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David Fourer


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There is nothing sadder than having just thought of someone, thought you really needed to call, you hadn't responded to his last email and then this:

It is my sad duty to inform you that David Fourer passed away this morning at 10:00 am. In his last few days he had the uninterrupted company of family and friends. The end was mercifully sudden and painless. His family and friends will be receiving visitors at his home 1623 W. Estes Ave. in Chicago today (Sunday) after 6:00 and all day Monday. All are invited. We have tried to make this announcement as inclusive as possible but acknowledge that some who will want to know might have been overlooked. We look to you to share this sad news and invitation with any who knew him.

Please call Penny at (773) 355-1621 if you have any questions.

Yours in sadness,

The friends and family of David Fourer

David was a LCSC member altho he didn't post often. He was David in Chicago in my cell phone. I have beautiful photographs he took when on holiday and emailed me. I got busy. Let time go by. I always thought I'd meet him someday when visiting my niece in Chicago. You'd think as a cancer survivor I would have learned. My heart is heavy.

Judy in KW

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sorry to read this news Judy. Thank you for sharing and caring enough to reach out ! I believe David was also a pioneer in research as he was trying critinozib in a trial or was looking into it at very least. my condolences prayers and thanks for helping in research for those who may benefit !!

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Sad to hear of David's struggle with cancer and passing. He was so strong and vital when I met him in 1988 in Long Beach, California. He lived in a small, sunny apartment in Long Beach, with plants and tools he used doing handyman work. He was a runner and was active in the community.

I had met him on a camp trip in the mountains outside of LA. My other friend said he had someone who needed a ride to the camp from Long Beach, and it was David, this nice person, a memorable guy, shy, smiling, bright and unforgettable really.

My best regards to his friends and family for your loss.

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