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Thursday's Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

I actually wrote this for yesterdays air,however when I clicked submit,up came the log-in page and post into ether again,must always stick to pre-writing in word.

Well thank goodness June has arrived,May was a total washout forcast for Friday and Saturday is Sunny and Hot,perfect for my charity walk around Millport.Went into Glasgow to find a Cowboy Outfit for the walk,found a great shop and tried one on,looked at myself in the full sized mirror,yeah I look the part,well a bit more diminutive and more rotund than Clint Eastwood,OK also minus the chiselled good looks,nobodys perfect .Practiced drawing my six gun at the mirror,think the lady behind the bar , ahem counter was impressed ,said since I had travelled in from Airdrie to take it home with me rather than coming back on Friday to pick it up,wasn’t that nice of her?.

PM went to the Stobhill Lung Support Group meeting,some new members to welcome,coming out I found a parking ticket on my car £40 penalty-parking in a non-designated bay-along with about 40 other cars in line,I have parked in this spot for over a year now without a problem,why now?the official car parking is just totally inadequate for the size of hospital.I may have to give up the group,the Hospital is just so difficult to get to without a car from Airdrie.

Hi Bud,Thanks for the weigh in tips,weigh daily then ave over the week,missed gym Wed,back today,well its better than going to work,although it is hard work,really makes you feel great afterwards.

Hi Alan,Great to see you,seems you have got a prefect wife,one who can come up with a bottle of Glenmorangie is in my books,bit expensive though,one for special occasions as with Drambuie for example, Hogmanay (ask the others)Slainte.

Hi Lillian,My route using Amtrak,time spent in each place flexible-Philly Airport 2nd July-Richmond-WashingtonDC-New York-Boston-Niagara Falls-Cleveland-Chicago-StPauls/Minneapolis-Grand Forks-Glasgow Montana,Yellowstone,National Glacier Park,Dinosaur Valley ,Native American Reservations if available to tourist access?.Seattle-Vancover-Seattle-Home 19th August.

Hi JudyMI I am so pleased for Randy finding a new employ,you seem pleased to have your home to yourself again during the day,what about all the house chores Randy’s been doing,you are going to miss him.

Hi Sara,I absolutely agree with you,after all you have been through,pitching a wee ball to your husband in front of a 20,000 crowd of spectators should have been no bother to you,seems you threw a good one?well,never really understood the rules of ice hockey LOL.Meeting you in Seattle?,of course we will meet,I am so looking forward to this event,I am actually going to speak at the Breathe Easy Event,since its virtually at the end of my great American Adventure,I think I will not be short on things to say,might even get a gagging order from KatieB if I start to rambleLOL.

Time to do a bit of cut and paste,oh I hate this bit,Byee,fingers crossed.

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Hi Eric sounds like your trip will cover a lot of area and different kinds of areas. I have traveled a lot in this country but missed a lot of the places that you are going. You will find that each place has it's draw backs and some have their own unique beauty. I lived in Washington for a while but never went up to Seattle. Washington is a very beautiful state.

I hope you are all doing well today. Judy I know you are waiting to be untethered. Hope that is soon and Annette I hope the kid will give you a break for a while. Sara that must have been an awesome experience tossing out that ball. I hope too that the chemo is not causing you too many problems.

I know I am forgetting many of you this morning but trying to hurry. I want to go for a walk while it is not raining and then catch the bus. It will be my first time out on the bus sense laying up my car. Pay day is not until tomorrow but I am out of so many things I need to go for a few while the weather is not too bad. There is a lot of walking between the buses and where I need to go. The weather is so crazy they really don't know what it is going to do. One time to another they change the forecast.I can get a few things today so if the weather is too bad I don't have to go out again until it is better.

Crazy weather again. A tornado was spotted down by Marysville yesterday evening. No a big one and no reports of damage but it is still very rare. Last week there were six spotted by Chico and 2 touched down and caused so barn damage and uprooted thousands of almond trees. Still can't complain it doesn't get nearly as violent as it does back in the Eastern and midwest states

Well I am off for now. Have a great day everyone.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 71 degrees when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 98. There was no bike ride to work for me this morning. I drove, and I'll be leaving in a half hour for my six month (3,700 mile?) checkup with my primary care doctor.

MI Judy, great to hear that your husband has a job offer he's ready to accept, although I can appreciate how much he likely enjoyed staying home and annoying you. I'm certainly looking forward to spending more time annoying Rose after I retire.

I have had two major surgeries, chest tubes, chemo, and terrible statistics thrown at me this year, why would I be nervous about throwing a ball in front of 20,000 people? The worst that would happen is I clang it on the ground and no one will remember that anyway, right?

That's too funny, Sara, and a reminder of how we get our perspectives adjusted. That correct attitude will serve you well.

It sounds like that Seattle event will be a blast. Sorry I won't be there. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning all, another hot and muggy day here in Richmond - I believe they are calling for showers later - I could certainly do without that.

I am still totally exhausted - these weeks are hard on me with no back up for the kid and he is very aware I'm at the end of my rope. It's like a tiger stalking it's pray - he knows when I'm about to blow up and he just pops off some randomly stupid funny joke that makes me laugh so hard I forget that I was ready to research special knot tying techniques..... how do you make that noose thingy and where would I put it and how exactly am I gonna trick that boy into using it. I may have a few unanswered questions but the plotting puts a smile on my face.

My mom is still in rehab - she said something about doing "reaching" up exercises - I want her to be doing get off your butt and walk exercises. I have removed all food from her house that is not on a recommended diabetic's eating list. (She will not be pleased - but come on - how different can a rice cake be from a recees peanut butter cup - they must be close right.) LOL - as I reach for a Dove chocolate. And truly I'm not eating them for me - my cat loves to steal the little rolled up pieces of tin foil and play with them. (I hope no one remembers that I am at work right now - so the cat playing with the wrappers is really not relevant.)

That rots about the parking ticket Eric - and I sent you a PM with my phone numbers so I'll talk to you soon.

Lilly, I hope you get your shopping done before the storms hit. The weather on this coast has been pretty unpredictable too. I hope you don't have to keep your car on ice for long - something good is bound to happen for all of us!

Bud - check up - LOL - I hope the tread on your tires meets inspection - there was more but I was laughing too hard and I didn't want anyone to spit their coffee out while reading the Air.

Judy - (KW) - where are you. I hope that you are feeling better - when is the trip up happening?

Looks like even though I am tired and waiting for xray results (Monday afternoon) I still have a little bit of humor popping up - I may be feeling better - oh wait - I'm at work - this rots - I better run and turn a little work on - check back in a while.


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Hey annette, try boy scouts.com for knots lol. what happened to his parents? I'm not prying, I just think you don't need all this crap. Friends of ours had a kid who did all that stuff when he was that age. Now he's in his 30s and in washington state somewhere in commune or something growing organic veggies . whatever.

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Hi Alan -

My sister died in Sept 2003 of Hep C - she was in and out of jail for many years - all drug related incidents. So that is why my mom got guardianship of him. He went and stayed with his dad for several months when he was 6 I think - until his dad sent him back to visit us - and then said Marco had to stay cause he had to go to jail - also drug related. So this behavior is not totally unexpected it's just that background - plus being male - plus being a teenager - he just doesn't have a thing going for him right now.

Now - let me see ..... www.boyscouts.com

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Good morning friends!

Ah, sun shining, 68 degrees, slight breeze, high 72. PERFECT! I love days like this.

This afternoon is Gilda's, and then mentor Group. It's a beautiful day for a nice ride.

Annette, did I actually hear a hint of affection for the kid? "he knows when I'm about to blow up and he just pops off some randomly stupid funny joke that makes me laugh so hard I forget that I was ready to research special knot tying techniques..... " So all is not horrid, if the lad can make you laugh. That is good to hear! And I sense that you got some rest because your sense of humor is returning!

Good luck on the check up Bud. 3700 miles! Funny.

Katie, we'll keep our eyes out for the spammers. They can be unbelievable. Have a good trip.

Eric, I can just see you practicing drawing your guns, and I'll bet the woman behind the counter was smirking her face off. LOL! How funny you are. I must say your trip to America sounds absolutely hectic. You are visiting so many places in such a short amount of time! I hope it all goes as you dreamed it would.

As for Randy doing chores around the house? What? He was so busy trying to figure out what he was going to do when he grew up, there was no time to do chores. I don't want to make it sound like I don't love being around him. I do, after 5:00PM! LOL.

Well, I'm going to get going. Not much to report around here right now.

I went to post this, and Annette beat me to it, but Ctl C is a life saver! Or should I say a post saver! Cracked me up Annette!

Judy in MI

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Hey folks

Busy air here lately. Good to see. Good luck on your check up Bud and on your results Monday Annette. Nice to see that you still have that sense of humor. When I read your post Judy, the Alan Jackson song, "it's five o'clock somewhere " came to mind. LOL Sara your post about not being nervous at the ball game really did put everything in perspective. Little things that bothered us before just doesn't seem such a big deal now.

We are supposed to get thunder shower's today but so far just a 30 second sprinkle. It is 14C/57F here now but where I just moved from 400 miles to the north, they are at 0C/32F. It was 23C/73F yesterday and snow this morning. In June !!!! Alot of very unhappy campers.

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Happy Thursday everyone. Went and had lunch with another survivor who is 34 and lives about an hour from here. She and a friend started the Lung Hill Run in KC, so she is who first put me in touch with Lungevity. It sure is nice to get together sometimes just to visit and vent and have someone to relate to all of it!

Sitting here waiting on the bug guy to come, my kitchen has been taken over by ants. Sounds like a good enough reason not to cook to me. We got some good rain last night, looks like there could be more headed our way again. Folks to the west of us have major flooding and they are keeping an eye on a few places here.

Eric, I am excited you will be speaking, looking forward to it! Thank you everyone for the support with my major league debut! Although I don't imagine they will be calling me back up anytime soon. :lol: Looking forward to a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend already. This week sure has gone by quickly and I am not even working these days! Waiting to hear back on some different anti-nausea drugs from my dr, hopefully these will do the trick. It is so frustrating when I try so hard to eat and get my calories and then I get dizzy and sick and feel like I am back at square 1 again. Yuck.

I sure do enjoy getting on here and reading and posting! Have a good eve everyone!


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Annette, You need to be commended for taking on that huge responsibility. It has to be the hardest thing you could have been handed. I'm sure you're doing the best you can. Certainly the kid is troubled, He should be. God bless you.

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