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Ok - where is everyone - this is a special day - it's Friday.

I know we have to make it through the day and truly I really do intend to work but there are several things that I need to do first. I have to call and see if I can break my mom out of rehab to go to the nephews intensive substance abuse counseling graduation Monday. I have to make sure I know exactly how long it will take me to get to the train station to pick Eric up on time in July - - I may even practice that one.

I went out to dinner with a friend and we had just finished eating and were getting ready to leave and Eric called. Yep that's right I got to talk to Eric. (He said I had an accent - which is really very funny because I thought he had an accent too.)

As always - I am in a rush at work to get busy - - I think I may be feeling a headache coming on about lunch time - yes I'm even a little pale - now where did I leave that beach towel - I mean I may need to lie down (no sense staying inside when I can do it on the lounge chair at the apartment - right).


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Morning All! Feeling so out of it. I read Thursday's Air and obviously missed some of Wednesday, all of Wednesday?

Annette, no one had opened and I went to do it but got kicked off the net altogether. My wireless was turned off and it took a few times to get it back on. Meanwhile, you opened. Thanks. And I am thrilled your sense of humor is returning big time. Think it has something to do with getting away to Seattle. I wish!

Am a bit low on the ground. Am thinking of my sister who is as I write still going through the first funeral for her daughter in Chicago. She'll fly home to NJ to do another wake and funeral Sunday night and Monday. Why do people put themselves thru these things. And, of course, I'm so sorry I can't be there.

Add to everything else, I failed the walking test yesterday. My PCP just o.k.'d me to travel to Orlando with oxygen. No time to do anything else. We leave tomorrow. So many questions, will I be able to return this system and, if necessary, get one set up here in KW. Will still being on walking oxygen prevent me from getting my chemo. Am feeling really anxious. Where's the Ativan lol.

It's great coming in and reading so much chatter on the Air. You guys are the greatest. Have a good day.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 68 degrees when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 99. I drove to work again and I'm about to leave for the next doctor appointment.

This one is with my oncologist. He'll do blood work and get my annual scan scheduled. I think I really should have skipped these few hours of work this morning and done a bike ride instead. Then, I could have had blood pressure fun at the clinic.

As much as I ride, my blood pressure is pretty low anyway, and if I do a good hard ride on a hot morning and dehydrate myself a bit more before an appointment, I can put up blood pressure numbers like 101 over 61 or something like that. It always throws off the nurses. They scratch their heads, take it again, recheck my drug list and such. (Hey, in a doctor's office, you have to take fun where you can find it, right?)

Great to see you posting, KW Judy, but sorry you still have to do oxygen. I hope it gets better soon.

Did you get more rain, Sara? How about you, Bruce? It's still too much in one place and not enough in another. It looks like we're starting to move into the hot, dry summer weather here.

Tomorrow, I'll be joining some faster friends on a 200k ride on a 99 degree day. It should be fun. I'm still hoping for another slower rider or two to join us. If not, I'll be wheezing for all I'm worth all day.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning.

Judy, that sucks about still needing the O. I'm so sorry. I just don't understand why you can't get a portable unit in Key West. What is up with that?

Annette, Judy is right. Your sense of humor is returning. Yeah! I know life is tough right now, but you are tougher!

Bud, 200K ride on a 99 degree day. REALLY????? You are amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Supposed to be humid and 80 today. It's cloudy and dark, so I'm thinking more storms soon.

Hope you all have a nice day.

Judy in MI

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Hey there

No rain here Bud. Everything just passed right over us. The temperatures have really cooled down though. Didn't think that I would be wishing for rain in the summer. LOL Just working outside for a few hours in this heat just drains all me energy. Not sure how you manage a 200k ride with temp's in the 90's.

Annette I think a beach towel is a great idea for a Friday afternoon.

Judy KW sorry that you failed the walking test. Did Stan tease you about that one ? LOL

Judy MI, hope that the storms miss you and pass over like they did here.

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Up and dressed so early (hey, 8 am my time!) as we had an appointment to go see a guy's business for an article M is writing. Just got a call that the guy is sick, so I may have to go to breakfast since I am up. And maybe to the Art Museum after that. There is a show closing after the weekend that I want to see. Nick Cave, if anyone wants to google it and have a laugh.

Sunny day with white fluffy clouds. Predictions that the next 3 days will be nice - and we may hit 80! I might have to water outside.

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well after such a dismal may its good to see the return of my favourite type of weather again Sunny blue skies and hot,do you know the temperature rose yesterday in Glasgow to nearly 70 deg-phew!!.I really hope it can stay like this for tomorrow for my charity walk around Millport,along with 300+ lovely persons of the other persuasion,please don’t let it rain,I don’t want my six gun getting all rusty (its actually made of plastic LOL).

I had a really super day yesterday,I went on my first food run for the Christian Mission with my friend and neighbour Jim.Interestingly,the Christain mission building was really a rather run down place in the recent past,but it did have one thing in its favour,its location was riverside city centre,a developer built a new three story high Mission a few blocks away at a cost of $12 million in exchange for their site.The Mission provides good hot and cold food daily to approx 130 homeless persons or those living on low incomes.We took a van around several eating places in the city centre such as prêt-a-manger and marks and spencers,food prepared that day left unsold at the end of business is passed to us,everyone was so pleased to offer this service,in fact one establishment we arrived at a bit early,served us with coffee and cookies at a table until the shop closed,refusing payment,saying they really appreciated the service we were doing for disadvantaged persons.It was a bit surreal when each shop closed,to be told by the owner,right lads you can clear all the shelves,pre-packed sandwiches,hot wraps of all kinds,scones ,cakes etc all were gathered by Jim and I and packed into containers.Trays and trays of food were returned to the mission by which time more volunteers had arrived and were setting up the tables and chairs for their “guests” expected to arrive shortly,they also had two cooks in the kitchen frying up loads of Scottish square sliced sausage,oh my tummy was rumbling,Jim and I did havea couple of the wraps we brought in and a coffee.Jim just had to tell them I had just retired from teaching,well did that raise some interest,seems they would want me there on a full time basis,I declined at the moment,but would be happy to continue with the food run,no pressure on me but a friendly “hope you will re-consider”.I still have the Roy Castle offer for two days voluntary work to consider at this minute in time.

Well went into Glasgow today to try on my new Kilt ensemble,move over Mel Gibson,there’s a new kid on the block,I think I might get noticed travelling around in America wearing this gear and a LUNGevity T-shirt?.

Good to have a telephone conversation with Annette yesterday,accent?what accent?oh Annette does have one,and its just lovely to hear,I could have listened to her all night,just wish I had one myself.

Hi Judy, Sorry I seem all wrapped up in myself having fun and games,but I do think about you,I know you are having such a rotten time of it,sorry about the chemo being postponed,it must be so frustrating for you.Poor Dottie also I cannot imagine the pain of losing a daughter,life is so tough for some people and so easy for others?.My wish for you of course is things taking a turn for the better,both family and healthwise,goodness knows you have had more than your share of the bad times.

Enjoy the rest of the day all,and have a great relaxing weekend.Bye.

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