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Morning All! The bad news is I thought I would leave the new Cancer Center with my appointment times for labs and chemo for next Tue. It appears they are not ready to do the chemo yet so it will be done at the hospital located next door. No problem with that, just leary of the process: the onc will send order to the hospital and someone there will call and give me an appointment. In the meantime, they won't even let me go early to have my insurance info run through. I had flashbacks and took and Ativan.

My allergies are absolutely bonkers. So much phlem and my eyes were even stuck shut this morning. Hope I get them under control before the next chemo.

Speaking of chemo, Stephanie I wish I could remember side effects from Avastin. I took it in my initial triplet and continued on maintenance for the balance of the year. I was one of those few people who get raging blood pressure. I was taking so much bp med that I thought Avastin was going to kill me for sure. I was so glad you were doing so well. I think it's a powerful treatment. What are your side-effects. I'll try to remember more.

The good news is Dominick is here. It's amazing. When we visit in PSL, he seems distant and way too grown up. Here in KW he's his old crazy self. He and I have been doing nutsy things since he was a toddler, so I was right there with him when he wanted to shake a soda can and shoot it with his bebe gun. Whooo Hoo, what fun! He and Stan are fishing today so expecting a fish dinner.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 69 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 95. There were huge areas of rain all around us last night, but we got almost nothing at home.

KW Judy, I hope they get your appointment and insurance details handled without a problem.

I'll be leaving work early today, at 11:30 am, and won't even get to eat lunch first. My annual CT scan is this afternoon. I usually drive to work whenever I have this kind of appointment, since I'd have to leave work earlier on the bike, to ride all the way home and shower before the appointment. Going to get a scan to see if your lung cancer is still gone does have a tendency to adjust your perspectives though, and I decided to ride my bike today, that 5 1/2 hours was enough work time for me today.......LOL.

Have a great day, all!

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Good Evening Everyone,

Well another overcast sky today,not seen much of the sun this June,at least it is dry and warm.Missed out the gym again today,Jennifer phoned asked me if I wanted to accompany her to return my MP3 player,to the shop where she bought it,Chris had given it a good run over and confirmed the device is faulty,the shop assistant was very nice and offered a replacement or cash refund.Well I decided to upgrade to a good quality iPod so left the shop happy.Continued shopping in Glasgow city centre with Jennifer I always enjoy her company,bought a few more things for America,I have decided anything missing now can be bought in America,Jennifer reckons clothes are cheaper there than in the UK anyway.We finished up with a visit a nice Italian Restaurant in the Princess Square Mall,really nice place to shop,if you have a big bankbook,but the restaurants prices are OK,Jennifer is meeting Dee later for a meal,in a vegan place ,so she just ordered a bowl of soup and bread in the meantime.Dee has two tickets for Take That in Hamden Park tonight,her partner cancelled out and Jennifer is the beneficiary of the spare ticket.

Home to Sally “under the weather” again we have an old fashioned deposit account book in joint names,which I have hidden inside the flap of a dictionary,that lies on my desk in the study,never thought for a minute she would even dream of looking there,you guessed wrong Eric, the clever little fox has beaten me again,so its back to being carried about with me from now on.Jennifer is going to look after the money for Sally in my absence,and buy for her any groceries she requires etc,obviously shes not the slightest bit pleased with this arrangement,so it may be when I return home,we may be missing some household appliances like the TV etc but please not my laptop.I am buying a small laptop thingy to take to America (notepad?)and leaving my laptop behind,bit less cumbersome with the smaller device.

Hi JudyKW,Hope you get the appointment and insurance sorted out asap,why don’t you move over here,we don’t do insurance with all that hassle it brings, not forgetting the cost.Good to hear you having fun and games with Dominick,they keep you young kids don’t they?.

Hi Bud, Best Wishes for your annual scan,and of course clean as a whistle.

Hi Annette,Well your post wasn’t all down,you finish the afternoon with a lie out in the sun,wish you could send some to me,nothing I like better than sitting out back on my chair,soaking up the sun,whilst reading a good book.Just bought a good one in a book sale yesterday-£3.99 would you believe,its a new one on the Titanic by Rupert Matthews,I will settle down to start reading it when I finish this post.Good night all enjoy the rest of your day.Bye.

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Hello all,

Whooooooooooooooo! It's been wild around here! We had several rounds of extreme severe thunderstorms last night. The clouds are building again, and I'm getting that butterfly feeling in my tummy. I love to watch storms, but when the conditions are good for tornados, I get nervous. We had a couple tornados yesterday and a lot of damage from straight line winds.

My TV keeps going in and out, which makes me nervous too. The skies are pitch black. I'm supposed to leave for an appointment in 45 minutes, but I'm not going if it's storming like that. We got four inches of rain in a 5 minute period and it kept up for 45 minutes. Massive flash floods were everywhere. Ack! Help.

On top of that, my phone won't work inside my home since the storms. It works if I get in the car, and back the car into the driveway, but won't work inside. I'm baffled.

Annette, honey? I hope you are okay. I want to call you but my frickin' phone won't work.

Bud here's wishing a clean scan for you! You rode your bike! You are a tough cookie.

Eric, sounds like you are ready to head to our country. Good idea with the notepad! But if I were you, I'd give your lap top to your daughter and let her safeguard it for you.

Judy, have fun with Dom!

Got to go! Need to check the radar, as it's black as black here and I'm scared!

Judy in MI

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Wow first of all Judy MI Please be careful with that weather. I am not a good person when it comes to violent weather. My nerves were on edge most of the time while living in Louisiana. We get storms here but they don't scare me like the ones back there do.

Judy I sure hope you get all of your appointments settled so you can relax a little. You sounded so much better a few days ago.

Bud Good luck with the scans. Hope all you ever hear ins NED.

Not sure what was going on with Annette. Sure hope all is alright.

I walked a little this morning but don't go far. I am afraid if I go to far I might not be able to get back. My back is still giving me problems. So I walked half way up the hill and back to the end of our property about 3 times. Not much but better than nothing I guess. Yesterday I walked in the mall a little but won't do that again. It was 102 and just getting in and out of the car was enough for me. I had to run up to the store this morning for my water and a couple other things. When it is hot like this I go through a case of water in just a few days. I drink 6 to 8 a day depending on what I am doing and how much time I spend outside. Getting that case in and out of my car was fun :roll: I decided that lifting it was out of the question so I took bags and devided the case among them so I could lift them. Still very sore but didn't hurt it again.

My fresh green beans yesterday were great! Today I am having the left overs with some fresh corn on the cob. Actually it is done and smells great so I am off of here and ready for lunch. Have a great day everyone and please stay safe.

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