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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Got an earlier and better start on the day today in spite of ongoing stomach issues. Add a sour stomach these last few days to the rest of the mess. Can't wait til my two weeks off Tarceva. At least it will answer the question, symptoms or side-effects?

I realized why I sometimes think I came on and did the Air when I really didn't. I check the notices for LCSC in my email and then usually click "view new posts" before I leave the last one. Not too late today anyway cause I'm on break from an early start in the office.

Come on guys, we need to buck up. I think the news about Ned floored us all but we need each other in times like this more than ever.

Will check back on you on my next break.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, friends. I can't believe it's this late and no one has opened the virtual window and lt's the "Air" flow in. So, I'm proud to have the honors of beginning this morning.

Monday was a very wet and soggy day here in central Florida but yesterday was nice. Forecasters are saying the rest of the work week may be gloomy and wet and we may be in for some pretty rough storms. But, as usual, I can't complain about rain. We have been really dry and fires have once again been an issue this year.

I am thrilled that today is Wednesday, since that means my work week is half over. It's not as good as being Friday but it's far better than Monday.

I found out last night that a friend's husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in January. I gave her the address for our forum and encouraged her to join us. So...if anyone sees Dee, please offer a big hug!

My life has been really nuts lately. My job is demanding, as always but now, I have taken on a new challenge. I have been asked to run for District President for our American Legion Auxiliary and have accepted. We have a large district and it will be a challenge but the rewards when I can do more to help veterans will be more than worth it!!!

I love and miss you all and hope everyone is doing well.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 40 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 63. As I rode to work wearing all my winter clothes, it was hard to believe that the forecast high for Sunday is 94 degrees.

I won't reach the around the world distance until June or July. Annette was right with the first guess. If I ride to work tomorrow, March will become the first calendar month that I've ridden to work every single work day of the month.

I'm finding myself checking for updates on Ned first thing when I get on the computer this week. I hope he's better today. Have a great day, all!

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Judy's right - I know I was anxiously waiting to hear something and overwhelmed when we did. But he would support us while we got better and we can do the same for him.

I have a lot of work to do today - and I am really looking forward to Friday. The nephew and I had our first "bit of an argument" last night - all things considered for us that is pretty darn good. He asked when he might be getting to use his computer - as he can't communicate with his girlfriend during the week because her parents take away her phone....hummm. I said I had no trouble letting him have the computer but when I go to bed it goes with me. But - But - But - okay we'll talk about it when you listen to me - do you have homework - yes - he was to study for a history test - so he went off and 1/2 hour later I went to check - grabbed his book and said what pages is the test over - I was pleasantly surprised that the book was open to one of the 60 pages he mentioned. So I asked him a question - and he didn't know - so I asked him another question - and he didn't know (shall I go on or do you get the picture?) So what pages have you studied - he doesn't even really know what pages the quiz are covering. Well did you write it down in your daily calendar....duh..... I think when the rock fell off the tree it actually hit him in the head.

As you can tell I really am struggling at work to write a report so I am acting a little bit like Eric in the length of my post. I wish a funny joke would jump off my fingers - we could certainly use a laugh.

It was a little chilly this morning - but will be nice out at quitting time.

(think to the tune of white Christmas)

I am dreaming of a long vacation, just like the ones I used to go on, where the sun warmed me, and there were no children, and drinks came with pretty straws.

Yep - let that song get stuck in your head - don't hiccup or they will get suspicious -


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On sunday, the forecast for thursday, was 54 and sunny.

On monday, 53 and partly sunny

On tuesday, 50 and mostly cloudy

On wednesday, 48 rain and possible snow showers in a.m.

On wednesday I called and canceled my tee time for thursday.

It is chilly in Philly.

I am so sad about our NED. I truly thought he was invincible but hopefully the steroids work and ned is back here with his kindness and wisdom.

Had a woman at hospice last night, mid 70's, never smoker. Only dx'd 2 days ago with stage IV with brain mets. It was very sad, the mets were doing a major job on her personality and she was very nasty to her daughter. Hate this disease.

Judy I sure hope you get some relief from your tummy issues. Certainly puts a crimp in your social life.

Judy North - glad you met someone else with the cold from hell.

Bud, my legs hurt just reading your riding miles.

Ann, today is my FRIDAY, I only work tues and wed. Good luck on your run for President, will we have to call you Madam President.

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Where did that rain come from - make it go away - I need sunshine - we need sunshine - I think all of us need a little good news - so come on someone speak up - who is having a good day? Who can make us smile?

and you better not say the candy man - unless he has Dove Chocolate with him!


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Hi everyone!

It's gorgeous here! 45 and more of that darn sunshine. LOL.

I am having a fantastic day! My husband has been home all morning, and I hear his phone ringing constantly. So far? 3 job possibilities in the last 2 hours! He is getting geeked as the calls come in. Now we'll see who comes through with the right job, at the right price. But I had absolute faith that he would be presented with many opportunities. I pray now for discernment for him to know which one is the right one!

I'm heading out shortly for a manicure. That's a good thing.

We have a coupon for 50% off at TGI Fridays, so it's date night tonight, and we get to go out! We used to go out a lot, but since the job change, we made our date night, Wednesday night. I so look forward to that time out with him, and a relaxed meal with someone waiting on us!

Judy, your tummy issue, and my cold issue just have to go! I'm insisting on it, and I demand it! LOL! I am a little better today. The first hour of the day is the roughest, and I'm well past that first hour, and seem to be a little better! Yes.

Ann, good to see you here! President huh? Good for you. You have such a giving heart.

Annette, well I'm going to say Candy man and give you a Dove Chocolate!



Have a good rest of the day!

MI Judy

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Judy, am sorry about the stomach problems - I don't think anything can ruin a day faster than a sour stomach. I hope it clears up fast.

Judy MI - sorry about the cold, but great news about your husband's job possibilities. Enjoy your dinner! I love TGI Fridays - but I have to go to Portland to find one.

I envy any of you out there with sunshine. Our weather has been awful - cold and rain, rain and more rain. I know this is Oregon and it's supposed to rain - but not in Southern Oregon - we're only supposed to get clouds and drizzle. Someone said the sun was coming out this afternoon, so I'm still hopeful. It's our 45th anniversary and we have reservations for dinner at a Lodge out on the river - but not a nice drive in this weather, so even if the sun peaks through for an hour or so - that would be a nice gift!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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