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Morning All! It's Friday and a long weekend for many of you and I wanted to open in celebration. Stan's back from his walk and on the porch and I want to join him. So just a word now and I'll be back later--PCP confirmed I have pneumonia but am getting better. Tether only when I'm walking and he'll do a walking test next Thursday to see if I can be cut loose altogether. Whooo Hoooo!

Judy in KW

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Morning All,

It's a balmy 63 degrees here in NTX at 6:40 in the morning. Supposed to get up to 92 this afternoon. Looks like summer is here (I truely detest summer, thinking of moving to alaska, lol) I'm thinking about spend the day with my oldest son and his girlfriend today. Also thinking of going and getting my Drivers license renewed. Gonna do some house cleaning here in a bit.

Sorry I have been out of touch here lately but I will try to be in a little more often.

I hope you all have a blessed day and a glorious week end!


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Pneumonia not good - but losing your cords will be great - now you know you will feel better soon! My mom was moved to a rehab facility and I am not impressed. When we walked in the receptionist was on the phone - finally hung up and we asked what her room number was - she whispered her reply - something in the central wing. Okay - will someone else show us where that is, no response, then "sign that book behind you" - I did not know that behind you meant around the corner - there is a map on the wall of the place - found room on own. There was a constant beep..beep..beep..beep - turns out when patients ring their call bell it rings that loud - day and night - and there are only 3 workers for over 36 patients - lovely.

Best part of the visit was the rotten little teenager and mom get to talking and the next thing I know I caused her heart attack. I just got up and left - I'm pretty much at the end of the rope. But that's okay - she called this morning at 7:15 to tell me to bring her another pair of glasses because the ones I brought her keep falling off. Oh - looky here duct tape.

And I haven't even left for work yet - sigh.

Dawn - it is so very very nice to see you in the air - what a good Friday surprise.


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Yes, Dawn, good to see you. Sounds like you have a full day planned. I like the spending time with family but the housecleaning, not so much lol.

Annette, there seems no end to your troubles. I don't know what your relationship was like before Mom started going off in the head. I do have two friends who claim they have perfectly o.k. relationships with their Moms that just went horribly bad in the later years. Don't know if it's a biological thing or a reaction to a loss of control over her life, but I am sorry for you. Wish things could get better soon. How's Keith handling all this. Haven't heard you mention him lately. It must be awful for him too.

Went out to the coach on a hunt for a little velvet pouch with my jewelry in it. Oxygen doesn't reach and I may have stayed too long so I'm sitting with my O in. That's what the nurse who wheeled me down said I needed to call it--my O--if I wanted to be cool LOL.

Have a great day everyone and hope I find my jewelry.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 64 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 96, as our south wind returns.

I'm planning on doing a charity ride tomorrow, the Burleson Honey Tour. It's only 5 or 6 miles from my house to the ride start, so I'll just ride to the start. I should have a LUNGevity cycling jersery to wear for these rides.

Sara, that's way cool, getting to throw out the first pitch at a Royals game. I hope you feel better soon.

Dawn, great to see you in the Air! I love a good summer 100 degree day, if I'm doing a bike ride or fishing. I can't say I'm quite as thrilled about working in this un-airconditioned machine shop on those days. I need to join Eric on the retirement roll call.

KW Judy, we don't like to hear about pneumonia, but it's great to hear that you're getting better. Have a great Friday, all!

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Hey folks

Another smoky, hot, sunny day here on the farm. My son is a firefighter so I'm hoping they get these forest fires under control pretty soon. Over 40% of one town was lost last week.

Well Dawn I live in northern Canada where -40 temperatures is normal in the winter. So if you want to trade places for January and February I could handle that. LOL

Judy sorry to hear about the pneumonia but great to hear that you are getting better and soon be off the "O".

Annette you really have your plate full girl ! Doesn't sound like a great rehab facility so I'm sure you will get a few complaints about that as well. Nice to know that duct tape is a multi-purpose item. LOL

Bud you posted the same time so I had to edit. LOL that is great going on the charity ride. Doing what you love and for a good cause.

Congratulations Sara on throwing the first pitch. You must be very excited ! I think that i would be so nervous I would probably turn the wrong way and throw the ball to second base. LOL

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Got up early for my girl's group, got there, opened the place up and sat and sat and sat. Finally it dawned on me that I gave them this Friday off for the holiday weekend! Oy!

So, now I have 3 extra hours. Have the wedding tonight, so I think I'll go shopping. I have not worn a skirt in years, but thinking I might tonight. Can't remember how to put nylons on, I think my memory of that is not a positive one! LOL. But I'm going to try.

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!

Bud, great about that race.

Judy, yeah! You got a diagnosis, and you can see the future with out the O. Yeah!

Dawn, I don't envy the hot weather. I do wish it was warmer today, but only for the bride. The high is 60 and the wedding is outside. I feel bad for her. But the sun is shining, so that is a good thing.

Annette, my heart feels for you. I understand. In my Mom's last years, I was her punching bag for all that happened that was bad. And I was very close to her. It hurt, but I tried to overlook it because her health was so awful. But it still hurt.

Hi Bruce and anyone else that comes in.

Judy in MI

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Nylons - poor Judy - I am sitting at my desk in a tee shirt and blue jeans! I don't even own a dress anymore - but I can see myself out by the pool in shorts later. Yep that's a good place to be. I found a new think at walmart that I am itching to try it's a daiquiri in a tube - yummm.

It has been a very long couple of weeks for me - I'm not ready to address the Keith issue just yet. But I'm guessing if you know the details of my family right now you can figure it out.

My mom and I have a really good love / hate relationship. She acts terrible when she stops taking her medications. I have turned over a new leaf - when she starts being rude to me - I walk away - she may not be trainable but I don't have to hear it.

After we left her at the rehab facility I ran up to the hospital to try and get her clothes. Imagine my surprise when the her last name tag was still on the door - I thought cool they haven't even cleaned it up - -- wrong - there was a nice little lady in there that I begged to let me look in her closet - the clothes were gone but she was still so sweet. We went up the the nurses station and eventually got the clothes. When we walked by the room I wished her the best of luck and she had the sweetest smile - I was wondering if I could trade models - (well they had the same last name).

Oh - the first thing I thought when Judy mentioned that she may get to lose the oxygen after her appointment next week - was - no more Judy in KW - it can be Judy (No Strings Attached). Smile, laugh, giggle!!!

Anyway - I have some work to do before an afternoon conference call - but my brain is chanting... Friday, Friday, Friday!!!

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Good evening Everyone,

Did I imagine a post from a new arrival yesterday,I think called Heather?I realy would have loved to reply to her,but just lacked the time,so I thought I could do that now,but I cannot find her?

Well May's weather continues to be dreich,nothing but more overcast skies and matching rain,hope June brings some sunshine.

Well I did manage to complete writing my speech yesterday,as Annette rightly mentioned it would be more of a bullet pointed aide memoire.Speeches followed a lovely meal,not one dissatified buddy,that dosnt happen very often at our nights out,aways someone not happy with the service,or the steak wasnt done properly etc.To bring you up to date,my fellow senior lecturer Bill,and I are a double act,we are well known in the college as the odd couple,Bill is the Walter Matteu character,untidy,hash bash,keeps loosing files,arrives at college in the morning at 8.55am,five minutes before his class starts and cannot find his teaching materials,panic,panic.Smug Eric,a place for every file,desk always tidy, arrives at college usually 8.00am,relaxes with a coffee,organises the day ahead,never flustered,off to his class well prepared.

Bill is an extemely talented person,natural public speaker,and comedian,required no reference notes and went on to deliver a wonderful speech about our lives to-gether for the last twenty years,I had forgotten most of his anecdotes,he had everyone there hanging on his every word,I laughed till I was sore.Eric's reply- fun punctuated with more down to earth aspects,thanking all for coming,presents received,thanking everyone for the support and friendship they had given me,wishing the new merging of the design and construction with the dept of engineering every success for the future,also the effort my team had put into the National Colleges Competition 2011,from the planning and preparation right up to the final presentation of the prizes,this event was so well done,that subsequent college hosts really have a real challenge on their hands to maintain that standard.

Eric's funnies? OK, some anyway,that are not in-house humour you just wouldnt get.Eric at his workdesk,on many occassions in our office,mid winter, dark outside,Bill leaving to go home says good night Eric,see you in the morning,'night Bill,I reply,as he goes out the door he switches off the office lights,I am left in total darkness,tripping over office furniture trying to find the light switch on the wall.I always got him next day to complain,always his his reply? "I was finished with the lights".

Years ago,I was given a class of special needs adults to look after for a morning,one of the group(Robert,Downs Syndrome) asked me if he could use the toilet,sure Robert,I will take you there,so I escorted robert to the toilet,which was only through the wall from the classroom,after a few minutes,Robert was hammering on the wall ,screaming at the top of his voice,Mr Byrne,Mr Byrne,I ran as fast as I could to the toilet,and opened the door,there confronting me was Robert bend over double,with his back to me,trousers and underpants at his ankle's,bare bottom exposed,he offers me a wad of toilet tissue and asks me "Mr Byrne,could you wipe my bottom?" err no Robert I dont do that kind of thing,"Oh says Robert,dont you?"no Robert, I am a SENIOR Lecturer,my buddies loved that one.

One more,dont want to bore you,our biggest student employer,Glasgow District Council,phoned me one day, they are organising a meeting with all the local colleges to discuss their students progress and results,well I arrived that afternoon to meet the chairperson of the meeting an old friend of mine,Chris Whyte,welcome Eric,did you bring Bills results also?no Chris,I didnt, you only asked for my students,look its OK I will phone Bill at the office and he will bring them over in thirty mins.Brill Eric,that will do nicely,well I phoned,he didnt pick up,so was forced to leave an ansaphone message-Bill-Eric-GDC-get back to me soon as-Urgent.Well meeting continued to completion,no Bill response(he was out of college that day).Next day in the office,I start to download the phone-you have 12 messages etc,well with pen and paper to hand I write down a record of each message,I get to this one -strange voice-Bill-Eric-GDC-get back to me soon as-Urgent.Well I phone Chris at GDC immeadiately,Morning Chris, could you put me through to Eric please,puzzled Chris,Are you sure it isnt Derek you want,i dont think we have an Eric?,no Chris,the voice was quite clear,his name is definately Eric,OK says Chris,I will call you back when I find out who he is.Well I hang up,and within a few minutes the penny drops,that was myself I was listening to,oh no,how embarressing,nothing else for it I have to explain myself to Chris.Hello Chris,its Eric,I know who the Eric in the ansaphone was yesterday,you do? says Chris,yes Chris,I tell him it was myself,you know Chris couldnt say another word to me,he laughed and laughed and hung up.He never let me forget this even years later.

Well we can roll out the fun again on 24th June,it is Bill's retirement night out.

Hi Sara,thanks for joining with us,always nice to have more company,what an occassion on Tuesday for you,throwing the first pitch, being a Scot I really am so ignorant of your major sports particularly Baseball and Football,I am going to include a visit to both events when I arrive in the USA for my hols.To-morrow the culmination of one years European Football (soccer)the combined nations of Europe (500 million people)have reached the final game-Manchested United versus Barcelona,I so love this occassion,cannot wait for to-morrow.Fellow Glaswegian Alex Fergusson is Man United's manager,the most successful UK manager ever,also like me,is a Roy Castle Lung Cancer Advocate.They are playing a team which contains Lionel Messi,who currently is the best soccer player in the world,only 23 years old,is an absolute joy to watch playing,no one can take the ball from him.

Hi Bud,Hope you have a great day out for your charity cycle race,you have a LUNGevity top to wear its in your avatar.I had a look at your link for the Burleston Honey Tour,getting the hang of your local geography,ie Crowley in relation to Fort Worth,see Benbrook Lake to your North West,dont recall you mentioning fishing there,am I mistaken?

Hi Annette,Yeah walking away is a brill idea,Mum will soon reconsider her language to you,if she wants your company,talking of swaps,would you consider Sally for your Mum,just a thought.

Hi Bruce,thanks for the calves update,farming really sounds fun,love to fit in a visit.Hope your son keeps safe with these forest fires,its amazing how quickly they can move.

My favourite Judies now,last but not least,one going out tonight to a wedding-have a great night JudyMI-hoping Randy would put in an appearance here sometime.Oh Judy KW,sitting there with your big O,glad to hear you have kept your sense of humour after all you have been through,really wishing you the best of health from now on.

Good night Everyone.

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