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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Have to make this quick. I've been up for hours and hardly out of my chair. Just woke up feeling funky and am having trouble getting moving. Can't afford to lose a day right now.

Good to see you onboard Eric. Hope the rest of you will come and chime in so we have something to talk about lol.

Judy in KW

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Is it just me or does today feel a lot like yesterday? I'm not a "snooze" button person - nope I will just change the alarm time I don't go for 7 minutes at a time I go for 30 minutes. So of course my mom is calling when I am in the shower reminding me that the nephew has a doctors appointment at 8 a.m. kindly get him over to her - yep

"it's a great day to kick somebody's ...." I have a video link on facebook that might be appropriate today!

For some reason my stomach is really hurting today. I have much work to do at work so it will just have to behave and that's that.

So we need some entertainment around here - Eric cannot be the only one to tell us his long stories. Like just the other day when we were talking about my sister my mom said that when we were kids I could always always always look so innocent and no matter what she would look guilty. (I can't tell you how good that predicament was - many times we were told to sit on the couch until someone admitted that that had done whatever the misdeed was - I remember one involving kittens and a typewriter cover that my little hands just could not get back open!) Of course I was, am and will always be innocent - and she, I know it is hard to believe since she was a year younger than me, she wanted to carry the kittens home from my grandmothers in that carrying case. It was a long time before we got a kitten as I recall.

I'll have to tell you the sugar story sometime - but work is ... well work.

Check back in a while,


I posted at the same time as Judy - I can't delete the post but I moved it here - Judy - can you delete the one I retitled "Delete this post please"......Sorry.

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Good morning Judy and Annette. Sounds like you need to finish your night now Judy. I hate days when I sleep late and just can't seem to get on track. I used to always wake up at 5:30 am like a clock but after not working for nearly 4 years I do sleep in to 7 sometimes and that just throws my whole day off.

Annette I had a brother that always looked guilty. If he gave a bill at the grocery they would hold it up and check to make sure it was real :lol: One night we all went to a dance. There was a bar in a separate part of the building and of coarse you had to be 21 to go in. My youngest brother was married but still a minor and Arthur was several years older. Well when they went to the bar they made Arthur show his ID and Harold put his arm on his shoulders and asked if that "kid" was bothering them. They said no and let them both in without Harold showing his ID.

I went to a meeting last night for Relay For Life. I really enjoyed it. Our team actually had the most members there and we turned in the most money last night.Today I will help enter all of our donations that are not done through the internet into our team page on line. We had noise makers and made the most noise. It surprised even me. Sad to say we only have about 22 teams right now and there should be 44 so will try to get more people interested. We learned that it is a fact that we have the only team in the country so far doing a Rock A Thon. I hope we can get the word out and more people will start teams. I am sure there are many who would like to help but just can't walk.

I was just getting home last night and got a call from my daughter. She wanted to tell me what she had learned about her Uncle George. He had gone to MD Anderson in Houston over the weekend. They had planned to remove his bladder but after running tests they sent him home saying there is no more they can do for him. His cancer has spread to his kidneys, stomach, bones and now his lungs. They give him just weeks at the most months. Just breaks my heart to see them going through this. It is really hard on my old father in law. They are brothers in law and very close. He just buried his sister last week. She was his only remaining sibling and the baby of the family. So I have more reason to hate cancer and work to do all I can to help make a difference. I just wish I were able to do more.

Well I had better run, another busy day. We have fitness class and I want to get that information into the computer and I have other projects that need attention. Tomorrow morning I have a meeting to go to for those of us who help distribute commodities.

I see a few clouds as day breaks. They are not supposed to be there! I just hope our sunshine and 80 degree temperatures are not put on hold again. I am waiting to spend some time this week just sitting outside and soaking up some sunshine. Take care everyone and have a great day.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 52 degrees with a light mist as I rode to work today. Forecast high is 59. There's a steady drizzle now, and they're calling for a higher chance of rain this afternoon.

I rode anyway, though. If I ride to work the next two days, that would give me an accomplishment that I haven't done before on the bike. Can anyone guess what it is?

I really should have gone to group last night, but just as I wheeled my bike into the garage after getting home from work, my cell phone rang, and it was Pat, the local crappie expert on Lake Benbrook, asking if I wanted to join him on the lake.

So I gathered up rods and tackle and headed for Benbrook. His fish weren't hitting nearly as well as they had for him the day before, but I still got a good lesson on Benbrook.

Eric, good to see you back. KW Judy, I hope you're feeling better by now. Annette, I seem to be in slow motion myself, today. I couldn't get my heart rate above 130 on the ride to work. Sunshine and 80 degrees sounds nice, Lillian. It seems to be staying cooler here this week.

Have a great day, all!

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Ok Bud - you are just teasing us trying to make us think hard today - accomplishment after two more days which would make it the last day of the month.

My guess - you rode to work every day this month - ..?? - So we must be feeling pretty in shape about now. That is why you have so much energy after work to go fishing even on a weekday.

I believe I will go home after work today and take a nap for everyone that needs it. See how I too can contribute.


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Darn Annette, you beat me. Of course I wasn't going to be precise with the month thing, just the record for biking to work the greatest number of days in a row. So what is it Bud? Are you going to give it to Annette? Was it a month?

Funny stories--I hate to share funny stories because we have a bit of a twisted sense of humor running through my family. Here goes. I was as Eric would say "a wee teenager" at a pj party. Some boys crashed it and someone came up with an idea that we'll put a pillow in Judy's clothes and pick the tallest guy in the group to take her to the ER at the nearby hospital. I swear, it's true. Not two to falter at a dare, we walked it right up and just inside the door. My "partner" was saying I was having a baby when I bolted and ran with him on my heels. Meantime, kids were squealing and running out from behind bushes. I was worried because I had an Aunt who was a nurse there but you know, we never heard a word about the prank. It really was fun!

O.k., whose next?

Judy in KW

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Hi everyone!

Bud, I'm guessing that you rode to work in XX number of days in freezing cold weather! Don't want to just follow the crowd. LOL.

What a day today. Morning was spent with my girls from my life group. We went to our friends house who is terminally ill. We all sat around and laughed and told stories, and were happy to see her smile, and she seemed to enjoy all the crazy women sitting around her. But it was semi-sweet, because we know she won't be with us for much longer, and it was like we were all saying goodbye. She is the one with Prion's disease, and from what I've read of it, it is always fatal. *sigh*

Then I got to Gilda's Club, and a woman takes me aside to tell me all her troubles, and all I can say is I have zero troubles compared to her. Oh my goodness. Made me very thankful for what I have today.

But good news is two staff members came up complaining of the "cold from hell" that they just couldn't get rid of. When they told me their symptoms, I was so relieved! They are exactly what I have! They've bee dealing with it for months now. So I'm taking my brain off the cancer worry train, and just going to beef up my vitamins, and pray for warm air and sunshine.

Now....funny story......

At group today we were talking about stupid car accidents, and I think mine was the topper. It was Christmas Eve, and I was trying to get all my shopping done in one trip. I was almost done, with just a trip to the toy store to complete my work. As I peeled out of the mall parking lot, I saw a huge line of cars to get to the road.

I decided to bypass all of them and take a short cut through a parking lot to the right. As I'm peeling through the lot, I'm fiddling with stuff in my purse, and totally did not see the light pole with the giant cement base on it, and drove directly into it going about 40 MPH.

Did I mention I was driving my husbands brand new (bought that day) Tahoe truck?

I totalled the truck, broke both axles, and bent the frame. My husband (bless him) only wanted to make sure I was ok. He asked me why I didn't see the light pole. I responded "because it was dark!". He responded "but it's a light pole."


MI Judy

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Dang - and I read that blog the other day - I should have remembered. Maybe I did but I was having a senior moment when I posted the other (wrong) answer. That's it - all this exercise has done me in.

Now you will have to turn around and go the other way around Bud.


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Good Evening All,

End of another lovely sunny spring day,3 days to go and I have a fortnight's holiday from work,do you know with the royal wedding and Good Friday,there are only 8 working days in Scotlands Schools and Colleges in the whole of April?.Bet you would have every work month the same eh?.

What am I going to be doing with all this time coming,well domestic chores figure a bit,got to emulsion all downstairs and up the staircase and landing areas,springtime is DIY time in our house,gardening too,I have about twenty linear metres of raised planters to fill,with what you may ask?,I havent a clue,I went to Dobbies Garden Centre last year to choose some appropriate plants gosh, I aint easy,the moment I found something I liked and you read the label,it grew to Jack in the Beanstalk height,or not suitable in exposed locations,etc,I gave up,the size of this place is just enormous and the staff,helpful? just kids out of high school knew even less than me, with even less interest in helping me to choose,well I will have another go this holiday.

But hey the good news,I will have more time to post wee messages to you all isnt that nice?,who said dont bother?

Bud,Honest, I knew your quiz answer,circumference of the earth,had it written bown for to-nights post then caught notice that Katie beat me to it,drat.

JudyKW thanks for the laugh,pillow up your "Duke".

Annette,Yes I am quite familiar with Murphy's Law,the minute you get into the shower the phone rings downstairs,always turns out to be a "cold seller".Come chime up with the sugar story.

Hi Lily,Re your under age bar story,when I was just married we went into a bar with my buddy and his heavily pregnant wife,waitress took our order and left,couple of minutes later a manageress aproached our table and asked us to leave,why I asked?she replied we were all under age and despite our protests,she insisted we leave, well going towards the exit the waitress passed us carrying our order,you should have seen the look on the managers face,when she glimpsed all the poured drinks,we all left with a smile on our faces.

Judy MI,sorry to hear about your friends illness.Yes I remember your argument with the light pole-funny-really lucky the impact only damaged the vehicle.Randy really took it well didnt he? I would have been throwing myself of the roof "My new car" certainly for a while you would using public transport LOL.Light Pole- that reminds me,

Did I tell you about my neighbour-the policeman,his buddie also a policeman in the witness box being cross examined by a defendants lawer,Lawyer"Are you sure it was my client you seen running out the shop?" "Yes Sir"-"But it was at night,wasnt it too dark to see him clearly" "No Sir there were Street lights on" "I see,now how far away were they?" "Well about from here to the judges bench" "Ah-now how high were the lights above street level-"Well,maybe 15 feet up" "Mmm and how bright was the bulb?" A lot brighter than the questions I am being dreplied the policeman-true story.Good night everybody.bye.

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