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Is it back??? Update 3/16/11


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After several months of healing from a bad bought with pneumonia that marred a routine CT and then a subsequent PET we had yet another CT last week. Most things are unchanged and the pleural effusion has resolved. There is one thing left that is disconcerting.

The report states there is a 6mm nodule on series 5, image 32 in the mid right lung which is too small to characterize. This is the lung that the cancer originated in. We see the onc on Tuesday to discuss what we do next.


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I agree with the others. Sometmes it's hard to not be scared. But a positive attitude goes a long way. I'm in the same place right now. They found "something" but it's too small to diagnose. That is good news meaning that if it is cancer, they caught it early. But they are watching me and I have another scan in April.

praying for the best for you both.

MI Judy

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Thanks everybody.

Here is my little update.

We are going to wait and scan again on 6/10/11. it will be a fused PET/CT where they overlay the images from the new scan on top of the old scans to check for growth etc.

Hurry up and wait. I hate waiting.


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