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Monday's Air


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Here it is again - that day of the week - I am not in a very good mood right now - I have to leave work (which we all know is bad enough) but I have to go pick up my mom and nephew and go to court for his little escapades. Really scared that they might just decide to put the boy in detention. They thankfully let my mom out of the hospital yesterday - - they think that she may have had a small heart attack last week - but now she is compounding it with panic attacks. (She is the kids guardian - and both he and her are scared.) Don't blame them - half the time I want him to get spanked and the other half of the time I realize he really should be locked up for a bit. Sigh - I wish my sister was alive - his is so darn hard.

Perhaps after this morning I will be in a better mood and jump on and stir up some trouble. (Of course - someone else could always do it and then it would be easier for me to drop in.)

Hope everyone saw Katie's post yesterday - if not - please please go see yesterdays Air - if you want a huge belly laugh enjoy.

Guess I better prepare myself to go - believe it or not the anxiety today is worse that if I was going for the dreaded scan. We are having a gorgeous week this week - absolutely sunny and it was about 47 as I drove to work - love it....spring is in the air. . . . . Sure do hope Bud "rode" to work today - cause we need to work on our figures so we won't still look like we are layering up for winter.

Check in later,


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Good morning Annette and everyone else. Annette I hope your problems with the boy get settled soon. That kind of tension is not good for you or your mom.

I just wanted to stop by and say hello. Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes and words of encouragement. Memorial was good but painful for so many reasons.

It was so hard going back to my birthplace and seeing that it is really not there anymore. I used to get aggravated when people called it the Silicon Valley and tell them it was the Santa Clara Valley. When we got near Friday I told my nephew that I was wrong it is the Silicon Valley. I see no sign remaining of the valley I grew up in and loved so much. I am so thankful that I found this beautiful place where I live now. It has much of what the Santa Clara Valley had except for the weather of coarse.

I want to wish you all a happy Valentines day. I don't celebrate it for reasons that you know and because had Johnny lived it would be our anniversary we were supposed to get married that Valentines day after he died.

Well I need a shower and to let my neighbors know that I am home. Take care and have a great day everyone.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 49 degrees as I rode to work today. Forecast high is 72. It's supposed to be good weather all week.

Rose was diagnosed with the flu on Saturday. She is really sick, and has 10 days of antibiotics to take. Needless to say, our plans for this week have been scaled back, although she is still planning on going to school. Daughter Marie cooked several meals for us and brought them over yesterday. I thought that was sweet of her.

I rode a 100k populaire that the local randonneuring club held yesterday. And I rode to the start of the ride in west Arlington and back home afterward, so I ended up with 107 miles for the day.

Good luck in court, Annette. Maybe this and your mother's health issues will finally make him realize how close to detention he is.

MI Judy, wow, a company closing? That sounds scary. It sounds like y'all are well prepared. I hope your husband finds something he likes.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Have a great day, all!

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Well I was going to give the local weather report.....until I read Annette's post and seen yesterday's air !! That was quite the sight thanks to Ms Texas. LOL Oh and I hope your eyesight has returned Becky. But then again were you not the one who started all this ? And Annette you are pretty good at stirring this pot as well. LOL Both Judy's also chime in with a comment every now and then too. Oh and Eric I hope that YOU don't have anything else to share. It was your tutu after all.

Hope your morning goes better than you anticipated Annette and things get sorted out.

Thinking about you this morning Judy MI and hoping it is just some minor issue.

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Hi Everyone!

First off the doctor's nurse did call again. To tell me the Mammogram was good, nothing suspicious! Yeah!!!!! Like I said, she never calls without leaving a message, so that had me freaked out. I'm never upgrading the software on my phone again! :-)

But, when I got her on the phone, I asked her to let me see the doctor today. This cold/flu nasty thing is having it's way with me. I didn't get a wink of sleep Saturday night, coughing my guts out. Sunday I was exhausted, but could not sleep. Woke up this morning sounding as baritone as James Earl Jones!!!!! Yikes! When I went to answer the phone, the voice that came out of my body was freaky! LOL

I slept in until noon, and now going to get cleaned up and go see him. I'm thinking antibiotics and narcotics will do the trick. The good thing about cough syrup with codeine in it, is you are still sick, but you don't care as much! So Bud, I can relate to poor Rose.

Bud the stud. That's a great nickname for him. Just 100K? LOL

Annette, do let us know how it went with the nephew.

Well, I don't have much to add. Just feeling poorly and going to get some meds to help it get better!

MI Judy

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Afternoon All! It's 12:15 so I almost made morning. I don't know why I didn't make it to the Air yesterday. I was online on FB and here pming with a new member. I was just in a kind of funk or fog--not really depressed, just bored and too tired to do anything. What I should have done was go the the Sunday Air! OMG. Becky sweetie, I would warm that blender up for you for sure. Rock salt in the shotgun. Thank goodness my man can explain those types of things.

But Katie takes the prize for hilarity/insanity yesterday. OMG, men let people take pictures of them looking like that. Poor Bruce and Eric, I'm sure they can't compete with these guys lol.

Bud if Rose has the flu, I wish she would give herself permission to skip school. Sounds like you made up some of those missed miles this month. Good job. The ladies are counting on you. As for me, Stan just put the new parts in my gym. Thank goodness I don't have to do it until tomorrow. Our company is on the way as I write. We're all going to town to play tourist.

Lily, I think all of us experience some of those feeling when we returned to places of ole. Glad the weekend went o.k. though.

Annette, good luck with the kid. I would like to see you be able to take off work early one time just to have fun!

Judy, we're all here waiting to hear what the doctor has to say. Good luck.

Judy in KW

PS Judy, we posted at the same time. Good deal with the message. Hope the doctor makes you feel better soon.

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Good Afternoon All,

Like others here I have developed a heavy cold,holiday Monday too.Dropped Sally off at her work at 11.00am this morning,came home feeling miserable,body aching coughing and spluttering,had a short burst posting in having taken a Lemsip,followed by another an hour later,went back to bed and slept until now,5.30pm,what a waste of a holiday.Will pick up Sally at six.

JudyMI,really sorry to hear about the ansaphone carry on,hope todays news is good and nothing to do with cancer.I dont understand why you say the insurance(medical?) runs out in two months,your system is really beyond belief,what happens after two months?.I hope Randy can find new avenues to explore following winding down of his business,please pass on to him my good wishes.

Annette,well junior wayward,isnt doing much to help the family is he?,I hope he can realise the effect he is having on everyone,and mend his ways.I dont think he would or should receive a custodial sentence,given his age and misdemeaner,probation,public service order may be a better way to proceed,maybe sweeping the streets for a few weeks,will give him some time to reflect?.

Bruce sorry about your Wikileaks,you should have been a bit more discreet about being photographed wearing the damn thing,I was,Tee-Hee.

Love to stay and chat more but Id better go and pick Sally up,she just hates it if I am late,I will try and come back later after dinner.

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LOL - Eric - wikileaks - Bruce - LOL - I am so thankful everytime I read this air it keeps my heart a little lighter. Not that we would ever touch up a photo - but if Bruce would be willing to share his photo maybe we could see exactly what our mascot looked like cause I think both Bruce and Eric would be much much much cuter than those guys Katie put in yesterdays air!

I am back at work from the courthouse. The judge ordered a social history taken before he hands down a sentence - which could be good or bad since my mom and nephew have never heard of a garbage can and I am not gonna go in there and clean for them. So the major offense regarding the Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle is definitely still on the table and we have to go back in April to find get the final charges - BUT the GOOD NEWS here is that they took him away from the court room (my mom was crying cause she didn't understand what was going on and they ran over to explain) - and gave him a urinalysis - and wonder of wonder it came back clean - so that means he is cleaning up that part of his life anyway. So very thankful - cause the judge is known to put them in detention immediately if they come back positive. So that made things much much better. Then we had to go fill out the paperwork because he got 24 hours community service for the possession charge and hopefully the charge will be removed after he does that next week. All in all - it looks like it will be a lesson learned without the "Lock-up" part - and I am so very thankful. When we walked out of the courtroom I hugged him so very much cause I'm glad he is maybe straightening up.

Now I better get busy - I have about 100 hours work to cram into the next 2 1/2 hours.


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Good news Annette! I think him being "clean" and the public service is a fair thing. I hope this helped him see how serious this is.

Back from the doctor. Sinusitis he says. So on Z Pac antibotics and codeine cough syrup. Running a fever too. So I'm glad I went in.

I came back here because I bought a valentines card for my husband, and forgot my old tradition until now. With him so down in the dumps, I found a really sweet card to let him know how much I love him and forgot what I usually do.

Here's the deal. Over the 23 years we've been together, we'd get cards for each other, write sweet nothings in them, and exchange cards. I'd always date mine, and put them where I save my cards. He'd read them, and then toss them in the wastebasket. He liked getting them, but in his mind, the sentiment was nice, and now let's move on!

So 8 years ago, I fished my carefully thought cards out of the trash. I intentionally didn't date the cards. And I "recycled" them every year after that. So for the last 8 years, he's been reading the same card each valentines day!!!!! LOL!!!!

He would toss them, and I'd go behind him, fish them out, save them and "recycle" them again!

But this year, with the news about his company, I was trying to find the "perfect" card, and totally forgot about my recycled cards.

What a hoot.

He'll get the recycled card back next year.


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