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Morning All! Stan's back and I'm sorry about the timing. When I count chemo as "day 1" the fourth day is the start of about a week of a bit of misery. Again, the mouth issue is the worst with me exacerbating it with spicy food. No more!

Judy, I want you to read your Saturday's posts lol. You just went to the ER and was put on antibiotics for an infection! Girl, don't you ever slow down enough to let your body heal? Guess level of activity is all relative but coming from a former high energy gal, yours looks high even to me. Hope you take time to rest today after church.

Bud, missing you but hope you got to fish a little before you and Rose went out to dinner last night--was it last night. I'm losing track.

Annette, I was the post right ahead of you last night. Stan wore Sas for years until the prices got so high. Now he buys shoes at Cabellas! Real savings right? NOT lol.

Lily, hope you also take it easy and get better. Company is great but it can really wear a person out.

Eric, guess you are in Chicago now? A city I've heard great things about but have never visited. I know you'll have fun. You always do.

Have a great day everyone

Judy in KW

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good - well it's morning. I did not take my sleep aid last night and had horrible nightmares - cops chasing me, missing airplanes. Won't do that again. Now as you can tell I am trying to put in a few hours of work to try and get back on schedule.

I am taking a break from my favorite books today - I was reading a murder mystery thriller last night that I should have finished instead of leaving the bad guy about to kill the two main characters - maybe that contributed to the dreams. So today I am reading a "trash" romance - the kind my mom says she reads when she has a headache and can't concentrate. I once actually wrote and got the directions for writing a Harlequin romance - back when I was a baby and they only kissed and left the rest up to your imagination. Maybe that's why my mom calls them trash - but I buy them every month so I don't miss one.

Judy (KW) - I am sorry about your mouth and the spicy food effect. Kinda like a diet you have to cheat sometimes even though there is a tough price to pay. I was thinking about you the other day when you mentioned the hospital there and I remember when my father-in-law died and my mother-in-law had a "heart" episode that night they took her up to Marathon Key - not thinking that was any better than down in Key West though. I think the mileage either way is about the same though 30 give or take miles.

I can tell you the last time I bough SAS shoes they were only $65 so I bought two pair. Yesterday one pair cost the same - but they are comfortable and easy to slip on and off which is good since as soon as I sit at my desk they magically fall off.

Keith is out at the grocery store since I am working. I forgot I wanted to go get some "colored" socks to go with my new shoes. Maybe I will go out at lunch tomorrow.

I agree - I hope Judy (MI) takes it easy after church. I am hoping my friend Lisa comes over after church to give me an excuse to go sit by the pool for a bit before my mom and I have to take the drive to go visit the brat. I also hope that the antibiotics are starting to do the job on the kidney infection - I am having sympathetic pain in my side cause you and my daughter have infections - so both of you need to get better!

Guess I better pop off now and get busy before Keith catches me goofing off. I'll check back later - how's the fishing Bud? - are you feeling any better Lillian? are you counting the days to see Eric - Stephanie? ... Who did I miss -



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Good Morning Everyone,

Just a wee quick post,Judy I am in Cleveland today also,my train to Chicago leaves tomorrow morning-early-3.00am,arrives 8.45am.I am waiting on confirmation of a hotel booking in Chicago,another Holiday Inn one,its ideally located right in the city centre,it looks really good,I used the advice I read in the Rough guide to the USA.I am just about to set off for the Museum of Rock and Roll.Yesterday I had a wander around my hotel,there is a local shopping centre,one shop is modelled exactly as my Costco in Glasgow,same procedure,you got to sign up and pay for a membership.however,with my Scottish accent and blue eyes,the lady at the membership desk said,go get what you want and I will put them through for you.Its funny,seems they dont get many Scots in the store,the assistants kept going on about my accent,which of course is silly since they were the ones with the accent.i did take a pic of two of the girls,promising to put them into facebook.I did manage to find a pack of 4 reading glasses for $20,so back to the hotel happy,it is so hot,I scouted around for a bar for a beer,there's not even a restaurant in this area,my hotel dos'nt have a bar either?.

Well got showered dressed,asked at the desk about local restaurants,found a likely one 2 miles from the hotel,it was just brill,great food, ambience? soon after my meal a band came in and set up right next to my table,their music is not one I am very familiar with-the blues-well their type anyway?,but it was enjoyable to listen to,if a bit strange to my ears.Anyway they had a break and sat down beside me for a chat,well they sure were friendly,we shared a good night,a couple of beers, I even had a wee drambuie (or two) we parted comany at the end of the evening,they have taken my email address to keep in touch with my adventures that lie ahead,KatieB provided me with cards with my contact details printed on them,but I had given away what I was carrying to the girls in the store earlier in the day and forgot to put more in my wallet.

Well museum time,I will come back tonight and let you know all about it,have a great Sunday everyone.Bye.

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Good afternoon all! Our temps have finally moderated a bit here (only about 85F on my patio) so hopefully the worst of it is over for us, I hope it soon breaks elsewhere.

Hopefully those antibiotics are kicking in for you, Annette, and that soon you will be feeling much better. Judy IN KW I trust the day will pass easily for you.

Eric hope you enjoy the R&R Hall of Fame. 3 am sounds awful for a train departure ... try and take a nap this afternoon! Glad to know you got your glasses, though, that should make online stuff a wee bit easier. Ideally your trip to Chicago will be quiet and restful.

Going to meet my brother-in-law and his partner for dinner tonight, we always have a good time getting caught up. BIL is suffering in the heat as he refuses to get A/C so an evening at a cool restaurant should given him a bit of a break 8) . Have a good Sunday all.

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Good afternoon! It's overcast, and hot, supposed to storm. Hoping so!

LOL KW Judy. I did go back and read my posts, and yeah, it does sound like a hectic pace doesn't it? So funny! The boat rides were very mellow and relaxing. Trust me.

I slept like someone conked me over the head last night. Oh my gosh! Had to get up early for church, we headed out. Then found our favorite breakfast place to eat, cut coupons, and read the paper.

Then we went to two large hardware stores, looking for cascading hangars for R's work slacks. Couldn't find what we wanted until we looked on the internet on my iPhone. So we'll order it on line. Stopped at Costco to pick up paper products that we buy in bulk because they are so much cheaper. Then off to the grocery store for groceries! Nice and relaxing. LOL

It's 2:40PM, and I'm done. I was going to try to get some more cleaning done, but I've done quite enough this weekend. I"ll get caught up on that next week.

I've got the rest of the paper to read, which I suspect will lead me into a nap, which is just what the doctor ordered.

Eric, Cleveland used to be a bustling, busy, automotive manufacturing town. With the downturn in the economy there's not a whole lot left there. The R&R hall of fame is really awesome, so I hope you enjoy that. So glad you found a place to "hang" last night and met the band. Blues is a kind of music here that a lot of Americans love. However, very different from the ballads that you are most used to. Anyway, keep sharing your trip, we're having so much fun reading your take on things.

Annette, trashy romance novels? I used to read them, but stopped when I'd look at my husband with disgust, because he could never measure up to these romance novel hero's. LOL

Judy, I always began the "suffering" on day 4 after treatment too. I tried to plan my activities accordingly so I could just relax and veg as I went through the bad days. So sorry about the mouth again! But you ate the spicey food girl. Don't do that! LOL.

Lilly, hope your cold is getting better.

Sara, thinking of you and praying for you!

Bud, I know we'll hear from you tomorrow.

Everyone else lurking here, HI!!!!!

Have a good rest of the day. I am.

Judy in MI

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Good Evening Everyone,

Well bags are packed,I am ready to go,taxi driver will be arriving to pick me up in a couple of hours.

I had a great day in Clevelands Museum of Rock and Roll,its a shame they have a no photography rule within,I did sneak a couple anyway,might end up in jail?.There was so much to see,maybe too much,histories of music genres,individual stars,costumes worn and of course lots of guitars.There was a whole section given to British Groups,all my favourites,Kinks,Beatles,Rolling Stones,Hollies,Dave Clark,Petula Clark,oh the list goes on,what no Cliff Richard and the Shadows?its a shame this guy so deserves a place here,think he has sold more than 200 Million records worldwide.I am going to write a letter of complaint to the Museum.It is also striking the American stars that were missing,unless I just didnt notice them,eg Beach Boys,Bread(David Gates what super songwriter)Bob Dylan,didnt see Diana Ross or Tina Turner? there were many like- 90% of stars,I have just never heard of,but still fun to read their histories also.Maybe the missing popular singers and groups dont really fit the Rock and Roll genre,and are therefore excluded?

I was picked up by my local taxi driver Dave,he has done a lot of running me about,we have become good friends even introduced me to his partner today,anyway he dropped me off at one of his local posh restaurants for my evening meal,really enjoyable,I went through to the bar and ordered a Drambuie on the rocks,always nice after a dinner,the girl asked if I would like another,no thanks,I got packing to do,here, just as well I refused,you know what they charged me? $11.72.I did tell her ,that her restuarant has just won first prize,for the most expensive drink I have bought in the USA,beats Rosie O'Grady's by $2.72.LOL,funny I dont think she was too pleased with that accolade,but she did apologise,she dosnt set the prices.

Well thats all folks,hope I have'nt been too boring,I will get back some time to-morrow from Chicago,this will be my longest stay so far,I move out next Saturday for St Pauls/Minneapolis.

I have managed to catch a cold today,sore throat and bunged up nasal passages,think its to do with the constant changes in temps from being outside and then inside to air conditioning?Bye for now.

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