning here,its 9.30am,weather still mild 5 deg C.Going to ABC shortly missed it last week waiting on the delivery of the new washing machine,got a problem with it, in the spin cycle its vibrating quite noisily,think it needs its feet pads? adjusted to the floor,going to call the shop to-morrow for advice.Sorry Judy the mysteries of the washing of clothes are alien to me,its too complicated,lights and darks,linen,cotton and wool,not forgetting all the knobs on the machine,and this one in particular has twice as many,Sally seems to have mastered it anyway.

Sorry I havent been around recently,Thursday night I was so tired,my neighbour and fellow Senior Lecturer, Bill,put his car if for a service and MOT (do you have MOTs in America?)anyway,he asked if I could pick him up for work Friday morning,well we are completely different with regard to getting to work times,I like to get in early and miss the heavy road traffic,and relax with a bite to eat with a coffee,Bill runs in at nine,panic,panic, where did I put my notes etc then rushes to take his class,you would think he would learn,but no.Anyway you should have seen his face when I said sure Bill I will pick you up at seven am "What 7am are you serious?,I havent been up at 7am for years" Bill,I have to pick up Jennifer en route.Well Thursday night I was so tired,I was in bed sleeping by 10pm,next I hear is my phone ringing,its Bill wondering where I am,its 7.15am,he thought I had forgot to pick him up,he had been phoning my mobile,which is also my alarm clock,I had accidentally left in my car,so for the first time in years,I was late in getting into work,Bill wont ever let me forget it,I once forgot to pick him up years ago,and still keeps me reminded of it,despite loads of other successful picks ups,reminds of of that rather crude joke of the farmer,trying to explain himself,I have been with women all my life,but for one lousey sheep.

Well Friday night was party night,all the usual suspects,my sisters Irene and Linda,Max was also there,we had some playing with balloons,Claire the Boss (hikers and bikers fame)she thanked me again for photographing the cheque presentation night,must try and post some in here,think you might enjoy seeing them?,the daugher of one of Irenes sister-in-laws asked me if I be her wedding photographer next year-gulp-I said yes,if I am still here,oh drat, me and my big head what have I done,I have never had this responsibility before,maybe have to stay in America now.

I had a nice day yesterday,over at Irenes,Pat her husband has been laid off work again (he is a steeplejack)firm had no more work in its books,he was off on a training day/interview for installing a kind of solar heating panels that get installed on peoples roofs,its priced work you get £75 per house which is miserly,so he has to fight for more,though being on the dole you get £65 a week,shocking isnt it?.Well later in the day I remarked I would like to see Jack Blacks new film Gullivers Travels,Irene got the details then off to the Showcase Cinema,well it was a bit disapointing,Max fidgited in his seat throughout,it was too old for him,and boringly too young for us grown ups,give it a miss,well just being out and about was great fun.

I am sorry,I havent read the past posts completely,will do that when I come home from the ABC,so I hope to come back pm.Got to Dash,neighbour Betty has asked if I can pick her up also.dont have time to preview,apologies for grammer or spelling errors.bye.

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Morning All! Take your pic--53 or 54 degrees by two different measures. Nippy no matter how you measure it. It was funny, Stan who seems to like the cooler weather was whining about the cold while getting ready for his walk. Poor baby. That's why I do my exercise indoors.

Morning Eric. Missed you for a few. What only one party! The social scene must be slowing down after the holiday lol. Same here but wait til next month. I am very excited. I have three different company visiting the area next month, including for those of you who know her--Gail. We met ftf in NJ last Fall and I'm so looking forward to spending time with her again. Then Wendy and Dominick will come down for dinner at John's for an early BD for Stan's big 70. We can't do it on his actual BD because it's the night we leave for Lauderdale and the BIG CRUISE. Oh, I forgot, my BDay is the 2nd of Feb so we have to go out to dinner for that. I also told Stan the night of his real BDay, we can go to one of his favorite pricey restaurants. Haven't been there in years and it's got a new owner so hope he won't be disappointed. What a month! I get excited and exhausted at the thought of it lol.

Stephanie, I hope you have a better day today. You know I can empathize because been there done it. We also all know why we do it. We want to live and treatment seems to be our best option. How many do they plan on giving you or will they scan to decide? Hang in there sweetie.

Have a great day everyone else and I'll be looking in to "see" you all as the day moves on.

Judy in KW

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Morning folks

Well Judy it may be nippy there but it is a heat wave here. We are usually in the -40C this time of the year but this morning it is -6C/22F. Even the windchill is only -14C/7F. It is even forecast to hit 0C this week. Really breaks up the winter because once you get to mid February you really begin looking forward to spring.

Judy is the visitor you mentioned our mutual friend Gail ? Please keep her away from pig pen's. LOL

Now Eric what were you referring to with the farmer and the sheep ? LOL

Take care everyone.

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Good day everyone,

It is 4 degrees right now with a predicted high of 10 degrees. Hip Hip Horray. It is warming up. Not much planned today. On my way to gym, then to pickup daughter, and watch the big Packer game. Can't wait sure do hope they make the superbowl.

Eric thanks for the review on Gullivers Travel movie, I like Jack Black, but won't waste my time going now. Bruce glad weather wise you are getting a break, you take this cold weather back to Canada. lol

Have a great day.


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As we rode in from the country I forgot to look at the temp - but I know I had the seat warmer on and it was pretty cold - I'd guess a tad below freezing. Keith has gone off to the grocery store so I'm just quickly checking in on everyone. I still feel like - well not good - I believe the cold or whatever it is has settled in my chest and coughing is very painful (I have turned into a big baby!) If I don't rest tonight I will call the doctor first thing and then I have to go to work because I promised a client I'd help her since she is 3 weeks behind on submitting her budget....all things being equal I'd rather be in bed.

Keith's ex-mother-in-law will get the results from her biopsy tomorrow - she is 77 and word is that the "tumor" has grown in a year to the size of a dime. This disease is just mean.

I can't think of a thing to say that is funny I feel so ouchy. We watched the Social Network movie last night about the founder of Facebook. Pretty good - amazing computer genius that wrote the code for it. Youngest billionaire. And I don't mind spending a few minutes....hours.....ensuring that he continues to get the advertisers he needs. (Ok - that was funny right.)

I think that it is cold even in the keys - I'm an above 70 girl. I'm glad you are going out for some celebration dinners Judy - Hope that they menu / food is decent. I'm looking forward to having some stew and hot tea in a bit - hopefully that will go down just right. I - know I missed some comment I thought as I read thru the posts today. Hope everyone is feeling better than me and avoids this cold/flu/sinus/yucky that I have.


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Hi All,

Libby, 30 seconds on the clock and our Packers are winning the game. Chicago had so much potential, but the Packers are better! I have always loved that team. We went to a game once in Green Bay, and I've never seen tail gaters like Packer tail gaters. It was so much fun! I loved my cheese head too! LOL.

Ok, we got up early to go to church, and I started the car way ahead of time because you could see the ice crystals in the air. As we pulled out the temperature in my car was -13. Bruce, that is about as cold as we get here. The Big Lake protects us from the temps you get, but then we get the huge snows because of that. Lots of accidents yesterday and highways being closed due to the Lake effect.

After church, we went out for breakfast at our favorite little local restaurant, you know the kind, "where everybody knows your name." The man who died, Bill, was a frequent diner there, so the mood was somber as today was his funeral. So we finished up, and headed out with our friends to say goodbye to our dear friend. Sad.

Annette, so sorry you are still feeling so yucky. Hope tomorrow is a big turn for the better! The facebook comment was funny.

Judy, it sounds like you have some fun stuff ahead of you. You are sounding so chipper these days. It's nice to see that. Have fun, enjoy every minute, you deserve it.

Eric, funny story about picking up your co-worker! How funny. Steeplejack? I didn't know jobs like that still existed. I imagine that they are needed over there where buildings are hundreds of years old! We do have DOT's here. If that stands for Department of Transportation. Not sure they do what they do in your country, but Michigan has MDOT, Michigan Department of Transportation, and they are in charge of repairing our roads (which with our weather is a big job), and engineer new roads, repair bridges, etc.

Ok, think I'm all caught up! Wishing you all a good rest of the evening!

MI Judy

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Judy in MI, I am so happy it is off to the Superbowl for the Packers. Boy I was getting real nervous, Aaron Rodgers had a bad day, but thank god the defense was able to pull it off. They know how to tailgate here and you got to love those cheese heads. lol. I go to one game a year and I am just amazed at the tailgating and bands, etc in the parking lot. It is a lot of fun. Jets just lost so I quess we are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. Good night.


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Yes Libby, just saw the end of the Steelers game. It was so good. What a great match up.

Annette, I woke this morning saying "I'm coming down with something", and ending the day saying "I got something". My head hurts, is stuffed, and have a cough. Very thankful this is the first cold/other that I've had in over a year, but not happy about it. I feel achy and cold too.

Kind of a sore throat too.



MI Judy

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