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Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It's 76 degrees outside right now. Forecast high is 83. It's windy and humid and storms are on their way. There will be no bike ride today. I'm headed for the airport in a little while.

I had wanted to put in some extra miles on the way home yesterday, but my legs were tired, the wind was fierce, and there was a dishwasher at home waiting to be installed. So, I rode straight home, installed the dishwasher, and started packing. I couldn't seem to get my Indiana Jones hat in my suitcase without smashing it though, dangit. Oh well...

Eric, bass boats have bow (front) mounted electric trolling motors. These can be either hand or foot steered motors (mine is foot control). They make precision boat positioning while you're fishing so easy that they helped revolutionize bass tournament fishing. They work great for crappie fishing, too.

My boat's main battery that starts the outboard motor and runs the accessories is much like a car battery, but my boat also has two deep cycle batteries for the trolling motor, batteries that are bigger than most automotive batteries. Some of the largest bass boats actually have 36 volt trollling motors that are run by three batteries.

Trolling motors take a beating, and the eight year old one that I'm retiring needed replaced. I was still fishing bass tournaments the first three years I used it. I should get better life out of this next motor, easier paced crappie fisherman that I am now.

I hope your oxygen levels improve soon and you're able to escape the hospital, KW Judy. Well, it's off to the airport. Have a great day, all!

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Thanks Bud,

Have a great weekend,I am so jealous,would love to be with you all.Going to be a quite weekend here on the boards-anybody left to keep me company?

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It's 58 degrees here this morning. Wow, Bud, I'm glad I don't have to leave for the airport as soon as you do. I leave my house about 10 am. It takes almost an hour to reach the airport. But NC isn't nearly as far from DC as Texas is.

Eric - I sure wih you could join us this weekend. I would love to meet you. I'm looking forward to meeting the others from here that will be there.

JudyKW I sure hope you're doing better this morning.

Y'all have a good weekend!


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Well I'm up for now - Looks like I may not travel to DC after all. The doctor just called and my mom had a heart attack over night. I will go in a little while and check on this - but I just don't feel comfortable going away if bad things are still happening. So all the stability of yesterday afternoon is gone. At least she was talking last night. I am totally bummed out, I know that this will make Katie mad but I just don't know what to do. On top of all of my stuff Keith's aunt died last night. I certainly hope the third strike is not my x-ray in two weeks. I just took an advil to try and relieve this headache so I am going to try and lay down for a minute.


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I'm so sorry about your mom. I hope she improves quickly. You have so much on your plate - I don't know how you do it. I'm sure Katie will understand if you can't make it to DC. I'll be disappointed because I was looking forward to meeting you.


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Sorry to read about your Mom's heart attack Annette. Some things are beyond our control and I'm sure Katie will understand.

Hey Eric we may have to break out the tu tu's and kilt and keep each other company this weekend. LOL

Wishing everyone safe travels and have a great weekend.

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Good afternoon. Hope someone is still at home to answer my question at the end of this reply.

Annette, I'm sorry about your mother's heart attack and Keith's aunt. It seems as though every day has at least one crisis for you. I hope things calm down soon. Sorry you have to miss the DC trip, also.

Hope Judy-at-MDA can escape soon!

Now, my question. Obviously, I've missed something big. :roll::roll: WHY ARE YOU ALL GOING TO DC? :roll::roll: Have a good trip! Who is going?


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Evening All,

Just about to go out so got to be brief.

Aw Paulette I would have just loved to have met you also and all the gang,maybe I will get to meet some of you on my vacation in July/Aug?have a great weekend.Like Muriels enquirey,whats going down?

Annette I am so sorry to hear about your Mum and Keiths Aunt,whatever next?,hope your Mum makes a full recovery,shame having to miss the Washington weekend.

Hi Bruce,Good to hear from you,sorry still a bit premature for my kilt its still under construction at this moment in time,I am going to wear it all round America for my hols,along with a LUNGevity T-shirt a wee bit of flag waving/raising LC profile etc,more later.Nothing to stop you though donning the Tu-Tu,I am doing the walk for the Noreen Davis hikers and bikers round Millport in June-this is where the tu-tu idea arose,I have to dress up for the event-thankfully the chosen theme is not ballet but Cowboys and cowgirls,well actually Coyboy,since I am the only participating male amongst 300-400 girls-wanna join me? my wee sister roped me in last year,without telling me it was a womens walk,thats her sense of humour,but I really enjoyed myself.

Goodnight all bye

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