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Wednesday's Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Decided to rewrite my lost post in word and put it into Wednesdays Air,since it will be by the time its completed.

Tuesday,nothing much planned today,since I cleared my mortgage off recently,the bank sent me the title deeds,so I decided to go and visit my solicitor Eric,to make an appointment to have the document properly completed and filed with him,Eric spots me when I arrive in his office,refers me to the waiting room,be with you in a couple of minutes,says he.The waiting room is busy,appointments are running a bit late I am told,Eric enters the waiting room and becons me to his office.Take a seat Eric,Eric says I only came in to make an appointment,there are others out there before me,oh forget them,what can I do for you?Title deeds done in seconds,I show him my parking penalty notice,£100 they are demanding or off to court,let them says Eric,its not a problem,just ignore it,or do you want me to write to them?,no its OK Eric just wait and see what developes,he is a good friend to have on your side.

Drove next to the swimming baths,just about to go in when a spot a long trail of school kids arriving with their teachers,changed my mind,I would feel uncomfortable sharing the pool with them,don’t want to frighten them with the scar on my back.

Phoned my neighbour Jim retired colleague of mine,on Thursdays he does a “food run”that is he goes round with a van to the big stores and restaurants in Glasgow to pick up slightly past the sell by date and takes the food to a centre for “down and outs”,I offered to share that task with him from now on,he is really delighted with my offer.I told him about my swimming baths problem,he tells me about a Westerwood Hotel in Cumbernauld he had previously visited,had its own pool and gym facilities,suggested I phoned them about access,which I did after I googled the place,looks a bit rich for my blood,but phoned anyway,they are offering a trial package for 4 weeks Mon-Fri full access to all their facilities for £30-its a steal,full membership off peak office hours Mon-to Fri is £32-seems I have found a new home?.

Did the househusband bit today,cleaned the kitchen top to bottom,its sparkling like a new pin,living room and diningroom to-morrow (well today now).

Reading the Times I spotted an Ad for a 4 day folk festival 9th-12th of June on the Isle of Arran,so I wnet online to find out more,right up my street,never been to the Isle before,bought a four day ticket that covers all the events,now to find a suitable hotel,found a booking agency called Expedia,nice young guy searched for me,difficult he says lots of places fully booked because of the festival,certainly nothing in Broderick,finally he says I have found you a place 8 miles from Broderick,thats OK says I I will be bringing my car over on the ferry.Well we proceed with the booking,I give him all my bank details,thats it done and dusted.I decide to phone the hotel to get its location on the isle the guy says the hotel is in Campbelltown,its on the Scottish mainland its at the end of a hughly long peninsula (Paul McCartney has his farm there)and youve guessed it its only 8 miles from Broderick as the crow flies,no ferry,the guy that booked me is an absolute plonker.I cannot believe his stupidity (or mine?)I phone to cancel,they don’t like it,they want to fix me up with a suitable alternative first,however after ages on the phone they give in,they cancel my booking but it will be some days until the money is restored to my account.I go online do my own search find one suitable within minutes,they have a vacancy for me, only a few minutes walk from the venues.The lady was very friendly,told me about the events,how to book the ferry crossing and departure times,so thats it,this retirement sure is fun,no skirting around work days any more.

Hi Annette, liked the expression about JudyKW “good to hear her smiling voice”I take it the red juice does not refer to Ernst and Julio Gallo of California?Enjoy your dinner date with your friends in W.D.C,think you deserve a wee chillout break.

Hi Judy MI,loved your doggy tail,ahem tale,brings back happy memories of Sam my cocker spaniel,after his bath, dry and “release” he would run around the living room and dining room like an express train with the side of his head pressed firmly to the carpet-this was him further drying his long ears.

Goodnight all,its just past midnight,so I can justify this post as Wednesday’s Air. Thanks Becky worked again.

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Eric - the first thing you think of for red fruit drink is wine - goodness - in a hospital. It is a transfusion. Where are the hours going. Just came into work for a bit - after taking the kid to see his probation officer and then to school. I think that I will not be fond of her - she was overly worried about the fact that I am not "legally" the rugrats guardian. Lord knows what trouble she will be causing down the line.

I didn't get a call from the hospital so I guess all is good there. Mom stayed on a regular oxygen mask from 1p.m. to at least 8 p.m. O2 stats only around 90 but at least she was maintaining that on her own. One day at a time on this one - it will be a while before she gets up - if she does.

Guess I stayed up a bit late last night - I can hardly keep my eyes open. I need to get up and do some walking around this office - it is going to be another long day. I will have to leave in a bit to go to the 10:00 visit. Another day another bunch of trips to the hospital...



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Good morning, everyone!

It was 68 degrees as I rode to work this morning, a lot warmer than it's been, with the return of humidity and the south wind. Forecast high is 84. They're calling for a 25 mph wind this afternoon, so it will be a tough ride home.

I detoured off my commute route on the way home yesterday, three miles to the west to pick up a bike part at the Performance Bike store. Then, I pedaled down the block to Half Price Books, to pick up something to read on the trip. Then, I rode some bonus miles south of Crowley to end up with just over 51 miles for the day.

Eric, I can't believe you didn't want everyone to see your Frankenstein scar. I never pass a chance to show mine off.

MI Judy, why not Ruby and Blue Hummingbird Boulevard?

Hang in there, Annette. I know it's a tough week for you. I hope KW Judy is doing better and checks in soon. Have a great day, all!

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Come on,get up to speed, its only my weird sense of humour,I knew exactly you were referring to a blood transfusion.I will get back later,hope your are having a super time at work,hee,hee-that is my muttly snigger.

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Ugh, migraine....so much to do, so little working brain cells to do it with...

Trying to get the propane tank filled. When can they do it? Well, Friday, sometime between 8:30 and 4:30. Nice. Hubby gets home and to bed before 7:00 and the boy is taking me to the airport and will hopefully get home by noon. Can't have hubby staying up that late for a shift later, can't have the kid in two places at once, oh, and yeah, we need the gas... What is it with this weekend being the only weekend anything can be scheduled?

Such is life, hard being so darn popular! :wink:

Speaking of busy, I need to start thinking of dinner. When I finally find a job, I'm sure my boys will feel like they've been cheated at dinner time. I've been feeding them pretty well, and not spending a whole lot to do it. Last night was manicotti.

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Hi All,

Finally just getting in for some air! I met a girlfriend today for coffee, and ran into about six others. Had a huge gab fest with them. It was fun!

Then home to laundry. Typical woman, can't decide what to pack for the brief trip. How hard can it be? Two outfits. But I am bummed, looking for my favorite sweater. It's light, and perfect for sitting in air conditioned rooms, and I searched high and low and it's gone. I suspect I left it at my old volunteer job and someone absconded with it. Bums me out a bit, was the perfect coverup in the warmer weather when AC is on.

It's cloudy and supposed to storm tonight. Temps are supposed to begin to warm up a bit. But lots of rain still. This is very weird for us in May. We usually get all this bother out of the way in April. You know the ditty "April showers bring May flowers". It's more like May showers are bringing tons of mud. LOL

Tomorrow, I'll finish agonizing over the weekend's packing, and then Gilda's Club, and hopefully a good night's sleep.

It's date night tonight, so need to get going before the man gets home!

Judy in MI

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Hi it's been a while. I thought I should drop in and check on everyone. Annette sorry to hear that your mom is not doing well. I will pray that she is better soon. It is so hard watching and feeling helpless when someone you love is in danger.

I was hoping to see a post from KW Judy. Have seen nothing of her on facebook and know that she is on treatment again. I hope she will post soon. As always she and so many others are in my prayers.

I have wondered about you Bud. Looks like you are in some small spot between the violet weather and the fires. Stay safe and keep up the great exercise you get on that bike. I am still walking every day but some days not as far.

I am sure that those of you on facebook have seen my report on our rock a thon. It was a huge success. Our team goal as a new team was $1200. We raised close to $2700. It took a lot of hard work and a lot of reminders but it was really worth all of the work. We got a lot of publicity being the first ever to do a rock a thon for Relay For Life. There are a lot of people out there like my neighbors who can't walk but want to do something. This was a perfect way to accomplish that. Not only did we raise the money and make a lot of people aware of things they didn't know about Lung Cancer but they got to feel like there is still something worthwhile that they are capable of. It was a win win situation.

Well time for me to have a bite of breakfast and get ready for my morning walk. Take care all and stay well and safe.

Oh Becky before I forget. Thanks for all of your help and it was great "talking" to you.

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