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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Finally got some down time to post,its 8.40am,ABC shortly then off on another bit of the social whirl,a christening,for three,all boys,Susans two daughters gave birth within a couple of days to each other,Benjamin and Jack also older brother Cailean,who is just over a year older.Following the ceremony a big party for the adults at a rugby club,food and live band,so looking forward to it all.Out bowling Thursday, out at a retirement do on Friday,Rhoda my admin assistant never had a night out when she left,until now,she had a super send off at last,she had a similar relationship with the HOD as I have and specifically insisted he would not be invited.Great Italian restaurant,food,speeches and prezzies,what more could you ask?

Gosh it seems like ages since I have been here,well spring is well and truely arrived,a ridge of high pressure over the UK has remained all week and still here.I was over at Irenes for the day yesterday,Max and I had a great time playing football,then did some shopping finished up at McDonalds,Max just loves his happy meal.I am not so keen on their hamburgers,too gooey,but their strawberry milkshakes are good.

My road tax disc expired last day in Feb,it is illegal to drive about without out one,so went online to renew it,clever system,it knows if you dont have a current insurance or MOT certificate,however at the end of my application,it refused to issue the new disc,it could not find my MOT certificate,no one drives here without one,serious bother with the law,also nullifies your car insurance,well out with the big plastic box where I keep all the legal stuff,no can find the blooming certificate,my work colleague also runs a garage with his brother,fixed me up promptly,disc on its way,relief,seems I didnt get it renewed last year at the annual service?lucky I didnt have an accident or have an motoring encounter with the police.Just thinking,we pay for my size of car 1400cc-£120 per year,which is supposed to go directly on road maintenance,well the number of potholes on our roads today is absolutely disgraceful,seems its cheaper for the council to pay up claims from motorists with damaged springs in their cars than fix the potholes.

Hi Libby good to have you back,its such a relief you are ok,hope hubby manages to keep his job.Things in the UK on employement are pretty difficult too,hope the worst is over and we all can get back to rising living standards and more secure jobs.

I forgot to note your posts of late,sorry,JudyMI I did go into your grillingguys? link its really good,never tried gosh what is it you call it again jumbo or gumbo,you know the one,the fish dish I think its from the French migrants down in New Oleans,got to try it when I arrive.

Annette,sorry about disturbed sleep theres nothing worse feeling really tired and not getting a good sleep,methinks stress with mum and wayward is not helping,have a nice relaxing day.

Ginny I do love golf too,with my retirement coming soon,time to look out the golf bag from the garage,did I tell you about my hole-in-one?

Time to shower and get dressed,maybe get back tonight after the party,have a great Sunday everyone,byee.

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Wow, you are right Randy, Eric is one busy dude. But it is a whole lot better than sitting home being miserable.

Eric, I am getting a lot of grief for not planning to play golf when I am in Scotland. I would love to but neither of my traveling friends play golf and for my first time there I would rather tour your beautiful country. But off to breakfast with two of my golf buddies. One of the women has lc with BAC. She had a very bad year last year, but is doing very well right now. Just got back from a month in FLA and is planning to try golf this spring. Let's hope.

It is relatively warm here for this time of year but it is a miserable rainy day, oh well, give me the warmth.

I hope Judy KW is having good weather and a great time.

Judy MI, I have you in my thoughts often. You have way too much stress in your life right now, wish I got offload some of it for you. Your attitude during this time is quite amazing.

Off to bfast, eggs and homefries with onions, yumyum.

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Good morning all - gonna turn out to be a busier day than I thought. Went out to dinner and shopping last night - came home and took my mom her things - she says look at this - The place on her leg is well shocking - not pretty - ugly. I say you must go to hospital that is infected. Call me when you are dressed - 30 minutes later she still hasn't called but is almost ready. She is most worried about being put in hospital because it will upset the nephew (who I will have to go see this afternoon). Sigh.

I have forgotten what a stress free day is like - totally forgotten.

Eric - party the day away.

Ginny - one of my old bosses and his wife went to Scotland and played several different golf courses - they had their picture taken on an old bridge with the "castle" in the background - they loved it. Now I am so glad they went. He was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years ago - it was not caught early and was extensive small cell. I miss him as a boss he was a great guy. I remember when a computer game came out that let you design golf courses - he had to rush out to do a "field survey" to get his first one the way he wanted it - tried for several months to get it just right to be playing the game at his country club. Funny to remember that.

Anyway - better get showered - my mom as called from the hospital with several requests already - want to visit her this morning, the nephew this afternoon - and her on the way home from him. Sigh - long day.

Makes me ready to go back to work...


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Hi All,

It's getting harder and harder to post in here with the man around all the time. He has to learn that I'm very busy, with very important stuff! I do consider you all important to my life. You've become like such close friends. I hate missing a day here.

Eric, I'm so glad you checked out the Grillinguys! Yes, we did cajun food to honor Fat Tuesday, which I'm sure you know, is theTuesday before Lent starts. And all the food we posted comes from New Orleans for sure.

So yesterday we went looking for everything Irish, considering St Patrick's day is coming up soon. We first drive about 40 miles West to Fenian's Irish Pub. It's in the middle of nowhere, but we found a gem. The Proprietor is Terrence L. Reagan, and his wife Maryanne. Lovely people. We sat and talked to Maryanne for 2 hours. Their pub has many famous Irish singers and musicians come there from all over the world! And it's this tiny little pub. Check it out, it is http://www.feniansirishpub.com

I told her about my Scottish friend, Eric, and how much fun I was having learning his culture, and he learning ours. She said with a smile, "The Scottish are Celtic Irish, who just never learned how to swim." She said to tell you that as she said you'd smile!

Our next stop was Quinn & Tuites in Grand Rapids. It was a much larger pub, but still very Irish. Maryanne at Fenian's told me the things to look for if it is truly an Irish pub, and this place had them. They had a children's band playing with the funny irish drum (can't remember the name of it, but it's very cool), and the recorder horn, and an accordian and fiddle. It was so much fun!

So we got lots of recipes, and a couple of folks from both places are going to be on our radio show next Saturday!

We decided that for our 20th Wedding Anny, which is in 2013, we are going to Ireland. Maryanne does these tours 2 times a year, in which she arranges for a truly brill time overseas. I am checking into it because I think it would be so awesome to get over there, and even more to meet you!

So this post as all about you Eric. Thanks for the kind thoughts Ginny. It's good to see you back here. Annette, taking a deep breath, and a huge sigh for you. Am going to sit and look out my window at the brilliant sunshine, and watch the birds (and smell the proverbial flowers) just for you sweetheart.

Judy in MI

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Hi JudyMI,

5.00am here,I just woke up,going back to bed,thought I would pop in for a moment,couldnt resist it, remember the Corries in you tube? go back and have another look,I am sure there will be some songs there that shows them playing the Burhan?it really does have a great sound to it especially when the Corries used it.

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