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Morning All! If you are in my time zone, you may notice it is only 5 am. Been awake since 3-something. Annette, picture this, true story. I wake around 3 am. I have to pee really badly. I open the door to what I think is the BR and hear voices, then my husband yelling--Judy, where are you going. Yup, on my way into the hall. And the corker, I sleep stark arse necked. Moral of the story, if you sleep naked in a motel room, put on the dead lock to slow you down as you head to the lobby in your sleep.

I've made us tea and Stan's watching TV. I dread how long it will be before my onc appointment. It's a 11:30 so it won't be bad if we don't have to wait for hours. It's been really bad lately but the scan went very smoothly yesterday. No hold up at all. The diner next door opens at 7 am so breakfast and packing the truck will fill some time. Hope to be posting good news later today!

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 52 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 73.

Marie was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon. The diagnosis: alcohol poisoning and alcohol withdrawal. As so often seems to happen, none of us in the family realized how bad her drinking had gotten. We're hoping she'll do AA and take it seriously.

Not much else happening here. Here's hoping for great results from your scan, KW Judy! Have a great day, all!

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It is 10:20 in the morning and I am exhausted already. Yesterday was probably worse than hearing those dreaded words believe it or not. My dreaded words involved a piece of paper that said "his grandmother is not capable of taking care of him." So at this Foster Prevention Meeting with him sitting right next to me I had to say that I would take him - how could I have said anything else. So Plan A is he stays with me 4 days a week - gets into a heavy duty 3 day a week substance abuse program and can stay with grandma the other days. I am going nuts cause I have been done with kids for 5 years - now I am gonna have a 15 (just turned) year old rag-a-muffin. Sigh.

It was chilly (or maybe it's just my bones) this morning. I went and got my CT scan first thing this morning. Dropped off some paperwork for my mom at the Social Services building and now I am sitting at work planning on staring in space for a few hours. Oh wait - how did that slip out - I meant planning to work diligently all day - and accomplish like well lots of important stuff. (Hope no one heard the lightning strike).

Judy - what am I gonna do with you - what if you had let the door close - I had to run down to the lobby one time with a tiny tee shirt on- - unlike you I woke up once with smoke throughout my apartment - and have not been able to give up the tee shirt again. What a picture you paint - thank goodness Stan caught you.

Can't wait to hear some good news later today! Please please please - fingers crossed, many prayers said. Not exactly sitting on pins and needles - that would hurt - but how about the edge of the seat!

Bud - glad Marie is technically alright - and hoping she is ready for getting truly better.

Well I guess I'll get back to goofing off - be checking back in later - hope we all have a bright - and smile filled day.


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Good Evening All,

Good to be with all my friends again in LCSC,hang on, wait 'til I close the door in that manic facebook,great fun though isnt it?

Think the mood tonight for good reasons requires us to be reflective,in how best to support each other.

Bud,After 15 years with Sally in her condition I am very experienced in all alcoholics behaviors,you would think I could offer you some wonderful advice on how to turn things around for Marie.Alas after 15 years of my endevours,the only thing I managed was to manage myself in how to cope with myself,does that sound stupid?.Sally had every means of support at the outset,rehab 8 weeks £8000,total waste of money,loads of friends clamouring to help,but gradually they all quietly disappear,as they realise how inneffective they have been,and really dont want to try any more.I think my greatest asset was the patience I had and this incredibly strong belief that one day Sally would "wake up" and walk away from alcohol for good.Sally could steel herself to stop for a time,I liken it to having a strong elastic band fixed around her waist the other end of the elastic fixed to a big bottle of booze,and as she walked away from the booze the tension in the elastic grew and grew until she was pulled back to it again.

Recently my thoughts are evolving about leaving Sally,my life has taken an unexpected turn,my retirement will give me unlimited time to reflect seriously about which direction my happiness lies.Financially I am comfortable,mortgage forget it,good pension and money in the bank to boot.Sorry Bud slight diversion please forgive,but one that I hope will not be lost on you as you prepare for supporting Marie,I always believed Love conquers all and still do.Sally's experience dosnt have to be Maries,maybe if I had tried different avenues,AA and Al-Anon,Sally couldnt do with these organisations,I went to one myself and the invited guest speaker,went on to describe his "adventures" being a drunk in lots of jocular anedotes,that were entirely inappropriate at that time for me.

Annette,It didnt surprise me to hear,the decision of the panel,think your Mum could do with a break,but not so for you?

Not having the priviledge of knowing wayward properly,I really cannot appreciate how this will impact on you and your family unit.In anticipation of the worst case scenario,remember the harmony of your family unit must come first,so I would recommend a plan B to be thought about now.

Judy I really must finish on a lighter note,naked dash,how I wish I was there with my trusty camera,can you imagine youself being posted in the family album here?LOL.Goodnight everybody,hope we can all wake up with a big smile tomorrow and forget our cares.Byee.

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Ah it's really late here, so I hope no one reads this. For the last week, I've been plagued with horrible stomach troubles. Horrid. Everything from gas, to loosey goosey. I said that because I don't know how to spell the D word.

Anyway, it makes me remember that my Aunt, my Mom's sister, and her troubles. Her first symptom of LC was the tummy trouble, and it was because the cancer moved from the lungs to the liver.

Oh my goodness....how do we live with this stuff?

I don't know what else to say. Just suffering from major tummy troubles. Wishing it would go away.

MI Judy

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