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Morning All! On countdown to the F word for all our working folk. Hope the weather is moderate for all of you. No heater here this morning. It was 72 when I got up. Wish I could share it with all of you in the cold country.

Lovely BDay yesterday. A little more active than I would like but I did get a couple of hrs to recover before going to the neighbors for dinner. Nice evening. The hostess who is a new casual friend did a BDay card and candles on the cake. It was very sweet--yes the cake too, chocolate-chocolate with home-made whipped cream. Stan took me down to Duval St and I got my big hat that rolls into a little cone to put in your suitcase. The storekeep took my picture and when it shows up on his website I'll try to post it.

Stan's fishing and I'm finishing the BR closet project. Remember when a project like that would be finished in a day not matter how late into the evening it went. Now I spread it over days. Had to switch to the office yesterday before we went out. Today it will be finished!

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning Judy and everyone else out there. I too hope you have survived the deep freeze. It is cold here this morning at 39 degrees but is supposed to warm up to 60s today and in the 70s this weekend. Weather is crazy everywhere. I hope we still have more winter or it will be bad this summer with so little rain.

Today is pay day so the usual shopping will start early then later it is time for Bible study to start again. It has been a while because the lady who leads it has been sick sense I got home.

Judy I am so sorry I missed your birthday. It sounds like it was a happy one and that is what counts. Anyway I want to wish you many many more.

Eric I am in the process of writing about my latest train trip. Maybe after it is done I can send you a copy and you will learn a little about the sights along one of the routes. I make that trip every year and it still holds my interest. This is a big diverse country and each area in it's own way holds a certain beauty. With my love of history and imagination train travel is very exciting and enjoyable.

Well bills to pay and try to do a few exercises before shopping. Have a great day everyone.

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Morning! The weather outside is actually very nice for this time of the year. We are supposed to get another snow storm this weekend, but as long as there's no freezing rain it is doable.

Judy KW-it sounds like you had a very nice birthday celebration. What a nice casual friend - sometimes even my close friends aren't that thoughtful?!? Can't wait to see the picture of you in your new hat! Hope Stan has a good fishing trip and you get your project in the BR closet done.

Lily-glad you are home for a little while, and I am sorry that you have some unpleasant things to deal with on the horizon. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Ginny - wow, the fireplace is leaking, buckets placed strategically and your car sliding down the driveway - not a pretty picture. I hope today is a much calmer day for you!

Bud - I laughed out loud about the 5 mph up an icy hill - yes, what are people thinking? Are things calming down there at all?

Judy MI - that automatic generator sounds like a good investment - I may talk to hubby about considering something like that. We watched "Snowmageddon" on the news last night and to see the blizzard with the thunder and lightening was definitely bizzarre. Hope things calmed down there as well.

Bruce - wife wanted advertisement :lol: -too darn funny.

Eric - sorry to hear about Sally and not getting this suspension issue cleared up; that must be so frustrating! The dinner out at the Italian food restaurant (my favorite food-yum) and music session afterwards sounds like great fun. Reading about your former student did actually bring a tear to the eye. It just goes to show how loved and respected you are.

Everyone have a great day!


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Good morning all! The sun is shining ever so brightly on the five feet of snow on my deck! LOL. Last night Randy decided to plow our road rather than wait for our snow plow driver. Our road is a mile long, and is private. i.e. county trucks do not plow it. So we have a friend that comes in and plows it for us. For a cheap price. But with that cheap price comes higher priorities for him.

Be back, someone is at the door.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 15 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 26. There's still plenty of ice around, and all the schools here are closed for a third straight day.

We need to get exercise shirts and biking shorts with the logo on it. Then we need to get a group picture. Only from the neck up though because if we are not really doing the excercises we do not need full body pictures.

LOL, Ginny. That is too funny.

Wow, Bruce, I would have never thought it would ever be colder here than there. But yesterday, it was. Bruce, the personals ad I always saw was:

WANTED: Beautiful woman with bass boat. Please send a photo of the boat.

Eric, how long before you know if your early retirement was approved? That's very cool about your former student. It's a good reminder that you've been doing important work.

Stay warm, everyone! Have a great day!

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Ok back! Husband just called, he is in a ditch off the highway. He wanted me to come get him, when I hear the policeman say, "why don't you wait? Your car is drivable, so when they pull it out, you can drive home." He's fine. Just hit black ice and tapped his brakes and off the road he went.

The doorbell was the carpet cleaning guy to give me a price to clean my carpets. Turns out those kitties I was mourning, wrecked my basement carpets, and I need to have them professionally cleaned. Waiting for the home owners insurance guy to call to see if it can be covered by insurance.

Bud, tell me you DROVE to work, not rode on the bike. That is freezing! And the ice!

KW Judy, you sound so good! I can just hear the improvement in each post. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

I just called Gilda's Club and said I won't be there tonight. They said that's fine. They closed the club house all day yesterday, and for the day hours today, and have not decided if they will open for tonight. I just want to stay inside and be warm and cuddle with my puppies.

Have a great rest of the day!

MI Judy

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When I came to work 100 hours ago.... it was very nice out - I'm not sure what it is doing as my office is in the back corner - far away from everyone. I used to see people when i had to go outside regularly (almost 2 years ago now - ~sigh~ I used to read a lot more books back then - that has to be the one real downside to quitting not being able to take those "breaks"). I am very behind on the posts today - as for some reason I have been forced to work - at work. What indeed is up with that. I may have to hunt for a new job that doesn't require work if this keeps up.

My mom was a biochemist - before she got retarded (retarded - what Eric wants to become - I might have misspelled that "retired"). Anyway, I think my mom knows everything (as every youngster should - and if you want to call my 23 year old daughter and remind her I'll give you her number). So I called her to ask about my headache / runny nose issue. She thinks that my lovely cold has turned into a sinus infection and I should get myself to a professional - so I made an appointment with the doctor (I prefer the Nurse Practitioner) for tomorrow morning. Antibiotics just the ticket to messing up the plumbing!

We were so lucky not to have gotten that horrible storm. And didn't that groundhog see his shadow....so it won't be long before we all stop wishing we were visiting Judy in KW!

As you can tell - I'm a little off my game today - pretty busy at work and a headache to top it off. But I can't wait til the next person posts - I am hooked on checking up on everyone here. I'm as confused as Judy though Bud - rode implies the bike - drove would make me think the truck. I think you should go home and get the truck - it's much too dangerous out there for the bike.

Judy (MI) I hope that your husband is okay - I can almost feel the vehicle sliding just reading he went in a ditch - so very scary - with the carpets needing attention it's a good thing he didn't hurt himself or the vehicle. Isn't it amazing how "touchy" some of our animals are. I really really really want to get a kitten - but my cat is a bit wild. I can't imagine him playing nice in the litter box. (LOL) We have to keep spare toys on hand cause he has his favorites that he literally destroys - but you know he loves them all cause he keeps them in his food bowl - all of them!

I have wandered on a bit in my thoughts - must be something in my subconscious wanting me to sound like Eric or not go back to work. (Hmm - you pick which one it is.)

Stay safe and warm all,


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Annette, that is hilarious about your cat's toys! My cats didn't have toys because my little Olive can shred a brick, let alone anything less sturdy.

Weird, got a condolence card today from the Humane Society. The boy was the culprit for the "mistakes" and they had to help him to the Rainbow Bridge. Made me sad. But writing a check for $1500.00 to repair the damage makes the tears go away right quick.

100 hours ago? Wow, you are a hard worker! You make me laugh with your posts.

Judy in MI

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Bud, you have to keep riding the bike to work and everywhere else, I really need the exercise. I just booked my trip to England, Scotland and Wales for July.

Eric, I will be in Edinburgh around 7/31. My Scottish friend from Lockerbie is hoping to fly over and meet me there. She takes every excuse to fly home and see here family.

Annette, I have had those days that feel like you have been working 100 hours. Get that sinusy thing taken care of and get better.

Judy KW, what a great birthday. I understand the closet thing taking awhile. I say that I do projects like doing a jigsaw puzzle, one piece at a time. I like that I am at that point in my life where no one gives me orders and time frames.

Judy MI, scary about the car sliding off the road. Glad the police got him back on the road so you didn't have to drive in this junk.

Have we decided on our team's colors?

Stay warm (or cool in KW).

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