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Hi there,

Well, it's 3:00AM, and I'm here. Yesterday was a slow day at the Air, but that is okay. I hope everyone had a great outdoor day. I did go out to look at the garden, and was delighted to see the roses are budded and about ready to pop. The Hydrangea's are in full bloom and so gorgeous! Our lilac trees are taking over the yard, and we talked about trimming them way back. Just so beautiful.

We went out for dinner with another couple we enjoy. But when these two men get together, they drink like fools and talk like idiots. And that is exactly what they did. I just don't get it. At 9:30 at night, I'm asking him to go to bed because he is on the couch snoring his brains out. He gets mad at me, but finally does so, but won't put his C-PAP on. All I can say is in about five hours he is going to have a sore throat, and a heck of a hang-over. I, or course, slept on the couch because I can't even think about sleeping when there is a freight train snoring next to me.

Hence, I'm here writing.

As I approach July, with the CT scan, and the probability of another surgery on my lungs, I have to finally admit that I'm tired. I've needed a lot of sleep in the last few months. I tried to not admit this, and ignore it, but I can't anymore. I'm just plain tired.

With all of the turmoil of my husband's company closing, the possibility of the cancer being back, and many other issues, I think it has just hit me hard. I just want to sleep a lot.

Ack. The musings of the middle of the night.

So, I'm going back to the couch, and will try to go back to sleep. In the morning, I'll try to not have satisfaction when his throat hurts and he feels like crap.

The weather promises to be another humid and hot day.

No matter what I"m going to try to enjoy it.

Life is short.

Judy in MI

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Good Morning Everyone,

Just gone 8.30am,thought I would open the Air ,Judy you sneaked one in past me,what are you doing posting at 3am?thats cheating.never mind,I enjoyed reading your post.

Just catching up on yesterdays Air,bit quiet even for a Saturday?everyone out and about having fun no doubt,hopefully everyone back on Monday?

Well sorry for being absent myself ,as you know,it was Noreen Davis Hikers and Bikers,charity walk around Millport.We all meet up at Bellshill,half a dozen coaches waiting for us,each coach is named after the appointed coach convener,they have a lot of work to their hands,coach entertainment,run the raffle,gather up all the rubbish left on the bus at close of day,the hardest part is getting everyone out the pub and onto their coach at leaving time,we all wear different coloured ID stickers,to help the shepherds round up their flocks.

Our coach is called SUMO (Susan and Maureen)they both put a lot of work into this event,they had made up authentic looking wanted posters for everyone on our coach,even down to ageing the paper and frayed borders.All these were blue tacked to the coach windows along with other western posters.Well the b us sang its way to Largs,lubricated by alcoholic drinks all round, the raffle is drawn straight off and I think all prizes were alcohol of one type or another.Judy you mentioned Randy’s escapade last night with his friend,well I have to say,these ladies by the end of the day would have been the equal to Randy,to let you appreciate how much alcohol had affected them, someone on the coach said they wanted if Eric would sing for them,so appropriately with all my cowboy gear on I just had to sing Glen Campbell’s Rhinstone Cowboy,well they all joined in the chorus,it was fun,didn’t get to sit down though,song sheets out (these were printed for everyone to sing to prepared cd’s for the occasion)ridiculous they could have actually sung along with Elvis to Suspicious Minds,but wanted me to sing it instead,just shows how much alcohol effects the mind,finally got to sit down after singing a couple of Beatles songs.

The Walk?oh nearly forgot to mention that LOL,well arrived on the island by ferry,we all walked round to the town of Millport,cooler day than yesterday,bit breezy, actually made for perfect walking conditions,just a gentle stroll around the perimeter of the island,beaches in view all the way,mostly rocky,I really enjoy watching all the birdlife around us,oystercatchers chasing each other overhead to walking about the rocky stone outcrops searching out lunch,theres also gulls of all types and shags,in amongst the gorse, loads of skylarks darting about.We stop for eats half way round,I didn’t bring anything with me,I settled for a huge prawn salad al fresco at a wayside cafe with a fresh orange juice,sheer bliss,watching people coming and going,I love the smell of the sea,an offshore breeze bringing it to me with cries of the seagulls around me,hop it, you are not getting any of my prawn salad.I of course take plenty of pics,I will send these in soon as after some editing.Resumed my walk to Millport sharing it with my sister Irene and SuMo,laughs all the way.Later we are all presented with our certificates of achievement (its slighty in error,its reads we walked 12 miles its actually only 11miles,suppose it looks better)remainder of the day into evening is shopping sightseeing and the local hostelry,karaoke machine getting big licks,me taking everyone’s pics.I must say I had the most brill day,thank you ladies.

Got to go,ABC in less than an hour,still to shave,shower and dress,no not in my Cowboy outfit,silly.

I will get back later tonight,off to Dots after church,I t was her grandson Jacks birthday yesterday,and I couldn’t attend the Barbie they were having yesterday for him,so I will pass onto him a wee prezzie.Enjoy your day,bye.

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Morning All! Stan just got back from his walk in the RV Park where we stay in PSL. He says it's hot so we'll take his word for it. I forgot to check the temp before I came onsite.

Had a great dinner at Tin Fish and a short visit with Wendy and Dominick last night. Unfortunately, we need to move on to Orlando today. David and family are in Disney so we won't see them til the end of our stay there.

Can't believe I forgot my folder with all my MDA paperwork--orders for labs, scan, mri--the works. Just one more complication. I'll have to call on my way in Monday morning and ask if I can get copies. Also have to call the 0 provider in the Keys and ask them to get my records transfered. It all just makes me tired.

Have had my chin on the ground for awhile. When that happens, I typically make a plan to so something fun. All the talk about Seattle has my psyched. I've been promising to go every year and I think this will be it. Need to check out the dates. Stan didn't even object to my flying there. He said since my sister's husband Bob died, he's thinking more about not putting things off. If you want to do it, do it. Don't wait til next year. I may even take Wendy if I can get fflyer tickets. Couldn't beat taking your own private duty nurse with you.

Judy, love the hat. Been thinking of taking my cruise hat pic off. It just doesn't seem appropriate to my life right now. She's too happy.

Eric, sounds like the walk was a great day but expected that. You and a bunch of woman all sampling the sauce, had to be fun.

Lily, hope the weather is treating you well. I wouldn't like walking in the rain.

Annette, I really feel for you. You know that.

Bruce, how about Seattle?

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Wow after our slow day yesterday everyone is up and about early this morning.

Annette I don't know how you cope with all you do. I feel that there is someone who could be helping you but don't know how you will find that someone. In the meantime you will certainly be in my prayers.

Judy MI I remember times like that with my husband. He didn't have to be drinking to sound like a jet taking off. The grandkids said that he could turn the ceiling fan without it being turned on. The drinking times made it worse too.

I am hoping that when you go for your scans you will find out that the cancer is not back but a mistake.

Judy I know that you have been down and don't feel like the hat fits. I hope to see you in something even more amazing soon when all of the cancer has had it's butt kicked. Trip to Seattle may be just the thing to lift you up.

I hope you and everyone else have a great day. So far here no rain but it is supposed to storm again today. Sometimes I think they really don't know what is will do. The forecast seems to change hourly sometimes. I will check back in later and see what else is happening.

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Happy sunday to all you guys . Judy, I knoe how you feel. you're allowed to just stay in your jammies if you want. It's ok. I'm still waiting for pathology report from last tuesday. There was a 3 day weekend in there, but come on!

Weather here in south central Pa. was great yesterday so we got some gardening done. Had some downed branches from a storm last week an F1 twister hit only 2 miles east of us. We had no power for 27 hrs. Some waited 4 days or so. We were lucky. I can work in short bursts, then just stop for water and breath. It gets done but not like before.

Eric, that trip sounds like a blast. I can picture the Scot coast from my trip there 42 years ago. You may see some places in U.S. that are just as beautiful. From my limited travel, I think you're in a place that's beyond compare.

I'm thinking about all of you and being sunday, I'll include each of you in my prayers as we fight this awful disease. We walk so many different paths and here we all are on common ground. Bless all. Alan

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Judy you were getting up as I was trying to get to sleep. Now I am waiting for the kid to get his self presentable so we can go see my mom and go to the grocery store - - no I am not going to buy him strings for his guitar or take it to fix the switch he broke ($450 plug in guitar). Grr. Wow why does he wear a C-Pap? My mom had one of those on in the hospital. (Doesn't the vacuum make a high almost whining noise - it might be fun to run that at the appropriate headache time.)

Eric - I think you should share some of your good times. I mean I could dress up like a cow girl. I can't sing worth a plug nickel but I could wait on tables or something. I just want to go out and have some fun. Wait a minute I see something in my mind through the smog - July - something about July - something about learning about Virginia history with a friend - and is that a skirt he's wearing - - I must be mixing up my dreams... LOL... Is it July yet?

Judy (Between KW & Orlando) - I think the hat is just where you are going - you are almost done with the oxygen - getting better. Think about how much your body had to go through over the last weeks - not just the cancer junk - but the family and the stress of going up quickly for one and then the stress of knowing you couldn't go up. Give your mind some time - cause it is fighting two battles right now - and wow - I think I will have to mull this advice over because my mind is working on several things too. We deserve a nap! When we are young - sleep is when we grow - now that we are 29 sleep is when we recharge our batteries to face whatever is thrown at us.

Judy MI - what's a little surgery - compared to what you have overcome over the last few months with R. Piece of cake!

Miss Lilly - I hope you got all your errands out of the way if you are expecting storms. I have no idea what the weather is doing (other than hot hot hot). (Did anyone sing that - again - hot hot hot). I know I'm down but I'm trying to drag myself out of this "funk" so I can find something positive - and that is why I come here and read about my friends - and get to smile for a few minutes.

I'm off - to the store - I may buy myself something useless!


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Good morning, everyone!

The low temperature for the day here this morning was 71 degrees. Forecast high is 98. The forecasts start to get a bit monotonous here this time of year.

I ended up with a little over 127 miles on my ride yesterday. It was a lot hillier route than I expected, and I got wiped out from the heat and hills. It ended up being one of those days where I was just turning the pedals and trying to finish.

In case that didn't tire me out enough, I then went out drinking and dancing with Rose until the wee hours of the night. I'm thinking I'm just going to zombie out in front of the computer and tv today.

KW Judy, it sounds like that Seattle walk is going to be an awesome gathering. I bet you'll really enjoy the trip if you go.

Annette, so sorry your nephew merry-go-round just keeps on going. I think you're right about stress; I think it has a lot more to do with health than most of us want to know. I hope you keep working toward a long term solution to these issues, one that easier on you. You deserve a lot less stress in your life than this.

Eric, it sounds like the walk went great. Alan, glad the storms missed you. There's just been way too much damage from storms this year. Lillian, I hope the storms in your area don't do any serious damage near you.

Have a great Sunday, all!

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This string is too long for me to respond each and every one of you except that I wish us all a great day. I had a quiet day yesterday - the sky was blue and it was hot by my standards. I did a few errands, but mostly read.

Today is looking similar, but I see some light overcast coming from the south already, so it will probably be cooler. Top out in the mid 70's.

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When you post at 3:00AM, it's easy to come back later. LOL.

Annette, he wears a C-PAP because he has sleep apnea. He can stop breathing for up to 80 seconds, and it's very dangerous. But when he has nights like last night, I figure that if he refuses to wear the machine and kacks, well....there's a nice life insurance policy waiting for me. JK of course.....maybe.......LOL

Alan, thank you for the prayers. I did the same at my Sunday church service. Nice to see a face with your posts now!

Eric, your day sounded absolutely fun! What a great time you all had. That's awesome.

Bud, out late drinking and dancing? THAT'S AWESOMER!!!!! Hope you are enjoying your veg day.

Steph, good to hera from you.

KW/Orlando Judy, keep the hat picture! You look adorable. And maybe that smiling face can help brighten your day when it seems too tough to handle.

Randy is all excited. We got a new food storage vacuum unit because the old one finally quit after 8 years. We got our money's worth with it. He's loving the new features and how long we can store food with it! Simple minds.


I'm off to prepare a healthy stir fry for us. Take care all.

Judy in MI

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