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Tuesday's air


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My doctor's office called yesterday evening, brain is normal. I'm pretty sure they have the results mixed up with someone else, since I have never been normal in my life...

Good news, no critters have taken up residence in my noggin. Bad news, still have no clue what the heck is going on with me.

KW Judy, so sorry about your tummy! I've been nerved and binging, so I've got you covered in the chowing down department (which is truly not doing a darn thing for my diet, not one darn thing).

MI Judy, I may have waded out and dunked the man for giving me a heart attack! I lost my son once on a playground, could not find him ANYWHERE and felt that panic wrap around my heart... He was in a tube of one of those large wooden playground facilities and didn't hear me and I couldn't see him. Scariest time I have ever had, INCLUDING going in for my thoracotomy. I didn't feel like killing him, just cried when I got hold of him...

Time for a nap, appointments in the morning.

Play nice!

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Becky, I so agree. I was not mad at him. I just was so relieved that I cried, A LOT! I was just so thankful to see him alive and well. What a roller coaster.

I"m about to head out to my ladies life group study. We are studying Beth Moore's "So Long Insecurity". What a great topic for a bunch of women.

Yesterday was a good day. I had lunch with a delightful woman who asked for a lung cancer mentor. Her story was truly amazing and so interesting. I think I found a new friend!

Last night I was the Cancer Mentor at the Living with Cancer series at Gilda's Club. That was amazing too. The main topic of conversation was advocating for yourself. I told the group that we are not patients, we are consumers. And if a doctor is not treating us right, we need to fire them and find someone who will treat us right. It was a lively discussion! Yeah us, the people!

It's pouring rain here. Supposed to get to 65 today. But rainy and stormy. That is fine with me. the 65 is the key here. Yesterday it got to 60 and everyone was outside with shorts and t-shirts on. Still a little cool for me to do that, but I have to acknowledge that it is leg shaving time again! Darn it. LOL

Well, I hope everyone has a good day! I intend to.

Judy in MI

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Good morning all - running late here seems to be my norm. For some reason just not that motivated.

Becky - maybe you are normal when compared to the rest of the doctor's patients - I mean you seem to fit in perfectly with all of your admirers right here and we are all normal - most days, well some days, well occasionally.

Judy (MI) just glad you found him in one piece - hopefully after you calmed down he stayed in one piece. You are so lucky to have your various groups. I wish I had the energy to really participate in something.

Judy (KW) - hope you are now on the easy side of the first treatment and are enjoying your days.

Bud - hope the weather lets you ride to work - somehow the chocolate is not dropping off like it should.

I'll check back in later - Annette

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 57 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 83.

Yesterday's ride home looked a little iffy when they started issuing tornado warnings for Glen Rose, which is 35 miles southwest of Crowley, about an hour before quitting time. But the storm passed just south of Crowley as I was riding toward Crowley from the north, and I never even felt a drop of rain.

I'm still hopelessly behind here at work. I better get back after it. Have a great day, all!

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Hey folks

Finally I think spring has arrived. It was nice yesterday and this morning it is 3C/37F and going to 16C/61F by this afternoon. The little remaining snow should disappear today.

I have 80 acres of land that is not cleared so I have started cutting trees down. Gets fire wood for next winter, rails for a new fence, and will make a great pasture when it is cleared. Most of my fence is just the regular wire but I like the old wooden type fence so trying to add a few of those.

Now Becky I wouldn't even think of commenting on your empty head, but it is good news. LOL

Judy MI, I am sure that all your mentoring is greatly appreciated.

Annette with everything that you have going on, running late is certainly understandable. Now not being motivated to go to work, can't see that happening. LOL

Bud great to hear that you are back riding. The swollen hand did not slow you down at all.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Feels like days since I have posted,actually probably is you silly Eric,well that was a busy holiday period,I had so much fun,where did the time go?

Beautiful day today,typical- the four holiday days were nothing special-B.B.Q Saturday,rained all afternoon by early evening though the sun came out but was still cool enough to stay indoors,all my friends were there,including Jennifer's boyfriend Chris-no Jennifer,Chris and I are in the dog house,we agreed to the B.B.Q invitation,I forgot about Jennifer's Play Odds and Sods in Kilmarnock,going to lie low for a wee while.

Sunday missed ABC ,to visit the Yorkhill Easter Egg Run,it was such a good day out,I will never slag bikers off again by saying they are a bit on the rough side ,they were all absolutely brilliant,friendly and chatty,looking forward to going back next Easter.

Well Monday,working in the garden,grass got its first cut,I deliberately bought one of these self push cylinder mowers to force me to take a bit of exercise,yes got myself knackered again,did the edging to the borders,so everything is looking really nice,worth all the effort.

Well back to work today,I had a class all day,hate that on returning to work,I like a bit of time to organise myself.I now have only 10 working days left to retirement,I should end up having the best garden in my street.

Hi Becky,Good news your brain is normal,well that really has come as such a surprise to me,cos I thought you got yours out of the same shop as me?.Have you actually checked out your doctors qualifications?.You brought back memories to me,some years ago I remember going into a garage to fill up,Jennifer was about 5 then,she strapped into her booster seat in the back,I filled up drove off,chatting away to Jennifer-silence-I looked into the rear view mirror,back seat empty-"Jennifer" I call out -silence-panic-head back to the garage forecourt,all sorts of nasty imaginings going through my head,I get there,no sign of her?ask the garage attendant,had not seen her,oh my god,she's got out my car in the forecourt wandered about and someones kidnapped her,I go back to my car to ponder what to do next? when "BOO" Jennifer leaps up from behind my seat,she had been sitting on the floor,so I could not see her,cannot remember if I gave her a cuddle of relief,or strangled her.

Break for Commercial-be back soon as.

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Gosh just lost part two?sorry about the interruption,now where was I?,Oh I have been invited to sit on two interview panels for the Roy Castle LC Foundation.org on Monday the 9th of May and 16th.They think having a LC survivor on the panel is a good idea,getting their slant on the appointment of new personel.I had a laugh with Bill,I asked him not to timetable me for classes those days to allow me to attend these interviews,he said Eric you retire on the 13th of May.Oops!.

Judy KW,glad you are home at last,safe and sound,hope you are feeling much improved.It was a nice thought to light a candle for Ned.I keep thinking he will post in again,I cannot believe he is gone.

Bud,You certainly cheered me up reading about your keystone cops maintenance crew trying to get the machines up and running,I think now would be a good time to ask your boss for a rise?.Hope you are back feeling refreshed with your vacation break last week.

Hi JudyMI,What fun with Randy's disapearing act,bettcha next time he will keep you better informed.

Hi Annette,Hope everything is going well for you,Mum and wayward OK?.

Goodnight everyone,going to sprawl out in front of the TV for a while then bed,see you tomorrow enjoy your evening.Bye.

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