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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! Didn't expect to be the one opening at this late time. I'm not getting it together too quickly in the morning right now. These allergies or cold I have is reminding me of my Alimta day with the running, sticky burning eyes. Haven't had it in over a year.

Annette, what up. Talk to us. Bud, we're waiting for those great results--how long before you get them?

Dominick and Stan caught a bunch of yellow tail and a nice grouper yesterday. Everyone was snacking late so we skipped dinner and will have the grouper tonight. Seems a crime not to eat it the same day. Hope Stan sealed it with the machine.

Have to run and take a shower and wake Dominick up. I'm taking him downtown and the later we go, the hotter it will be. Hope I can find a shop that has a shirt he likes. He's very stylish and finicky about his clothes. Oh, and I need to make pancakes first. It's the only thing I'm credited with cooking better than PopPop.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 71 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 99. It looks like the rain is gone. I wish we'd gotten more at home.

KW Judy, I have no onc appointment scheduled. I'll probably just have to call and try to pry it out of them next week. I hope your allergies are better soon.

How's your book, Eric? Have your storms eased up today, MI Judy? Is your water out of the faucet not good, Lillian? I remember when they first started selling bottled water. I just shook my head and thought, "Who would ever buy that?" Now they sell over 30 million gallons of it a year just in the US.........LOL.

Have a great day, all!

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I have to say that I don't drink a lot of water - even though I guess I should but Dr. Pepper is my friend. I do buy jugs of water and make sweet tea because the "city" water is not very taste friendly. I know that some of what you buy is municipal water - but they are not getting it from Richmond, VA I guarantee. So I understand why Lillian gets bottled water and that is an excellent idea to divide it up into several bags - I know I about kill myself dragging a 24 pack in and then add a couple of cases of soda and well yikes.

Ahhh, Judy, where to start. Tuesday when I got home - part of the closet was empty. I said something that was mean and hateful and that put him over the line I guess. Then my mom had dropped the kid off at the mentor's office to go to an AA meeting and he called me and said he was bringing him home - he was sick. My mom had allowed a little girl over all day to visit with him but he was too sick to go out with his mentor. He has been staying at my mom's since the hearing Monday afternoon. When the mentor dropped him off I invited him to put some bodily fluids into a package. The results were not good. Positive for whatever is in marijuana and positive for opiates (new one on me). I am not a happy camper. 8 weeks of negative screenings and now this. I went to school on Monday and defended that kid to the hilt after he got caught "possession and consumption" of alcohol on school campus. And now the story is changing - he also left campus before drinking the alcohol and smoked some marijuana. An hour or so after I called my neighbor down because I was concerned for my safety (him screaming - veins popping out of forehead - please don't call my probation officer). My neighbor was going back upstairs and told him now was the time to come clean - now he says he also snuck out of his grandmothers house one night and walked some 20 minutes to get something called suboxone. I am just over it - tired of having a stomach ache every day because of the stress. I went to the WaWa and purchased something that I haven't had in over 2 years. Came home and told him to get all of his stuff out of my house he was not welcome there anymore. So Tuesday night, yesterday and today I have been a bad girl. I don't know what I'm going to do - he is supposed to go on a camping trip this weekend and I am gonna relax. Technically he is supposed to be staying with me Sunday - Thursday by court order and I don't know what to do about that. But for a few days - I'm cutting myself off from it.

Well that's what you get for asking. I think I'm gonna go get my hair chopped off this afternoon - really looking for something new.

Sorry to "sound" off on here - but my fingers feel better - my sense of humor seems to have gone missing -


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Good morning all.

Judy, it sounds like you have some fun planned with Dom. Hope you guys enjoy shopping!

Bud, I cracked up at your first assumption when they began to sell bottled water. It's crazy isn't it? Now, if I had city water, I'd be buying it too. Fortunately I have well water, and it tastes good and tested good. So I fill empty bottles with my well water to carry around with me. I don't buy bottled water unless I'm out somewhere and don't have a bottle with me. Which almost never happens. I love my water!

Annette, Oy! I don't think you were bad by saying what you did. This kid is over the top. How many times does he think he can get caught and continue to get away with this behavior? There has to be a time when he will be held accountable, and I think it's sooner rather than later. I just hope you and Keith can survive it all! HUGS!!!!!

My day started very early. A friend needed a ride because she got into a bad accident, and totaled her vehicle. In addition, she can't drive even if she had one, due to the injuries. So I showed up promptly at 9, and she asked if I had checked my email or my phone. She left me a voice message, which I didn't get because I have no cell service at home since the bad storms. I got up (too early for me) and headed out, and never checked my email. She wanted to cancel, the appointment she thought she had wasn't to be. But her computer crashed, so I took her into the city, to have Best Buy fix it. So it was meant to be afterall.

While at Best Buy, I learned how to turn the "mouse" on my lap top off! Didn't know I could do that! I wondered how my cursor would pop all over the page at will. I use an external mouse! Function F9 turns off my mouse! I'm so glad I learned that.

Anyway, today is Gilda's. I need to pop into the shower, and put some make up on, and try to look semi-nice. So I'm outta here.

Hope you all have a good rest of the day.

Judy in MI

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Its 4pm,well for a change it is bright and sunny,skipped out gym again today,we were getting a bit low on the groceries and I had a card in from my dentist requesting me to make my six monthly dental check,really want to have this done before I arrive in the US,don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a tooth there,do I?.Remind me next Thurs 3.00pmLOL.

Got the groceries,then into Glasgow,I had ordered 4 printed T-shirts for my trip,LUNGevity-Beathe Deep Logo’s- perfect match to the current ones,as you may know I am going to travel round the States wearing my kilt and the T-shirt’s,one at a time of course.I hope to raise awareness of both LUNGevity and Lung Cancer,there will be a fundraising element to the trip as well,not really sure yet how this works,think its a website in my name you donate too?.

Bit more excitement to add,I have just finished a 2 hour interview with a reporter from the Evening Times,it was all about my USA trip,loads of questions put to me like-who is LUNGevity?what is your link with this organisation?,will you get to meet the CEO?what is your trip all about?,who are going to meet up with?what parts of America will you visit?.Also loads of questions about my cancer experience,comparisions between the UK and the USA on treatments ,research,survivability statistics,you name it they asked it.Not to say this will be published yet,its still to be run past the editors eye,but the signs are looking good.One sticking point for me was the fundraising element,since I mentioned it would likely be an online donating system?they then went on to ask what is the address,well of course I did’nt have the answer to that one-but I would get back to them with that information later.I might if the story gets clearance,get my pic in the paper,sporting my kilt and LUNGevity T-shirt,oh the price of fame.

Well its quiet today,don’t remember-did Annette post in?this senile dymensia is getting worse,any way I do remember JudyKW having fun with Dominick around the place,wait a wee minute are the schools now on vacation?,surely Dominicks not playing hookey?.I am also a picky with clothes,so hope Dominick finds something suitable to his taste.I have heard of a grouper but not the yellow tails?enjoy dinner to-night.

Hi Bud,My new book Titanic,yes,I started that last night in bed,its so full of interesting details,notwithstanding,I fell asleep with the light left on,book still in my hand the next morning,that was more to to with tiredness than being bored with the book,will get back to it tonight.

Well just about dinner time,what will I recover from the fridge for eating?something simple,microwaveable no doubt,cannot be bothered going to any great lengths in cooking for one.Sally’s appetite goes for a burton,when she has been drinking,she still had some residual money left over from yesterday,but not obviously enough to get to Pluto,since she can converse with me ,reasonably intelligently.She should be completely sober to-morrow,having run out of money,I think.Bye I will check in later to see how everyone is doing.

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Hey folks

Another hot, sunny day in the north. Lots of grasshopper's just getting big enough to eat the crops.

I read an article last year that said in studies, the municipal drinking water in Toronto was better for you than bottled water. Can't recall the specific's of the report. From working with the City, I know water treatment plant's have very strict regulations to follow.

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Wow I didn't expect my water to get so much attention. Actually I started drinking bottled water when I live in Southern California and worked as a caregiver in an assisted living facility. I am by nature a person who does not like the heat. Working those buildings that had no air in the hall ways and most of the people who never even opened a window was bad. Most of the residents were always cold if out of their own apartment, even going to the dining room inside the building they would wear a sweater. I was constantly moving and the heat got to me. I started freezing bottles of Spring water and taking them in an insulated lunch bag. Often in an 8 hour shift I would drink six bottles or more.

Most places where I have lived just haven't had good water. I have gotten so used to Spring Water that I can't stomach other water even purified water. I buy water but on Spring Water bottled at Mt. Shasta. That is the one thing that I haven't compromised on because of my fixed income.

Judy good to know you are having some good time with your grandson. I always loved to spend time with mine but shopping for clothes for them is not one of my favorite things. My taste is far different from theirs, by about 30 or 40 years I would say :lol:

Bud hope you get those results soon. You would think those people would know how anxious a person is to know. Just keep bugging them and we will all pray that you continue cancer free.

Bruce the weather is just so crazy everywhere. So many needing rain and so many others loosing their homes to flooding often not too many miles apart.

MI Judy glad to see that you made it through all of the bad weather in your area all in one piece.

Annette I don't know what to say. I know that despite everything you obviously love that boy or you would have tossed him out a long time ago. I am beginning to think that would be the best thing for him. You know the tough love thing. My niece did that to her daughter and she turned into a delightful young woman and a great mother herself.

Yesterday I had my left over green beans and corn and while at the store I bought a chicken already cooked. I didn't feel like cooking or dealing with the mess from cooking. I spent the afternoon reading. This morning I didn't rush to get out and walk before the heat. As it turned out it was really nice when I went out and I walked up the hill and back and forth in front, the furthest I have gone sense last Friday when I hurt my back. I have to admit while going up that hill my butt cheeks felt like they were in a vice but I made it. I was determined and really felt better afterwords.

Our temperature was 10 degrees cooler today so I spent most of the morning outside. Went to Bible study then came home and read until a short time ago when I stopped to have my supper. Now ready to go sit outside and enjoy the cooler weather. Have a good night everyone and stay safe and well.

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I forgot to mention that while you are here Eric, if you get to meet my daughter you should mention the Titanic - lord when she was young she was overly fascinated by it - thought she knew everything. She even got a replica of the plates they had on the ship - she loved them - wonder if she still has them....

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